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Commodifying Human Body for the Life Survival in Islamic Legal Perspective: The Case of Organ Purchase among Refugees

The commodification of human body for the life survival matter has been evident among some refugees who, out of desperate and dire situations, engaged in selling body organs to have a better life for themselves and for others. The research examines the discussion on human dignity and the dignity of body to respond to human


Exploring the Bearing of Urban Geography on Physical Well-Being of Communities in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

Due to increasing human activities in cities, occurrences widely known as pollution, residential inadequacy, congestion and related challenges like slums, deplorable neighborhoods impinge directly or indirectly on people’s quality of life and well-being. Nonetheless, the range of the influences of urban geography on citizen’s health and well- being remains largely unexplored. This paper is aimed


The Tragedy of Humanism: Education at the Crossroads?

In True Humanism, written shortly after the devastation of parts of Europe and Japan, Maritain argued that heightened affirmations of humanism, in some senses, have not had an entirely beneficial or progressive influence: in his own words, one of the great “misfortunes” of “modern history has been that all this progress has been directed by