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How Teachers’ Reflective Inquiries Help them Facilitate Transfer Skills Achievement in Students’ Academic and Non-academic Pathways?

In education, the transfer of skills refers to learning in one context and being able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to other new situations. Many studies show that college/university students do not easily transfer skills from English courses to other courses or writing situations (Wardle, 2016; Lindemann, 2016; Beaufort, 2007). To name a


Beyond Traditional Approaches and Methodologies: The New Roles of Texts

With the recent focus on bringing technology into learning environments and creating concept-based curricula, the role of a text in English as a Second Language education remained unchanged. At the same time, Language Acquisition has begun taking place outside of classrooms with no consideration of emerging and developing trends. Through a thorough study of academic


Challenges and Success Factors for Knowledge Sharing Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Development Projects

‘Wicked nature’ of major social, economic, health, and education, and environmental problems has posed significant challenges that needs to be tackled with focused dialogue and knowledge sharing from wide range of settings and actors whose goal is the same. Unfortunately, these perspectives are scattered in disparate locations: in the mind of marginalized people, government staffs,


Klin Concubine’s Resident the Memory of the Mon Community at Sutthapotch Temple Area for Cultural Heritage Preservation

Klin was the name of King Mongkut’s concubine (King Mongkut was the king of Thailand during the year 1851-1868). She was Mon ethnic (Mon was the name of ethnic group that was migrated from Myanmar) and she was the granddaughter of the Mon leader. By the reason of her family and her concubine status, she


The Study of Using the Opaque Wall Material to Manage Overall Thermal Transfer for the Heritage Hospital Façade in Bangkok

Many hospitals in Bangkok metropolitan districts are awaken to the global warming crisis. It results that the temperature in the winter is closed to the summer. The following effect is that the old hospital buildings, are confronting the energy over consumption than ever. In particular, the old facades are needed renovation to preserve comfortable condition.


Optimized Approaches to Urban Spatial Form Design for Better Ventilation- A Study in Changzhou, China

Rapid urbanization process has brought about a global challenge in the ecological environment, such as air pollution and “Urban Heat Island Effect”. On one side, climate is one of the most important elements that maintains human survival and production, and also the key factor of spatial morphology. On the other side, different spatial forms also


Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Hospitals to Improve Environmental Sustainability

Businesses have started integrating CSR as a critical strategy in their core operations, plans, and activities to promote sustainability. Hospitals are one such domain where it is inevitable to be socially responsible with its daily operations. It is also essential to understand the impact of environmental CSR initiatives in the context of hospitals. Despite this,


Study on Partial Discharges Features Evolution of Underground Cable Joints during Insulation Degradation

Underground cables are significant links in metropolitan power systems. Hence, any cable accident can cause high economic losses and disruption of service to customers. Recently, the condition-based maintenance (CBM) method proposed to improve the weakness of time-based maintenance becomes feasible in smart grid, which optimizes and improves the reliability of power systems. This paper focuses


Cost and Benefit Optimization on Installation of Distribution Feeders Voltage Control Equipment considering Distributed Generations

The primary purpose of this study is to explore the impacts of distributed generation (DG) interconnections on distribution systems in Taiwan. To build a DG-friendly distribution system for the development of DGs, a genetic algorithm with Pareto optimality is utilized to analyze the cost and benefit of installing a distribution feeder voltage control equipment that


Soil Carbon Contents of Teak Plantation in Agroforestry Farming of Ban Tham Suea, Kaeng Krachan District, Phetchaburi Province, Thailand

Increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide is a serious global environmental concern. Teak plantation can store substantial amount of carbon. Soil carbon contents and properties were studied in 3, 6 and 13-years-old teak plantations located in agroforestry farming areas of Ban Tham Suea, Kaeng Krachan District, Phetchaburi Province. Soil samples were collected at  0-30 cm depth


Study of Façade Treatment for Optimum Daylight Usage in Open Plan Offices in Context of Dhaka

Electricity consumption is the highest energy drainer when it comes to artificial lighting used in offices even though maximum office-hour coincides during the day time. Although few simple design inclusions in the initial phase of designing can reduce electricity consumption as well as add bonus effects such as physiological and psychological improvement through use of


Preferences for the Sex-composition of Children in Vietnam: An Examination of its Effect on Fertility Desire

This paper aims to investigate whether of the variation in preferences for the sex-composition of children can explain the variation in fertility desires of women with one child and describing the trend, pattern of fertility desires in Vietnam. Using the national data set from Vietnam Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) data sets 2014 investigates the


The Effects of the Decline of the EU Leverage Over Turkey’s Political Regime

Levitsky and Way have a particular place in the study of democratization since most of the scholars analysing the effects of the linkage and the leverage refer to their works. They define Western leverage as the “incumbent governments’ vulnerability to external pressure for democratization”. Linkage basically means “the density of ties and cross-border flows between


Commodifying Human Body for the Life Survival in Islamic Legal Perspective: The Case of Organ Purchase among Refugees

The commodification of human body for the life survival matter has been evident among some refugees who, out of desperate and dire situations, engaged in selling body organs to have a better life for themselves and for others. The research examines the discussion on human dignity and the dignity of body to respond to human


Exploring the Bearing of Urban Geography on Physical Well-Being of Communities in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

Due to increasing human activities in cities, occurrences widely known as pollution, residential inadequacy, congestion and related challenges like slums, deplorable neighborhoods impinge directly or indirectly on people’s quality of life and well-being. Nonetheless, the range of the influences of urban geography on citizen’s health and well- being remains largely unexplored. This paper is aimed


The Tragedy of Humanism: Education at the Crossroads?

In True Humanism, written shortly after the devastation of parts of Europe and Japan, Maritain argued that heightened affirmations of humanism, in some senses, have not had an entirely beneficial or progressive influence: in his own words, one of the great “misfortunes” of “modern history has been that all this progress has been directed by