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Research Focused on the User: Proposal for a New Service Design of Healthy Breakfast Diet Between Taipei Urbanites

In the Highly industrialized society, the big environment has to face the problem with fast food culture. People want fast, convenient, and tasty meal. The big companies promote the advertisements which was beneficial to them and the “fake” flavor of processed fast food seems to be “normal” flavor when they eat. More and more urbanite


Reading Girls’ Agency: The Pillow Book and Flower Tales, Past and Future

The topic of this paper emerged from a deceptively simple question: When and why did the linkage between girlhood and same-sex love emerge in Japanese culture? Ostensibly, the answer is clear. Flower Tales [Hana Monogatari] (1916–1924), a serialized girls’ novel by the Japanese popular writer Yoshiya Nobuko, featured flowers and romantic same-sex friendships, coupled together,


Development of Traditional Tourism to Inherit Culture and Local Wisdom of Food of Marginal Culture Group in Kanchanaburi Province

This research aimed to study a tradition of food and food security including local products which could be developed to become tourism product in the marginal area of Kanchanaburi province. Sangkhlaburi district and Thong Pha phum district were defined to be the study area. Data collection of this qualitative research were observation and semi-structured interviewing.


Creating Peace: Contemplative Practices As an Agency for Peace

Encounters with beauty can serve as an engaging and powerful agency for peace. Over the past few decades, the interest in the contemplative practices of world wisdom traditions has been expanding. Higher education has also incorporated these “inner sciences”, as they are often called. Contemplative practices foster a more compassionate understanding of the behavior and


Cultural Waves, Cultural Tourism and Cultural Integration in East Asia

Cultural integration can contribute to substantially reducing international conflicts. In this study, we examine how popular cultural waves and tourism (or cultural tourism in particular) in Japan, Korea and Taiwan have been facilitating multi-cultural integration in East Asia during the last two decades. Japan’s popular culture was the first wave to gain momentum in this


Construction of Churches and Townbuilding. A History of the Dominican Experience in Cagayan Valley: A Travelogue

Located in the northeastern most part of the Philippines is a valley between the Philippines longest mountain ranges, the Cordillera and the Sierra Mountain Range. The valley is crossed by the Philippines longest river, the Rio Grande de Cagayan. When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, the Vatican recognized the value of the friars to


Teaching Portuguese As a Host Language for Immigrants / Refugees in Situations of Social Vulnerability in Gois / Brazil

This paper aims at presenting a project held at Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Goias, Brazil, which works with vulnerable immigrants/refugees in Goiania and surrounding cities. These people come to Goias in search of better conditions of life and depend on the Portuguese language as an instrument of social and labor insertion.


Policing the Others: Cultural Studies of Police Work in Relation to Human Rights Politics in Hong Kong

In contributing to the “reinvention of Cultural Studies” (Grossberg, 2006:8), this paper makes an attempt in building up the linkage between human rights and Cultural Studies by analyzing the alleged human rights violation by police towards ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. This study focuses on the controversial Limbu Case, in which a Nepalese man named


How Foreign Muslim Students Changed Their Attitude Toward Japanese Academic Environment After a Culture Assimilator

The number of Muslim students from abroad is increasing after a plan launched to accept around 300,000 international students in Japan. In this research, we aim to create “culture assimilator”, a kind of cross-cultural training consisting of questions, answers and commentaries, which is instructive for helping their religious practice and supporting their study in Japan.


Adaptation and/As Agency in Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed (2016)

This paper probes the conflict between the past and present and the manifestations of agency in novelistic adaptations. The argument draws on Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed (2016), which is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest (1610-1611). Marked by a shift in time, space and genre, Hag-Seed is postmodernist in its self-consciousness and intertextuality as it re-envisions,


Malasakit: The Filipino Face of God’s Mercy

This paper explores the relationship between the inclusive attitude of Jesus as the face of God’s mercy in the gospels and the Filipino cultural value Malasakit. God’s mercy is fully revealed and expressed in Jesus’ inclusive love among the outcasts during His time. Malasakit, a Filipino core value, embodies the Filipino’s outmost concern for others


The Changing Lighting of Classroom for the Different Learners’ Background

The purpose of this research is to study and compare different lighting design factors affect learners’ learning behaviours. The research hypothesis is that different lighting design factors affect learners’ learning efficiency within classrooms. They enhance the ability to learn and support or promote learners’ learning and stimulate the interest of the students. The research method


Interior Environmental Design Conveying Local Socio-Cultural Identity

Interior Environmental Design Conveying Local Socio-cultural Identity explains the importance of local identity linked to society and way of life in the past which is a heritage of remaining faith. Especially, reflecting the plan can be transferred to the interior environment design process and pattern allowing for communicating the emotion and unique atmosphere of the


Texts in the Open — The Gezi Parki Protests in Istanbul

Are graffitis tracing the call for human rights? The Istanbul Gezi Parki protests were an outlet that left writings in public spaces expressing discontent, but also represent the thoughts of the protesters at their most radical core. By analyzing and interpreting images of the protests taken by the researcher the protests should be able to


The Cultural Heritage Architecture of Luang Prabang : The Role in Tourism and Preservation Sectors

When Luang Prabang was announced by UNESCO in 1955 as a world heritage, the role of cultural architecture of Luang Prabang was change from the past. The preservation of cultural architecture of Luang Prabang, it has many sectors. The objective of research is to explore 1) the role of the cultural architecture of Luang Prabang


The Analysis of Japanese Youth and Their Perspectives on National Identity on Twitter: # #I Want to Be Korean

This study will explore the identity and national sentiment of Japanese youth after the official debut of a Korean girl group, TWICE, through social media platforms. Japan is known as one of the nations where nationalism has been the core of the society; previous post-war generations of Japanese may not condone the younger generation’s tweet


Comparison on Effective of Outlining Material in Batik Painting Between Paraffin Wax-Resist and Gel Wax-Resist Technique

Comparison on the performance of outlining material in batik painting between paraffin and gel wax-resist technique. The traditional batik use paraffin wax to avoid color in some area before painting the unique design of batik. Therefore, batik creation required a highly skilled worker. For batik rookie, there is a problem of using Tjanting needles and


Bangkok Graphic Design Culture Communication.

This research to propose graphic design promote something different about illustration design districts in Bangkok Thailand. Especially graphic design, illustration promoting the image of the community. Who want to create a friendly graphics design and illustration design to anything in design. Can be used to key for communicate your local.Data collection process Based on the


Unveiling and Activating the “Uncertain Heritage” Of Chinese Knotting

In the cultural heritage determination processes, something identified and designated as a heritage and important to preserve usually based on the society, the related people, and the natural environment, which guided the documentation and conservation measures. However, in this new industrial society, some of the heritage with hidden and forgotten values seems uncertain to be