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Table with a Half-oval Hole as Individual Treatment Table of ABA Therapy for Autistic Children in Indonesian Autism Therapy Center as an Effective Design to Overcome Behavior

ABA (Applied behavior analaysis) therapy, introduced by Ivar lovaas, is a widely used method for autism therapy in the world due to its success rate. In this therapy, a table is used during individual treatment as a medium for giving instruction and performing tasks between a therapist and an autistic child. In general, this table

Boost Sight Reading Skills of Students Using Melodic Ostinato

This study aims to boost the sight-reading skills of the inexperienced grade six students through the use of melodic ostinato patterns as a strategy. Prior to the demonstration teaching, information about the current status of music education in the provincial setting was gathered and generated through field observations and interviews with the students and music

Designing Experiential Learning Activities for Primary Schoolers

Experiential learning is now deemed a crucial part in primary education in almost all learning contexts because it helps develop and cultivate children’s cognitive and life skills. It functions as a bridge linking the knowledge that children acquire in regular classroom and their experiences built up by participating in real life activities, especially beyond classroom.

Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Flipped Classroom: Voices From Teachers in Hong Kong’s Higher Education

Flipped classroom is increasingly being adopted in higher education institutions worldwide. Many studies on flipped classroom focused on evaluating its impact on students’ learning outcomes. Relatively little is known about the perceived benefits and challenges of flipped classroom from the teachers’ perspective. The present research conducted in-depth interviews with 21 teachers from diverse academic disciplines

Balinese Young Organization as Building of National Character to Counter Asymmetric Warfare in Indonesia

Bali is an Island that has a diversity of cultures and traditions which is the reason for the rapid development of tourism on the Island. However, one of the negative impacts was the penetration of foreign culture into Bali. In an effort to ward off foreign penetration in Bali, the community uses a youth organization

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Policy Implementation: Basic Education 9 Years Indonesian School Abroad in Malaysia

Until 2010 there were 14 SILN (Indonesian Foreign Schools) active, Indonesian Schools Overseas, with varying conditions and typologies. One of them was through the establishment of the Indonesian Overseas School in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. An interesting fact is from the organization of Indonesian Overseas Schools in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. This school has 141

Analysis of Visuals in Political Science Textbooks to Identify its Role in Encouraging Higher Order Thinking in Students

Visuals, including photographs, sketches, and schematic diagrams, are a valuable aspect of textbooks. Visuals in the textbook attract attention and help in the retention of information. It also enhances understanding and creates a context for learning. Schools are also emphasizing ‘higher-order thinking (HOT)’, rather than memorization of a cannon of topics. HOT occurs when a

Reflection on the Curricular Reform with an Emphasis on Preschool Education in the Czech Republic

Since 1990, preschool education in the Czech Republic has undergone significant qualitative changes. The main focus has been on personality-oriented education of the child. In accordance with this concept, a two-tier preschool curriculum was established in 2001 including the school and the state level. After a period of verification, the curriculum was enacted in 2007.

Disciplinary Training and Professional Practices Effects on Soft Skills Development

At present, the development of soft skills or transversal skills has become a relevant issue for higher education institutions. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the discipline training and professional practices effect on the soft skills development of the UNIMINUTO Vicerectoria Regional Sur (VRBS) students. This research will be developed under a pragmatic

A New Self-adaptive Separate Grammar Test for L2 Online Young Learners

Grammar, a core component of the language system, is usually tested through writing and speaking in major language tests for young second language (L2) learners, such as Cambridge YLE. This, however, can not be aligned with students’ learning needs in later stage of acquisition. Moreover, the form of grammar, which is a better reflection of

A Language Proficiency Test that Works

Either out of inadequate technology or for the sake of convenience, most language proficiency tests tend to oversimplify students’ diverse needs and provide one size fit all solutions. Take Oxford Young Learners Placement Test for example. One part of this test combines grammar, vocabulary and functional language use. A student gets a final score and

A Study of the Mutual Phonetic Resemblance between Japanese and Chinese: Quantification of the Difficulty of Phonetic Cross-comprehension

This study investigated mutual phonetic resemblances of Chinese ideograms in both Japanese and Chinese by analyzing a database of 1078 kanji (Chinese ideograms in Japanese) extracted from the two volumes of the Japanese grammar textbook Minna no Nihongo. The aim of this analysis was to help learners of Chinese (or of Japanese, or both simultaneously)

Integrating Reflections on Scriptural Text in Language Classes: The Southern Philippines and Bangkok Experience

Scriptural Text Integration employed in some Catholic educational institutions throughout the world has become the core pedagogy that promises relevant and meaningful education for today’s learner. This study investigated the experiences of the teachers and students in integrating Scriptural texts in language classes. It utilized a transcendental phenomenological research design. The study involved ten students

Design of English Conversation Edutainment Game for Japanese University Students

Japan is a country where most of its people cannot communicate in English despite having English education in schools until the university level. This is because Japanese English education mostly focuses on grammar and reading with very little oral practices in class. Moreover, the environment in Japan is not conducive to the improvement of English

Design of a Digital Application to Aid Hindi Alphabet Recognition/Formation for Children With Learning Disability

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability that majorly affects language development and reading. In India, dyslexic children despite being moderately intelligent and good with English alphabetic knowledge perform poorly in Hindi. These children find it very difficult to recognize and remember the shapes of the Hindi alphabets because of its complex features such as

Design of an Interactive Tangible Sensory Toy for Autistic Children to Improve Their Learning Ability

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are highly prevalent and the number of children diagnosed with it is increasing alarmingly every year. The child’s learning is majorly hindered due to poor social interaction, communication, fine motor skills, and attention span. Building these skills in them is a demanding job and interactive toys can come to teacher’s and

Initial Invention of Therapy Table for Autism to Avoid the Table Being Pushed or Flipped by Autistic Children

In individual therapy for autism, a problem occurs in which autistic children often push the therapy table. Further, in children with large posture, they can even flip the table upside down during tantrums because their energy can no longer be held by the therapists. This behavior disrupts the course of the therapy. This research was

Development of a Questionnaire System with a Response Analyzer

It has been increasing that the number of universities which try to give a bidirectional lecture by improving the content of it from responses of students. To achieve this, instructors need to know them efficiently and easily. Questionnaires are general methods used to grasp the situation of students. A lot of universities have been adopting

A Causal Model of Student Teachers’ Ambition for Becoming Teachers

Student teachers’ ambition for becoming teachers is crucially vital in effectively making the decision to be in the teaching profession. The current research endeavor attempted to 1) study levels of motivation to be teachers, pedagogical knowledge, awareness of their teaching abilities, and the ambition for having a teaching profession. 2) Also, the current research study

A Prototype System for Practicing English Speaking

In this study, we developed a prototype system that helps students practice speaking English. When students speak English, they may have difficulty expressing their intentions in real time, even when they know the correct words and phrases. To think of the correct English terms smoothly, it is important that students use the language knowledge they

The Effectiveness of Character Education in Special Education Curricula for Students with Mental Retardation at Special School in West Java

The addition of character education in the 2013 special school curriculum or commonly called the K-13 curriculum, has a significant influence on learning services in special schools. Implementation of character education becomes mandatory for all students including, students with mental retardation. Some teachers have tried to implement character education with a variety of learning strategies

REFLECT: Engaging and Empowering Critical Thinking Through Creative Process Journals

Disruption is not only changing the landscape of businesses and the workforce but also pushing learning and teaching approaches to re-evaluate themselves in order for educators to motivate learners to learn in a digital world. In Singapore’s tertiary education, learners have moved from the proponents of STEM to STEAM, where an integration of the arts

Empowering Students through Tutor’s Feedback in Online Learning

Online learning students may encounter adjustment difficulties particularly in the early semesters. Students with lack of computer literacy and related educational background might result in withdrawal from the course of study prematurely. The current research was carried out to investigate tutor’s feedback as a means to empower online learning students, including to build autonomy, help-seeking

Impression of Japanese Universities’ Specialized Courses Among Chinese Overseas Students: The Outcome of a PAC Analysis

This paper aims at revealing the impressions of Japanese universities’ specialized courses among Chinese overseas students and showing some viewpoints in international education support. It is processed by 3 Chinese students’ interview and investigated by PAC analysis. In the result, clear explanation, collaborative learning with Japanese students, relaxing class atmosphere, teachers’ respectful attitude towards student,

Encouraging Independence and Interdependence in Assessment: Moving Towards Assessment for Learning in Heritage Language Classrooms in Singapore

Assessment for learning (AfL) can be viewed as a set of practices that enhance student learning. AfL is applicable in many varied contexts, yet the necessary situation-specific enactment (reflecting, for example, the learner’s age, subject matter and resources available) can impede critical examination and thoughtful dissemination. This study explored the extent by which teachers in

QORI Learning Model to Foster Learning Autonomy

The awareness of rural communities in the province of West Java, Indonesia to further their education to a higher level remains low. In general, most teenagers only go to junior high school; only a small proportion continue to high school. Those who have graduated from junior high school generally look for work in big cities,

How to Create Educational Children’s TV Programs: A Strategic Practice for Survival in the Digital Age

Since the past to the present, the television is one type of mass communication that plays a significant role in influencing people in many areas. However, in the era of digital age, it is challenging for the Educational TV channels to create the programs that gain interest from the current individual audience. This documentary research

The Roles of Islam Students in Preserving the Indonesian Value of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)

Students’ organizations play very important roles in delivering the knowledge, the impression, and the spirit of Indonesian nationalism under the umbrella of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). One of the challenges currently faced by Indonesian students’ organizations is their capabilities, or lack thereof, to protect their noble intentions from the interests of certain parties

The Use of Local Genius in Strengthening Student Character

Strengthening Character Education is an education program in school whose chief goal is to reinforce student character through the harmonization of heart, mind and body. The program is part of the Mental Revolution National Movement in the context of realizing an advanced and civilized Indonesian nation. However, in reality, such a program has not had

Using Mobile Games to Enhance English Vocabulary Knowledge: A Case Study of Thai Employees in an International Workplace

Vocabulary knowledge is significantly important for English language communication. However, research studies have reported that English as a foreign language (EFL) were lack of sufficient English words to use for speaking and writing. The issue is currently also being problematic for employees in many international workplaces who specialized in other skills rather than English, but

Authentic Learning in Dynamic Globalization Context: Experiential Learning Through Students Business Projects

This study aims to explore the experiential learning of students in a business management class at bachelor degree level, for better coping and understanding of students in real business world within the dynamic globalization context of their generation. The qualitative method of study was used for data collecting and analysis: participant observation and in-depth interview.

Customer Relationship Management in an Educational Institution in the Philippines

Customer Relationship Management is the process of carefully managing detailed information about individual customers and all customer “touch points” to maximize loyalty. A touch point is any occasion on which a customer encounters the brand and product- from actual experience to personal or mass communication to casual observation (Anabila & Awunyo-Vitor, 2013). Universities and colleges

The Significance of Media in Literary Theory: Shaping the Future of Literary Criticism of Electronic Literature

Media plays an important role in literary studies. Nevertheless, the media has been neglected since the emergence of literary theories and criticism. Today, the development of digital media, which has influenced the world, has greatly influenced the development of literature. This development has created a research gap for further research on the effect of media

Supporting Teacher Education with Video-based Noticing: A Technological Innovation

In light of developments and emphasis in technology-enhanced teaching and learning in recent years, connected, yet often overlooked, is the need for teacher education training to equip teacher candidates with the necessary technological skills and pedagogical content knowledge for preparing technology-enhanced lessons. Without adequate training, it is difficult for pre-service teachers to plan effective lessons

Developing an Informal Tandem Learning Scheme for Young Researchers and Academics

The constant change in technologies and organizations today require higher education institutions to adapt just as quickly to the new situations. This is especially important for teachers in second language classrooms, as they try to prepare students for this changing world. In the EFL context in which this research took place, students were unable to

From the Classroom to the Community and Back: The Development of a Community-based Research Model for Contemporary Higher Education

Community-based research is a collaborative research approach to address a community-identified need that can also be used as a pedagogical tool. In this study, we describe the development of the Capstone experience module, an academic module at a residential college in an Asian university. This module creates an unique learning environment through the formation of

China’s Path to World-Class Universities

While efforts to build world-class universities have grown around the world in recent years, nowhere has this been more evident than in China. Recognizing the significance and popularity of the global research university that has been favoured by most western conceptualizations of world-class universities and has dominated major global university ranking systems, this paper situates

Hidden Treasures: A Meaningful 3D Experience

This paper presents an experiment of pedagogy through active work in the classroom. It aims at giving students the opportunity to create bilingual pop up books through a project-based teaching method. It has been successfully carried out for five years. Pupils start developing the project in several steps throughout the year. First, they are asked

Enhancing Teachers’ Personality and Social Competence: MBTI Approach

This research aims to identify primary school teachers’ personality profile in Jakarta using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and design trainings to improve the social and personality competence accordingly. The research was conducted using mixed-method with qualitative and quantitative approaches. MBTI instrument was utilized to gather data from 350 elementary teachers aged between 21 – 60 years

Developing School-based Gifted Curriculum Through Professional Learning Community: A Case Study of a Junior High School in Taipei

It is increasingly acknowledged by researchers across the world that professional learning community is a good means of school improvement. The Taiwanese ministry of education and local authorities have been promoting the idea and practices among various levels of schooling since the mid-2000s. Both school-based and cross-school professional learning communities are in practice in the

The Impact of Mobile Learning on Academic Achievement and Learning Experience Using a Tailor-made Mobile App

With the rapid growth of mobile technologies, mobile learning becomes more and more popular where students can learn at any time and any place using their own mobile devices. A lot of researches have proven that mobile learning is feasible with various advantages such as diversifying learning activities and synchronizing learning experience. However, its impact

Job Satisfaction and Employee Creativity and Innovation for Student Affairs Practitioners

Student affairs and services play an important role in the success of educational institutions in carrying out students’ holistic development and as a support to academics in order to facilitate learning. The student affairs administrators and practitioners contribute a lot in ensuring the delivery of dynamic programs and services that are responsive to the needs

Development of a Creativity Framework for Filipino In-service and Pre-service Professionals

The study explored and documented creative output of 12 Filipino in-service teaching professionals from one university and creative output of 191 Filipino graduating students as pre-service professionals from three universities in Baguio City, at the Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines in the areas of Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology. Research questions

Socio-cultural Aspects in the Japanese Language Teaching Methodologies

In the age of globalization learning a foreign language can be used as an important mean of cross-cultural understanding. Nowadays, there have been a lot of changes in the social life of people in different countries. Therefore, the language teaching and learning requires a comprehensive approach. That is especially true for the Japanese language, because,

The Influence of Student Learning Styles Toward Behavioral Intention in Learning Using Online Educational Games Platform

The rapid expansion of new technologies has led to a change in the learning and teaching process. With the paradigm shift, the conventional teaching method no longer appeals to the current generation whose lives revolve around social media and technology. It is time educators learn to adopt new teaching methods to cater to the learners’

Career Interest of Grades 7 and 8 Students Among Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Iba, Zambales

This study determined the students’ interest of grade 7 and grade 8 students among Catholic Schools in the Dioceses of Iba in terms of the different curricular tracks of K-12 Program. The researcher utilized the descriptive survey method of research and survey-questionnaire, observation and interview as well as documentary analysis for data gathering, and statistical

Students’ Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: Bases for the Development of Contextualized Learning Module in Geometry

This design research aimed at developing a contextualized learning module on the basis of the level of problem-solving and critical thinking skills of the Grade 7 students particularly in Geometry under the K to 12 Curriculum.. This study utilized the researcher-made problem-solving and critical thinking skills test. The results revealed that the students’ problem-solving and

Internal Migration and Educational Attainment: Are Rural Migrant Workers Uniquely Socially Vulnerable in China?

Background. Since 1980, China has been experiencing the largest migration in human history. Rural migrant workers are barred from enjoying fair treatment, when compared with their local urban counterparts, in both occupational and social settings. Research aims. The aim was to understand whether internal migration per se is associated with unique social vulnerability among rural

Give Swirl a Whirl: A Mixed-method Analysis on Swirl Approach to Teach Applied Statistics in a Biology Student Cohort

To equip biology students with data literacy skills, this study investigates the utility of retooling the electronic programming tutorial system, Swirl for teaching applied statistics in a cohort of biology students in a 2-phased study: Phase 1 involved administration of tutorial-based course, pretest-posttest assessment and preliminary survey, while Phase 2 involved post-hoc survey and learning

An Investigation Into the Efficacy of Students-as-partner Pedagogy in a Singapore University Education Learning Context

In Students-as-partner (SAP), students work in partnership with staff members in higher learning institutions to facilitate deeper learning in students by promoting student engagement. While SAP’s impact on student consultants and staff members directly involved in partnership is generally well and widely researched, relatively little is reported about its application on student learning in an

PS2CLH: A Learning Factor Model for Enhancing Students’ Ability to Control Their Achievement

Numerous factors that influence students’ academic performance involve issues beyond the individuals’ control, such as national policies, government initiatives and university resources among many others. Even if students are aware of these factors, addressing them may be unfeasible. Identifying causes within students’ control could both improve students’ understanding of these factors as well as enabling

Investigating Relationship Among Learning Self-Efficacy, MOOC-Satisfaction and MOOC- Loyalty of MOOC Learner using Bagozzi’s Self-Regulation Model

This research aims to examine the relationship among Learning self-efficacy, MOOC-satisfaction and MOOC-Loyalty of the credit-bearning MOOCs at Taylor’s University. 952 Taylor’s University students from March 2018 Semester responded the online survey. The online questionnaire included 10-item of learning self-efficacy, 6-item of MOOC-satisfaction, and 5-item of MOOC-Loyalty. It also included another 2 factors which affected

Hall Life Education: A Reflection on Cultivating Independence in Hong Kong University Students

In a densely populated city such as Hong Kong, one of the most remarkable experiences young university students may have is staying at the student residence and becoming “independent” in terms of taking care of themselves. Resident places in the university are highly competitive, not only because of its location on campus but also because

Thriving Interdependence and Independence: Teamwork and Self-directed Learning as Nurtured by Team-Based Learning (TBL)?

Team-based learning (TBL) is an instructional approach invented twenty years ago (Michaelsen, Knight & Fink, 2002) that “uses small groups extensively but sets up a particular sequence of activities that transforms groups into teams and then uses the extraordinary capabilities of teams to accomplish a high level of content and application learning” (Fink, 2003, p.

Innovation in Technical Education Instruction with Electrical Loads Monitoring and Control System Intervention

Integration of technology in the instructional process directs both the teachers and students to become successful with their goals of achieving desirable learning competencies. Through innovation in technical education instruction, educational institutions embraced the challenge of delivering a more engaging and meaningful instructional delivery with both the teacher and students showcasing deeper interest in knowledge

From Teaching to Learning – Becoming Coach for Learning by Doing to Build Educational Capacity in Nepal

Transformation from a teacher to a learning facilitator is a challenging task; the essence of learning is complex, because at the center of it are sets of actions and thoughts interrelated to each other in different ways. There are various ways for the learning facilitator to support the learner depending on the educational design and

Dirty Battery, an Alternative Source of Electricity (DBASE) for the Community

Extension service is one of the functions of Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines. It is a service thrust of the University where community development projects and programs are served among the various sectors of community. With the University of Rizal System’s commitment to empower community through relevant and sustainable technical instruction, research and extension

Understanding, Designing and Developing Assistive Technology for Students with Dyslexia in a Singapore Classroom

When developing assistive technology (AT) for individuals with learning or developmental difficulties, considering input from alternative stakeholders in the planning process increases the likelihood of sustainable AT programme implementation (Stoner, Parette, Watts, Wojcik & Fogal, 2008; Wong & Cohen, 2015). The study seeks to understand AT use in dyslexia intervention so as to effectively design

Evaluating the Anti-bullying Act of 2013 and Its Implementation in Philippine Public Schools

School, as a simulation of society, is a place of development for young learners. However, it may also create an environment unhealthy to students caused by bullying — making it a crucial concern for schools due to victims exhibiting psychological or social repercussions. Thus, the ‘Anti-Bullying Act’ (RA 10627) was passed into Philippine law in

Participation Factors of Education Service Officer’s in Lifelong Learning

The study was conducted to identify factors that encourage and hinder the participation of education service officer’s in lifelong learning. A total of 400 teachers was involved as respondents in this study. The study was a quantitative research that uses the survey method. Data were collected through feedback from the respondents using questionnaire. Quantitative data

Developing Teachers’ Computational Skills through a Systematic Professional Development Course in Malaysia

In this paper, we describe a 3-day workshop as part of a school teacher professional development course in introducing teachers to computational thinking (CT) concepts in Malaysia. The workshop emphasizes problem solving that utilizes teachers’ prior knowledge in their subject area, together with CT skills to help them understand the nature and scope of problem.

Trends & Futures of International Higher Education Partnerships & Collaboration: Comparative Potential Pathways for African & Asian Centres of Excellence

In a world characterized by the potential and promise of dynamic change and increasing complexity, it is paradoxical that amidst notable and significant levels of economic development, creation and growth of wealth, and lowering of global poverty, there yet remains the scourge of wide-spread inequality, exclusion and escalating levels of violence. These changes impact many

Employing English Picture Books in Classroom Teaching: Taking a Suburban Area in Mainland China as the Study Context

Nowadays, the application of English picturebook in childhood English education has generated more and more attention among Chinese researchers, educators, and parents. A growing number of them have started to employ English picturebook as a tool in childhood English education. However, research on the classroom use of English picturebooks for young Chinese children’s English learning

Exploring Saudi Arabian Teachers’ Changing Understandings of STEM Education

In 2016, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) developed a bold ‘Vision 2030’ plan that seeks to establish a strong foundation for future economic prosperity based on a transformational shift from the current natural resource-based economy to a knowledge economy (Wiseman, Abdelfattah and Almassaad, 2016). In addressing these reforms, the KSA Ministry of Education has

The Development of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in the Philippines: Roles and Views of Secondary School Principals

It is widely recognised that principals play an indispensable role in the professional development of teachers in schools. In the Philippines, principals encourage teachers to participate in the traditional and most common approach to professional development such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and training. Despite documented benefits of these traditional approaches to teacher professional development, recent

Insight on the Finnish Field of Learning Analytics – Applications and Ethics in Adaptive Education Models

Learning Analytics provide better means of interaction and guidance between educators and students. Through data, we can elaborate on our understanding of the way a student learns and progresses in the education environment or learning management system. Adaptive and blended learning as modern education models can further emphasize the role of learning analytics: since the

Teaching Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): An E-module for Teacher Training in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

The global prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has increased markedly in recent decades. However, many mainstream teachers are lacking knowledge and skills to teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in inclusive settings, particularly in the least-developed countries. To address the issue, we designed an e-module called ‘The Story of Khamdy’, which is uploaded

The Development of Terminology Learning System for Thai Classical Dance Through Learning Management System

Effective use of web application for self-paced learning can provide a valuable opportunity for students to make progress at a pace that is commensurate with their prior knowledge. To facilitate self-paced learning, the aim of this study was to develop the terminology learning system for Thai classical dance through Learning Management System. Based on the

Development of Learning Modules for Enhancing Classroom Action Research Skills of Student Teachers

A crucially important quality student teachers preferably possess in order to facilitate their own learning and career relates to classroom action research skills. This study aimed to design learning modules for enhancing classroom action research skills among student teachers. This design-based research was divided into three phases. The first phase was the development of the

Use of QR Code System in Enhancing Teaching and Learning

QR Code System or Quick Response System is a two dimensional bar code system initially designed for automotive industry in Japan is now one of the most popular Universal Product Coding system used because of many applications such as product tracking, item identification, managing documents and marketing features efficiency. Today’s educational system is challenged to

Oral or Poster only: On the Lack of Acceptance of Virtual Presentations at Language Education Conferences

There are many reasons that travel, particularly air travel, to conferences may be unwanted or impossible. Such reasons include, but are not limited to, physical disability, lack of financing, political restrictions, and concerns over climate change and ecological sustainability. Nonetheless, presenting at conferences is often key to academic and research networking, disseminating one’s research or

The Effect of Problem-Based Learning Instruction Activities in Linear Equations on Problem Solving Ability Analytical Thinking and Reasoning

The purposes of this research were to compare the before and after Problem Solving Ability Analytical Thinking and Reasoning Ability of Mathayomsuksa 1 students by using method of Problem-Based Learning Instruction with a statistic criterion. The subjects of this study were 30 Mathayomsuksa 1 students in the second semester of 2018 academic year from Srinakharinwirot

The Role of Lectures and Factors Affecting Individual Working Competency of Students at Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam Through Mathematical Modeling Process

For university training, all teaching processes aim at developing and perfecting occupational competencies for learners. In the study of teaching mathematics at Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam, we consider mathematical modeling as a way to help students solve problems mathematically. Accordingly, the main role of teachers in these situations mostly include: to build learning environment, conduct

OP Observer – A Class Observation Tool for Measuring the Effectiveness of Teaching Practice

The aim of this paper is to present an evaluation of the effectiveness of a class observation tool in measuring learner-centred practice at a New Zealand tertiary institution. This research arose from an awareness that many lecturers are still mainly providing teacher-centred classes, which have been proven to be less effective and engaging for the

A Priming Experiment on the Effects of Letter Grades and Autonomy-support on Motivation

Here we used a survey-based priming experiment to explore the psychological effects of letter grades (ie. A, B, C to F) and autonomy-supportive teaching practices (eg. giving opportunities for choices, building trust between student and teacher). Much research in educational psychology has suggested that extrinsic motivators such as grades can “crowd-out” or thwart autonomous academic

The Impact of Landmark Court Cases on Funding in American Public Education Systems: The Legal System and the Financial Structure of Educational Institutions

Court rulings and legal precedents can significantly influence educational policy, the fundamental financial structure of public schools, and the educational funding process at the local, regional, and national levels of education systems. Landmark court cases involving different stakeholders, employing various administrative concepts and a wide range of legal strategies, have had a significant impact on

Video Self-Modelling Intervention on the Social Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Social skills are abilities that are predominantly challenging for children with autism spectrum disorder (CWA). Unfortunately, most schools focused on academics and this ensues little time to engage the CWA to acquire different social skills. This alarming impact of social engagement deficiencies creates a need for an effective and evidence-based intervention to diminish barriers in

Investigation of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning as a Framework for Teaching Science-focused English Courses at a Japanese University

Previous research indicates that inquiry-based learning is beneficial for English-language learners in content courses. Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) is a student-centered, team-focused framework widely used in the United States at the high school and university levels for teaching science. All POGIL activities follow a 3-phase learning cycle and are often organized such that students

Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons in Grade 10 Biology

This descriptive developmental study determined the effect of Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons in Biology to the Grade 10 students’ performance. It focused on the developed Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons, jurors’ evaluation of the Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons in terms of competency-based, process skills involved, inquiry-based and cooperative learning strategy, and its effect on students’ conceptual

Level of Content Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills of Senior High School STEM Students in Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction

Disasters are sudden disruptive events which affect the functioning of a community in utilizing its own resources. This makes disaster readiness and risk reduction a current trend in science teaching to match the needs to the fast-paced advancements which will provide many social benefits. This descriptive research study determined the level of content knowledge and

Lessons in Grade 10 Biology Using Cooperative and Guided-inquiry Approach

This descriptive developmental research study determined the effect of the developed lessons in Biology using Cooperative and Guided Inquiry Approach for Grade 10 students of Barangay High School in Manito Albay. Specifically, it sought answers to the questions: (1) What lessons may be developed for Grade 10 Biology with the features: cooperative learning, guided inquiry

Does Blended Learning System Boost Student’s Knowledge Sharing in General Education Course? The Indonesian Higher Education Challenge

The role of General Education is to equip students with basic knowledge, to understand the relationship between one science and another, to teach how to apply human knowledge and experience universally, so that it will enhance mutual understanding and respect for human beings. One of the challenges in General Education learning in higher education is

Reflexive Practices: Making Business Schools More ‘Critical’ by Teaching Modern Slavery. Practical Workshop

This article invites breaking the traditional pattern in business schools and encouraging management educators to engage critically with their subjects. Conventional methods give a trusting standard of learning; but, they are significantly better at producing followers than leaders or that they do not cultivate leaders at all. This article proposes taking a step further, by making

A One Semester Research Study on the Effects of Extensive Reading on Students’ Receptive Vocabulary Size

Extensive Reading has been touted as beneficial for improving students’ reading fluency, speed, confidence, and vocabulary. This paper examines whether some of these claims are true for a group of students over a 14-week semester. Administering vocabulary level tests at the start and end of the semester does not indicate that there is a greater

From Teaching to Leading: A Phenomenological Inquiry on Overcoming Challenges From the Lens of Novice Principals

Literature suggest that high school principal position is one of the most essential, complex and challenging assignments in the public education system. While efforts to understand the nature and dynamics of the transition from being a teacher to a principal have been undertaken in different studies worldwide, a dearth in literature exists in the context of

Gathering of ‘Tacit Knowledge’ through Oral History

The University of Malaya is the oldest campus in the country. Over the years, many of its scholars including professors and staff have retired; many who are distinguished and reputable experts in their fields. Hence, there is a need to gather tacit knowledge from these individuals rapidly before the information are vanished forever, particularly non-quantifiable

Information and Communications Technology Competencies and Integration Practices of Public Secondary School Teachers in the Philippines

This study investigated the ICT competencies and integration practices of 573 public secondary school teachers in a province in the Philippines, particularly their level of ICT competencies, extent of ICT integration, challenges encountered, and their perceptions on ICT integration. The study employed a descriptive-correlational research design which explored the significant relationship between teachers’ level of

The Science of the Banana Cake – Development of Integrated Instruction on Science Knowledge and Skill by Using Hands-on Activities

The baking activity is a science teaching enhancement course that is focused around using food to engage students in many topics in chemistry. The purposes of this study are to develop ways of integrating science knowledge and skills by using hands-on activities and to find out the effectiveness of a baking activity for teaching of

Modified Lab Rotation Model: A Blended e-Learning Approach to Improve Student’s Conceptual Understanding of English Verb Tense and Aspect

In language Education, verb tense and aspect is one of the most difficult lessons in elementary grade. For the past three years, S.Y. 2015- 2016,2016-2017 and 2017-2018, English verb tense and aspect is consistently included in the least mastered skills topic in Grade Five English. This study aimed at investigating the use of Modified Lab

Knowledge Management as a Catalyst to Building Resilient and Effective Human Capital in Manufacturing Companies

The study argues that human capital development is more effective if it is done from a knowledge management perspective which helps to shape attitudes and foster ethical values for higher productivity. Human capital is central to productivity in an economy and if well groomed, result in sustainable development of a society. Human cultures vary, but

Harnessing Learning Analytics to Improve Online Quiz Equity

The use of online learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle is becoming a norm in higher education. In general, these systems provide tools to facilitate active learning such as discussion forums and student assessments such as online quizzes. Studies have shown that students who do pre-class online quizzes that encourage preparatory

Experiences of Outstanding Principals as Mentors: Policy Inputs to a Viable Mentoring Program in DepEd – Division of Pasig City

This paper aims to understand the everyday experiences of outstanding principals as mentors cum school leaders, analyze their challenges and secrets to successful school leadership and management, and propose policies for a viable mentoring program in DepEd – Division of Pasig City. In the context of this study, mentoring is a learning and development (L

Boarding College Strategy Management in College of Theology Sangkakala Kopeng, District Getasan

The objectives of this research were to: (1) Determine and analyze the boarding management strategies that have been used by Sekolah Tinggi Theologi (College Of Theology) Sangkakala; (2) to analyze the root problems in the management of a boarding college in Sekolah Tinggi Theologi (College Of Theology) Sangkakala; (3) Design and produce strategies that can

Learning Independence Through QFEmirates: A Case Based Inquiry into Framework and Deeper Learning Inter-dependence

The paper aims to inquire the interdependence between frameworks based learning and deeper learning to examine how learning independence can be achieved by students through proper application of Qualification Framework of Emirates (QFE). To ensure validity of the research, a case based approach with two courses of two different universities has been taken for the

The Role of Higher Education in Socio-Economic Development in Myanmar: External and Internal Perspectives

Political metamorphosis in Myanmar with the mandate of National League for Democracy paved the way for major structural reforms in various sectors. Unsurprisingly, higher education sector is one of them to undergo drastic changes since it is regarded as one of the key sectors in Myanmar’s socio-economic development. And, efforts are made to reengineer the

Ethical Practices in Vocational Technical Education: A Sure Way to Sustainable Vocational Education in Nigeria

Ethics defines good or bad. When applied to institutions, it allows groups to determine fair and appropriate procedures of doing things. Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) is the form of education which is obtainable at Technical Colleges and designed to prepare individuals to acquire technical or practical knowledge/vocational skills, basic and scientific knowledge necessary for

Developing a Knowledge Based Economy Through Enhancing Management of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria

The need to enhance management of vocational and technical education (VTE) and developing a knowledge based economy in Nigeria need not be over-emphasised. A knowledge based economy has four (4) key elements namely; economic and institutional regimes, education and skills, innovation system and information and communication technology (ICT). This paper brings to the fore a

Challenges of Creativity-based International STEAM Camps to Inspire and Motivate Gifted Students

NSTDA is the national science and technology research center in Thailand. One of its missions is to develop and prepare competent human resources in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). Organizing STEAM camps for gifted students are among our highlighted activities.Gifted students have the highest potential to become innovators in the future if we