Month: September 2020


Improving Clinical Handovers: A Pilot Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Teaching Scheme in a District General Hospital​

Introduction: Clinical handover is the transfer of professional responsibility from one person to another. The World Health Organisation in 2007 highlighted the dangers of poor communication in handovers in the clinical safety and continuity of care of patients around the world. Many of these handovers occur between doctors and nurses who receive little formal training


Structuralism Approach to English Teaching as a Means of Solving Cross-cultural Problems of Russian Students

The article deals with language as cultural heritage of nation. Russian students of English when facing lingual phenomena that do not occur in their mother tongue, avoid certain typically English lexical units and structures, which violates inter- cultural communication. To help students get insights into the inner structure of the units and expose the mechanism


A Comparative Analysis of Metaphors Constructing Danger and Force Dynamics in Buddhism Discourse

This study aims to compare the metaphors used to conceptualize danger and their force dynamic patterns in the dharma books of two prominent monks, the Venerable P.A. Payutto and Buddhadas Bhikkhu, who represent Normative Buddhism and Intellectual Buddhism, respectively. Three dharma books of each monk were selected for analysis and they were read to determine