Month: September 2020


Comparative International Policy Survey on the Progress of OECD Recommendation on the Protection of Children Online

In recent years, one of the important policy issues in the telecommunication field is to create environments where children can use the Internet safely and securely. Risks on the Internet are challenges that face children across national borders, so it is necessary to implement youth protection policies in international cooperation. In response to these policy


Improving Clinical Handovers: A Pilot Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Teaching Scheme in a District General Hospital​

Introduction: Clinical handover is the transfer of professional responsibility from one person to another. The World Health Organisation in 2007 highlighted the dangers of poor communication in handovers in the clinical safety and continuity of care of patients around the world. Many of these handovers occur between doctors and nurses who receive little formal training


How Industries Integrate COVID-19 Countermeasures Support With Environmental Concern and Community Development in Bandung, West Java: The Pindad Bandung Case

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, which has also impacted all corners of Indonesia, meanwhile, has impacted Indonesian people’s socioeconomic welfare adversely, as well as the financial performances of industries recently. This has motivated several industries which are economically strong enough to still resume their operations to contribute something valuable to the national effort in responding to


Instructional Coaching for School Principals – Lessons and Findings From the Peruvian Principal Mentoring Programme

In Peru, the role of principals has been traditionally associated with administrative duties at school. However, in recent years the Ministry of Education of Peru (MINEDU) has been promoting an education reform oriented towards the improvement of school management, which implies empowering principals in their role as pedagogical leaders. This reform has become even more


Structuralism Approach to English Teaching as a Means of Solving Cross-cultural Problems of Russian Students

The article deals with language as cultural heritage of nation. Russian students of English when facing lingual phenomena that do not occur in their mother tongue, avoid certain typically English lexical units and structures, which violates inter- cultural communication. To help students get insights into the inner structure of the units and expose the mechanism


A Framework for Designing Metacognitive Scaffolds in Ill-structured Problem-solving Using e-Learning Authoring Tools: A Design and Development Study

Problem-solving has been studied in many disciplines (Jonassen, 2011; Lazonder & Rouet, 2008; Lester, 1994), however, it has not been explored extensively in the field of instructional design (Jonassen, 2000, 2011). Given the importance of solving ill-structured problems in daily life, there is a need to create effective instruction to teach such skills. Metacognition is


A Less Stressful, Yet Effective Procedure for Admissions to Medical Schools in Thailand

Traditionally, admissions to medical schools in Thailand have recruited prospective students through a score-based procedure in which students gaining relatively high scores from the national admission tests are prone to have a greater opportunity to get an offer. This is believed to induce stress and unfriendly competition among students. However, since 2016 onwards, a new


A Comparative Analysis of Metaphors Constructing Danger and Force Dynamics in Buddhism Discourse

This study aims to compare the metaphors used to conceptualize danger and their force dynamic patterns in the dharma books of two prominent monks, the Venerable P.A. Payutto and Buddhadas Bhikkhu, who represent Normative Buddhism and Intellectual Buddhism, respectively. Three dharma books of each monk were selected for analysis and they were read to determine


A Different Kind of Beauty: Wabi and Kintsugi

Symmetry and geometrical perfection are seldom seen in the natural world. The aesthetic concept of Wabi draws attention to the state of things “as they are” and appreciation of this natural state. It calls for the shift in one’s mindset and highlights a different, perhaps, less conventional kind of beauty. This beauty has a lasting


Turning the Exorcist’s Heteropatriarchal Order ‘Upside Down’ in Stranger Things

The popular Netflix series Stranger Things is often-noted for critiquing homophobia and conservative gender norms (Joseph 2018; Roach 2018; Berns, Fontaine and Zárate 2018). This paper expands upon Tracey Mollet’s (2019) passing observation that a scene in Stranger Things 2 references William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. I argue that the sequel, in its entirety, actively dialogues


Digital Deliberative Democracy in Indonesia: An Analysis From System Theory Perspective

This article aims to analyze the practice of deliberative democracy in Indonesia regarding the use of digital technology. The implementation of digital government at the central and regional levels is one element to assess the extent to which the quality of democracy and policymaking takes place by optimally utilizing digital technology and involving the wider


Ghost and Desolate Place in Yao Feng-Pan’s ‘All in the Dim Cold Night’ and ‘Ghost Under the Cold Moonlight’

Known as the master of horror in Taiwan, Yao Feng-Pan directed over 30 movies of different genres, and more than half of which were horrors in the 1970s. Since the success of his blockbuster All in the Dim Cold Night, Yao had devoted his efforts to the creation of horrors and led a boom in


Unpacking Mission Statements of International Universities Recognized for Innovation

This research supports some of the mounting pressures higher education practitioners face in approaching innovation strategically while recognizing the mission-driven needs of the institution. Two research questions were examined. First, how do highly innovative universities balance traditional missions and innovation? Second, how do mission statements project isomorphic or distinctive rhetoric? This research was grounded in


What Play Does ASD Have in 3D Media Art Class

Most art-making such as drawing and painting are visional. However, the three-dimensional medium in visual art such as sculpture and installation art are spatial forms. Compared with painting, 3D media has the actual volume and spatial relationship with other objects. In handling 3D medium to make a work of art, students need to make sense


Accessing the Impact of e-learning System on Learners at University Level in Sultanate of Oman

The present study attempted to examine the impact of e-learning system education on student’s knowledge enhancement focusing on the teacher, content, technology, student. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 260 undergraduate students from Arab Open University, Oman branch and were analyzed with various statistical tools which can be used to find the


Explore Alternatives in On-line/On-Demand Type of Language Teaching – The Case of TOEIC Preparation Course in a Japanese University

With the spread of Covid-19, many of the universities in Japan were required to introduce on-line/on-demand courses all the sudden in 2020 academic year. Concerning this new teaching system, there has been a strong debate whether the above stated educational system has a positive influence on the students. Last Spring semester in the 2020 academic


Improvement of Elementary School Students’ Creativity Mindset Through Game-based Learning

This study aimed to use Game-based Learning System for Creativity Mindset (GLS-CM) to investigate whether the learning system would effectively improve pupils’ growth mindset of creativity. The participants were composed of 132 pupils. The GLS-CM was employed to improve pupils’ creativity growth mindset. The learning systems consist of eight games for enhancing dispositions and skills


Designing Learning for Students’ Affective and Cognitive Engagements

To ensure continuous student engagement in teaching and learning (T&L), The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) emphasises on the design of learning experiences that encourages Joy of Learning. The design of learning materials takes into consideration, students’ affective and cognitive engagement to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. In the teaching and learning of


Developing a Textbook of Writing Pantun, Syair, and Acrostic Poetry by Using the Website and

This study was aimed to develop a textbook of writing pantun, syair, and acrostic poetry by using the website and The researcher used the Research and Development (R&D) method with the ADDIE model (Branch, 2009) which the steps were Analyzing, Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating. The results of the need analysis with a closed


Developing University EFL Learners Debate Speaking Skills Through Closed Facebook Groups and Zoom Lessons

Students acquire communicative competence in a variety of ways hence a need for Higher education to provide diverse instructional strategies such a debate (Kennedy, 2007). Kennedy(2007) advocates that this type of active involvement enables content in meaningful ways rather than passively consuming information. Students therefore, learn more effectively by actively analyzing, discussing and applying content


Overcoming Academic Anxiety and Improving Hope of University Students: A Group Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT)

University students’ anxiety is mostly caused by academic anxiety. It is a disruptive thought pattern followed by physiological responses and behavior as a result of concern regarding the possibility of having poor academic performance. It may cause detrimental effects such as procrastination, poor academic performance, and withdrawal from social relations. Fear and anxiety are causally


A Prototype System With Speech Recognition Function for Practicing Speaking English

The literature indicates that many Japanese students enrolled in English language classes do not use English outside of class. Therefore, we assume that speech recognition technology can help create opportunities to speak English. Although some speech recognition software is widely available, few studies have used software with a speech recognition function to investigate how we


Using Constructivist Pedagogies to Support Foreign Language Teaching in Remote Spaces

This paper discusses the experiences of one teacher’s experiences as she pivoted to remote teaching in response to the pandemic. In the spring of 2020, schools across the globe were thrust into emergency planning as they pivoted from face-to-face teaching in brick and mortar classrooms to remote instruction in response to pandemic-related school closures. Using


The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Self-efficacy and Worry in College Students

Academic performance is influenced by many factors. Self-efficacy and anxiety have been known as predictors of academic performance in college students. Students with strongly perceived self-efficacy are more likely to use analytical thinking and devising successful courses of action effectively in academic settings. On the contrary, anxiety acts as a barrier for students to perform