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The Tragedy of Humanism: Education at the Crossroads?

In True Humanism, written shortly after the devastation of parts of Europe and Japan, Maritain argued that heightened affirmations of humanism, in some senses, have not had an entirely beneficial or progressive influence: in his own words, one of the great “misfortunes” of “modern history has been that all this progress has been directed by


Research Focused on the User: Proposal for a New Service Design of Healthy Breakfast Diet Between Taipei Urbanites

In the Highly industrialized society, the big environment has to face the problem with fast food culture. People want fast, convenient, and tasty meal. The big companies promote the advertisements which was beneficial to them and the “fake” flavor of processed fast food seems to be “normal” flavor when they eat. More and more urbanite


Reading Girls’ Agency: The Pillow Book and Flower Tales, Past and Future

The topic of this paper emerged from a deceptively simple question: When and why did the linkage between girlhood and same-sex love emerge in Japanese culture? Ostensibly, the answer is clear. Flower Tales [Hana Monogatari] (1916–1924), a serialized girls’ novel by the Japanese popular writer Yoshiya Nobuko, featured flowers and romantic same-sex friendships, coupled together,


Relationship Between Stress and Saliva Biomarkers in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Outpatient Chemotherapy

Breast cancer is the first of the cancer incidence in women is common age more increased by westernization of eating habits. The 30 ‘s – 50’ s, the predilection age of breast cancer, live with many roles and responsibilities in the company and at home, and it is a period of stressful diversity.A physiologically active


The State of and Issues Related to the Health Literacy of Healthy Elderly in Japan: A Survey of Participants of a Regional Recreational Event

In the aging society of Japan, the extension of healthy life expectancy is indispensable for managing the high medical and nursing care expenses and shortage of manpower for care workers. Further, it is important to improve the health literacy as social skills of the elderly for the management and maintenance of their health abilities. In


Does Rule Utilitarianism Support in Vitro Fertilization?

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is currently a commonplace technology that has successfully treated millions of infertile couples the world over. Rule Utilitarianism deals with the tendencies of actions to produce more pleasure and concerned with long term consequences.Use of Reproductive TechnologyThe extraction of gametes and in-vitro conception, namely the separation of


Assessment Difficulty and Educational Needs of Home Care Nurses Providing Medical Care for Cancer Patients in Japan: Examining the Viewpoints

The primary cause of death in Japan is malignant tumors, and the increase in medical expenses is increasing social security costs. It is expected that home recuperation of cancer patients will increase in the future. Therefore, improving home care nurses’ practical skills is an urgent issue. This study aimed to clarify the assessment difficulty experienced


The Impact of Interactive Elearning Pedagogy in the Core Content of Cultural Dimensions Across Curriculum

This study aims to analyze the impact of interactive e-learning pedagogy in understanding the relevance of cultural dimensions across curriculum in the Higher Education Institutions. This interactive e-learning pedagogy refers to the different cultural dimension videos, images, and other interactive elements included in the core content of the lessons particularly in the professional education subjects.


Using an Informatics Course to Support an Herbal Medicine Course for Learning Herbs with Volatile Oil

Phytochemistry is the one of subjects for pharmacy students. The subject is linking about herbs and its chemical compounds which contain pharmacological activities. The contents of phytochemistry are describing the structures of the large number of secondary metabolites found in plants, the functions of these compounds in human, plant biology and environment, and the biosynthesis


Using Web 2.0 And Corpus Technology to Enhance Vocabulary Acquisition

Undergraduate students are exposed to discipline-specific lexis and concepts, particularly when studying in a second language. Current research suggests that most students find it difficult to fully comprehend academic reading material because they lack the requisite vocabulary. In order to enhance vocabulary acquisition and, ultimately, improve knowledge of complex discipline specific vocabulary, this study evaluated


Integration of Teaching and Learning ICT Literacy and Herbal Information in the 21st Century

In the 21st Century, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) acts as an important role to support learning of the core content. In Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum at Silpakorn University, ICT literacy and core content about herbal information were integrated to support learning herbal medicine. Several tools were introduced to collect and applied herbal information. To


Differences Among Generational Groups of Teachers in a Public School District in Their Practice of 21st Century Teaching-Learning Skills

This study explores the differences in the 21st century teaching and learning skills practices among generational groups of teachers in the District of Indang, Cavite. It was conducted to find out if there is any significant difference in the perceptions between and among generational groups of teachers in terms of their overall application of 21st


Utilizing Life Orientations Method in Education to Develop Soft Skills and Organizational Development Among Graduating Students for Career Readiness

Values are the foundation of all our thinking and behavior. We grow up in a home that is characterized by values. No matter in what kind of traditional or modern form of family we grow up, we are shaped by it. In addition, peer groups “determine” what we consider important and what we are to


A Study on the Influence of Technology Hands-on Curriculum on the Technology Attitude and Programming Attitude in Senior High School

The study was aimed to explore the influence of technology hands-on curriculum on the technology attitude and programming attitude. The study sample consisted of forty two 16-year-old students from one K10 class in Taiwan. A 12-week (24h in total) pre- and post-test quasi-experimental study was designed. In the class we used the Arduino microcontroller, let


Examining the Academic Writing Practices of Higher Education in Papua New Guinea

The current global trend in education paves way for new and improved means of academic writing practices in higher education, with which most of the higher education institutions in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are struggling to measure up. This comparative case study of a public and a privately (mission) run university in PNG examines the


Cushioning Teacher Bullying: An Exploratory Study Towards Establishing Support Mechanism

Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods was used in carrying out this research since Teacher Bullying (TB) is not yet thoroughly explored in the Philippines. In the first phase, a narrative inquiry was administered to extract significant experiences of teachers in terms of “bullying forms” and its “effects” on their teaching performance and well-being, as well as


Black Students in China: Identity, Environment, and Institutions in the Individual’s Perception of Racial Encounters

In recent years, study abroad and scholarship programs have profoundly targeted the black demographic, a group largely underrepresented amongst the study abroad community. Researchers have contributed a wealth of understanding about the personal and professional benefits of study abroad, and how to make these benefits more accessible to black students. However, a general lack of


Computer-Based Test and Paper-Based Test as English Language Assessment in Indonesian Junior High Schools 2017

This paper explains and critiques the implementation of CBT (Computer-Based Test) and PBT (Paper-Based Test) as English language assessment in Indonesian Junior High Schools. The policy analysis was done by scrutinizing two regulations of Badan Nasional Standar Pendidikan (Indonesian Bureau of Standardised Education): BSNP: 0075/SDAR/BSNP/XII/2016 about the contents of National Examination, and BSNP: 0043/P/BSNP/2017 about


ASEAN Community: Development, Challenge and Change for Thai Higher Education Sector

The emergence of ASEAN community has changed and inspired ideas and expectations for Southeast Asian countries in many ways. As small and developing countries, the members of ASEAN need to be together for stronger in the global context. The collaboration and coordination between member countries are frequently mentioned in several aspects, including higher education (HE),


Vocational Curriculum for Learners with Special Educational Needs

In the past three decades, children with special needs are considered invincible persons of the society (Burtner, 2017). One of the fears of parents of children with special needs is to leave their children behind helpless and dependent in all their needs. The thought of leaving behind a child who cannot take care of himself