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Relationship Between Stress and Saliva Biomarkers in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Outpatient Chemotherapy

Breast cancer is the first of the cancer incidence in women is common age more increased by westernization of eating habits. The 30 ‘s – 50’ s, the predilection age of breast cancer, live with many roles and responsibilities in the company and at home, and it is a period of stressful diversity.A physiologically active


The State of and Issues Related to the Health Literacy of Healthy Elderly in Japan: A Survey of Participants of a Regional Recreational Event

In the aging society of Japan, the extension of healthy life expectancy is indispensable for managing the high medical and nursing care expenses and shortage of manpower for care workers. Further, it is important to improve the health literacy as social skills of the elderly for the management and maintenance of their health abilities. In


Assessment Difficulty and Educational Needs of Home Care Nurses Providing Medical Care for Cancer Patients in Japan: Examining the Viewpoints

The primary cause of death in Japan is malignant tumors, and the increase in medical expenses is increasing social security costs. It is expected that home recuperation of cancer patients will increase in the future. Therefore, improving home care nurses’ practical skills is an urgent issue. This study aimed to clarify the assessment difficulty experienced


Correlation on Mindfulness, Self Esteem and Impulsive Buying Among Female Online Shopper

As the development of technology and Internet increases, many items can be purchased online. A person no longer need to come to the place to buy a desired product while they could shop online. People do shop based on human need and motivation to buy. Feelings and emotions are influenced by human mindset, and the


Implementation of Positive Psychology Interventions in Improving Subjective Well Being on Individual with Physical Disability Due to Accidents

Everyone wants a perfect physical state to be able to live optimally, but in fact some of them are having disability. Physical disability can be caused by several things, one of them is an accident. Individuals will experience changes drastically in some aspects of life that may affect their subjective well being condition. One of


Critical Thinking: Definitions, Assessments, and Teaching Practices in Higher Education

Despite widespread recognition of its importance, there is a lack of consensus regarding the conceptual definition of “critical thinking” (CT). This literature review paper provides a better understanding of CT skills: focusing on the ways in which CT has been defined, on the ways in which teachers can foster CT in their students through teaching


Depression, Anxiety & Eating Disorders: Prevalence & Association Among Adolescents Studying in Public Schools of Delhi

Data on the prevalence of mental health disorders indicates that 4.5% and 3% of the Indian population is suffering from depression and anxiety respectively. Depression is ranked by WHO (2015) as the single largest contributor to global disability, therefore there is a need to investigate the maturation patterns (gender specific) & its relationship with psychosocial


Parenting Styles, Academic Achievement and Conduct in a Chinese School, Basis for Evolving a Management Supervisory Program

Purposes: to describe Parenting Styles of respondents’ parents, pupils’ Academic Achievement and Conduct and relationships to Parenting Styles. This answered the ff:  1. Parenting Styles of Grade 6 pupils’ parents according to academic achievement and Conduct and their relationships.  2. What Management Supervisory Program (MSP)can be evolved based on findings? Methodology 1. Descriptive-correlation survey method


Identity, Recognition and Terrorism: The Case of Tripura, India

Taylor’s (1994) notion of “politics of recognition” construes identity as being a creation of existence of recognition or dearth of it and “misrecognition” leading to undignified view of self. Membership of a radical extremist group can create and escalate a sense of community, power and identity to people who are otherwise powerless and insignificant (Schaefer,


Prevailing From Traumatic Experience of Assault: From the Perspective of LGBTIQ Individuals

When the constitution of a country constraints some citizens as criminal, based on their choice of sexual partner, it is expected that crimes will be committed against them, as a result of social discrimination and lack of legal protection. Although NALSA verdict (2014) by Supreme Court of India edict to give the freedom in choosing


Using Decision Tree to Predict Response Rates of Consumer Satisfaction, Attitude, and Loyalty Surveys

Response rate has long been a major concern in survey research. Based on 244 published studies on consumer satisfaction, attitude and loyalty that are predictors of customer retention and behavior, this study aimed to identify predictors of response rates. A decision tree analysis (using the C5.0 algorithm on 70% of the studies as the training


Guided Imagery Music Reduces School Phobia: A Case Study

Guided imagery and music is a form of music therapy introduced by Helen Bonny in 1970. This method is using music as an imagery trigger to a client, and the client is asked to portray the image in forms of paintings, drawings or literal description. This study was conducted to a 15 years old girl


The Effect of Similarity and Ranking on Competitive Performance

Natural selection involves a competition amidst scarcity among species. Thus, organisms tend to engage in competitive behaviors, and humans are no exception to this. Social comparison influences competitive behavior such that people are motivated to perform better than others. The social comparison model of competition identifies individual factors and situational factors as important determinants of


The Factors Promoting the Systematization of the PDCA Cycle in Student Support Systems: Special Needs Education in Japan

Since 2007, Japanese public schools have established student support systems. As the key persons promoting this system in each school, special needs education coordinators must work on six major tasks in addition to their regular daily teaching work: a) running a school committee supporting special education; b) formulating an “Individual Education Support Plan”; c) developing


Effect of Sequential Storytelling Program on Executive Functions of Preschoolers

Executive functions are more strongly associated with school achievements, positive behaviors, successful work and family life. According to the survey in 2015, it has been found that very young learners are commonly called preschoolers in Thailand have low Executive functions especially in Inhibitory control, working memory and emotional control. The purpose of this study were


Social Innovation: Towards Community Wellbeing and World Peace: A Case Study of Weixin Shengjiao I Ching University’s Lifelong Learning

The global environment is facing natural drastic changes. The rapid changes have eroded our humanistic values. The implementation of humanistic education has become a most concerned issue to all countries, and lifelong learning has also become a good prescription. However, “lifelong learning” has always been a popular slogan. How lifelong learning affects people’s heart and