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Re-Centering Domestic Dominance: Women Fighters in China Across Generations

Under conventional patriarchy, women and children within the domestic setting are seemingly protected from various external threats. Meanwhile, the hegemony of domestic lives makes women forever ignorant of patriarchal subordination. In China, such hegemony originates from Confucianism, which was also the principal doctrine that governed social conventions. My paper serves to investigate whether the Confucian


21st-Century Dystopia and Utopia and a Re-Centering of Humanism

Classic dystopia (Swift, Wells) identifies the plagues of society. However, even in 21st-century works that partly do so, committed purposes are at times defeated by individualism, superficiality and mere entertainment. Commercialized dystopian science fiction, accompanied by an ideology of cynicism and an aesthetics of spectacular and violent exaggeration, seems indeed to be one of the


Imprisoned Souls in Ghassan Kanafani’s Men in the Sun and Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea

The purpose of this paper is to shed light on the theme of imprisonment, both physical and spiritual, in two novels, Men in the Sun (1963) by the Palestinian Ghassan Kanafani and Wide Sargasso Sea (1966) by the Dominican Jean Rhys. The paper will explore how both writers depict the suffering of their characters, who


The South Asian Wanderer: A Literary Evolution of the Orient

Recent times have witnessed the reemergence of the popular notion of the oriental, though now dyed in a singular Arabesque hue due to the sociopolitical and theological nature of the present ‘East’ and ‘West’. This paper however, aims to revisit Edward Said’s interpretation of the notion and to highlight the oriental as a South Asian


Modern Theocracy? When an Incumbent Village Head Becomes New Boss of the Village Land Deity temple: Observation from Residents

Land Deity (aka. ‘Tudigong’ in Mandarin Chinese), according to Chinese folklore belief, is a spiritual chief of executive at the grass-roots level that protects every people in his locality, and almost enshrined every community or village in the island of Taiwan. On the other hand, a village head holds responsibility to accept complaints and suggestions,


A Theatre Creative Research “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a theatre creative research which has been inspired by William Shakespeare’s play script and the translated play script ‘Fun Na Kuen Klang Ruedoo Ron’ (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) by Dudsadee Mala. This theatre creative research was presented as a stage play using teaching method called “Project-Based Learning”. The process of


A Bridge Over Troubled Water: The Irrigation Canal Bridge of Meinong, Taiwan

A bridge, by definition, is a conduit from one side to the other. The sides could be a place, a time or a space having physical and/or temporal components to embark on a metaphorical journey telling stories about a nation, a people or a city. This article examines the changing roles of a Japanese built


“We Ought to Take…Our Bearings:” The Topographies of Georges Perec

Contemporary French writer Georges Perec compiled “Species of Spaces” in the study of his flat at 18, Rue de l’Assomption, in Paris. Spatial concepts are integral to Perec’s work, which centers on the construction of topographies: as a pedestrian, that of the city in “A Tentative Depiction of Parisian Places,” a memory project using an


Theme of Alienation in Modern Literature: The Advent of Existentialism, With Life as Seen Through Indian English Fiction Writers

Edmund Fuller remarks that in our age “man suffers not only from war, persecution, famine and ruin, but from inner problems … a conviction of isolation, randomness, meaninglessness in his way of existence “. The paper will discuss and analyse theme of alienation in modern literature in general and Indo-English literature from different angles. It


When a Woman Walks the Streets: The Female Challenge to Public Space in Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero

Nawal El Saadawi’s novel Woman at Point Zero examines a character named Firdaus, a peasant girl who tries to negotiate a role of independence for herself in mid-to-late 20th century Cairo. Briefly forced into a bad marriage, and unable to get a university education along with any sustaining employment, Firdaus resorts to earning her wages


The Microcosm Within the Macrocosm: How the Literature of a Small Diaspora Fits Within the Context of Global Literature

The twentieth century was a century of global powers: the Soviet Union, the United States. Now China is on the rise. Where do these superpowers and major language groups leave small countries and their identities? Whether we are ready for it or not, humanity is shifting away from tribal identities towards a global identity that


The Relations and Exchanges Between the Chinese Communist Party and Japanese Leftists in the Early Phase of the Cultural Revolution

After the war, there were no formal diplomatic relations between China and Japan, but economic and other exchanges still continued in the form of “people’s diplomacy.” Despite the interruption in the period of Nobusuke Kishi, their relations were soon resumed.With the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in 1966, most normal exchanges came to a halt


Recentering the Self and Nation Through Memory – Mixing History, Romance and Memoirs in the Autobiographical Writings of Han Suyin

Han Suyin had once described herself as “a fragmentation of the total self” where “each piece recreating from its own sum of facts a person…” This principle seemed to be operating in a number of her memoirs, in particular, Birdless Summer (1980) where she completely reconfigured her war-time experience in Chungking Destination (1942). The two


Communication and Perception of Visual Language in Comic Books, Khai Hua Roh : Smile of the King and Maha Sanook : When the Prince became King

HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away on October 13th 2016. The comic books Khai Hua Roh and Maha Sanook, published special editions presented in visual language, to mourn the King under the themes “Smile of the King” and “ When the Prince became King”. The researcher aims to study the intent of the illustrators and


Consumer Purchase Behaviors in Relation to Distinct Cultural Factors and Product Enhancement Type

In world market competition, modern enterprises must cater for Eastern and Western consumers with distinct cultures. Cultural factors influence customers’ purchase decision behaviors. From a consumer perspective, the most significant trait of a new product relative to its older counterpart is the difference between the two. From a business perspective, the innovation of products to


Space and Narrative in Cinematic Arts

This study aims to examine space as key component in storytelling by drawing on theories of psychoanalysis, narrative, and formalism. In so doing, the study has chosen two films which were produced in the past five years with an interesting use of space: 1) Train to Busan (2016), a Korean film; and 2) Snap (2016),


3, 2, 1, Infinity! A Decentered Poiesis of Haiku, Code, and Photography

“3, 2, 1, Infinity!” is an art piece that brings together three genres of media and arts: (1) a “Japanese” poetry form of haiku that was written for a momentary experience of an earthly and unique presence, (2) a digital photograph that was shot at the moment of the experience, and (3) a piece of


Product Types and Consumers’ Culture: An Empirical Examination in Taiwan

Firms must understand consumer culture to design and develop products that meet consumer expectations. When provided with various innovative consumer electronics, consumers make purchase or replacement decisions by referring to their experiences with an existing product, the effects of mental accounting induced by such products, the features of new products, and the marginal benefits from


Marguerite Yourcenar: Japan, and the Cult of the Aging Body

Marguerite Yourcenar’s reputation was built on philologically founded novels on heroes of the Western thought, such as the emperor Hadrian in “Mémories d’Hadrien” and the partly invented figure of Zénon Ligre in “L’oeuvre au noir.” Less known was her interest in Japanese culture, one that far from being limited to her late travels, Yourcenar cultivated


Community Murals Serve As a Meeting Zone of Art Tourism in Hong Kong

As a teaching muralist for almost two decades, Prof. Kong Ho explores his community mural experience in Hong Kong in the perspective of art tourism and cultural reinvention. Ho intents to apply his recent conducted mural tour experience for the Whittier College in Hong Kong as a case study to offer a first-hand understanding of


The Illusions of Love in Alice Childress’s Wine in the Wilderness

As the first African American woman to win an Obie Award, Alice Childress (1916~1994) is an important playwright in the history of American theatre, and especially she is considered as the only black woman playwright in America whose plays have been popular for more than four decades in the 20th century. Childress is famous for


Authentication, Attribution and the Art Market: Understanding Issues of Attribution in Contemporary Indonesia

The widespread circulation of paintings lacking a secure provenance within the Indonesian art market is an increasingly prevalent issue that questions trust, damages reputations and collective cultural narratives. In the long-term, this may impact on the credibility of artists, their work and the international art market. Under the current Indonesian copyright laws, replicating a painting


Design of Guiding Lines for a Tactile Map for a Campus in Taiwan

This pilot study aimed at the evaluation of three different designs of guiding lines, ruler-lines, dot-lines, and tangent-lines, for a tactile floor map for possible use in the campus of Tatung University. There were 14 visually impaired persons (VIPs), 11 males and 3 females, with mean age of 39.6 years touched these three tactile floor


The Adaptation of French Lettrism to Cinematic and Media Art in Chinese Context

This paper explores several cinematic and media art works from the late 70s to early 21 century which tried to apply the methods and ideas of French Lettrism into works created in a Chinese context. The French Lettrism is an avant-garde movement established by Romanian/French poet Isidore Isou in the 1940s. Influenced by preceding art


Creative Advertising – Narrative in Marketing Communications

In the 21st century, amidst China’s rapid economic development in a new era of digital information; “advertising” should not be a neglected term. In modern society, people suffer from information overload. A lack of advertising thinking often gives rise to key pieces of information being overlooked and designs losing their original meaning and value. Imitations


Transcendentalism Aspects in the Poem The Rhodora by Ralph Waldo Emerson (Genetic Structuralism Analysis)

The aim of this research is to analyze the collective world view in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem The Rhodora. The theory of genetic structuralism by Lucien Goldmann is used to find out the relation between the structure of literary work and the structure of society as its background. The relation is identified through the world


Products Using the Design Model of Synchronic Contrast Emotion

The moment when consumers are using the product, it usually generates multiple and complicated emotions. If it is contract emotion that is generated, consumers usually feel novel and original, give a deep impression and further like to use it. The research tries to explore the possibility to apply the contract emotion generated during the process


Binary Opposition, Binary Pair, and the Aftermath

This paper uncovers the presence of gender system exerted in Indonesian folk dance: Reog Ponorogo. Based on historical notes, it is believed that this traditional dance-drama art, has been performed since the 12th century. However, along with the changing era, Reog performance experiences ups and downs, even dying. However, it got reinvigorated after Indonesian independence.


A Study of Historical Overview and the Current Situation of Thailand Film Tourism

This research aims to investigate the historical overview and current situation of Thailand film tourism, based on research on texts and documents. Research offers the categorization by original stakeholder’s producing, in which, consists of Western film production, Bollywood production, China film production and Thai local film production.Tourism discipline primarily focused on the numbers of people


Suicide, Alienation, and Sexuality as Radical Actions in Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood: A Study of Slavoj Zizek’s Subjectivity

As one of the most outstanding Japanese authors, Haruki Murakami always comes up with unique ideas of surrealistic story. Yet, his only realistic novel, Norwegian Wood (2000), is also a masterpiece. Translated from the original version entitled Noruwei no Mori (1987), this novel tells about a complicated story rooted from the death of the beloved


Un-Abject the Local Genius: A Philosophical Research on Local Art Sustainability in Indonesian Contemporary Era

This study is focused on how local genius sustain their particularity in the dynamic wave of contemporary art. I will compare two local art spaces in Yogyakarta and Bandung while analyzing their differences in defining a sustain local genius. The understanding of Indonesia’s contemporary art creation mostly dominated by capital minded. Therefore, most of the


Aesthetics Problems of Jakarta: Relation Between Yogyakarta’s Theatre Performers and Jakarta’s Audience

This paper discusses the differences in aesthetic perspectives that arise due to the differences in language in art performance. The number of local languages ​​that exist to be a unique identity of Indonesia as one nation. Unfortunately, this variety of local languages ​​is merely a local element that is not brought into the global understanding


The Body of Women As Property in “Uang Panai” Movie

Every place, especially in Indonesia, have their own ritual in order to propose the marriage to the woman. As one of the most famous phenomenon in Indonesia, Uang Panai as Bugis-Makassar tradition is referring to the money which provided by the man who will marry the woman in South Sulawesi. Further, this phenomenon is always


Philosophy and Several Kinds of Tumpeng

Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice dish with meat and vegetable side dishes surrounding it. It is a kind of traditional celebratory dish that is usually served during special events or celebrations in Indonesia. Nowdays, the philosophy of tumpeng has been forgotten by the millennial generation in the 21st century. Thus, the researcher wants to find


Locating and Relocating Cultural Engagements in a Transnational Age

How do the visual phenomena of Japan live in transnational communities today? How can they embrace international tropes, while retaining the distinctly local sensibilities of Yamato-e, kana calligraphies, or ukiyo-e? This paper examines the apparent paradox of these questions through the divergent projects of Katsushika Hokusai, Kusama Yayoi, and Masami Teraoka. It examines the ways


Typical Writing Styles Among Genders: A Corpus Study in Asian L2 Learners’ Academic Writing

Scholars have been attempting to distinguish the writing characteristics between male and female since the last several decades. Although it has been assumed that the gender-based characteristics more likely exists in literary works (Holmes, 1998; Koppel et al., 2002) and orally produced discourse (Mulac and Lundell, 1994) rather than in academic writing, a number of


Mind-Recentering in Globalization Context: Mindful Zen Tray Garden Workshop Through Performing Artistic Perspective

Amid our contemporary materialistic context of globalization, the complexity at our subconscious level has also increased. We have found ourselves looking more for the process which could recentering us from within, in order to be able to cope with and to find the way out of our increasing inner problems: meditation practice or artistic practice.


Infix -Um- of Ciacia Language

Ciacia language is a language spoken by about 79.000 speakers in some small islands in southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. This language belongs to West Malayo Polynesian (WMP) of Austronesian in sub group of Muna Buton. As the part of Austronesian languages, this language has to reflex the features of the family. One of them in is


A Semiotic Analysis of Solo Basahan as a Traditional Javanese Clothes

In this century, the globalization is the common phenomena that can open the chance to influence the tradition and culture in some areas. The culture and its products like clothes will be easily replaced by the modern one. It already happens on Javanese traditional clothes called Solo Basahan, as we know that it contains the


The Socio-Economic Status of Dock Workers at Malabon City, Philippines

The objective of this study was to determine the dock workers’ social status, their problems encountered, difficulties in workplace, working conditions, and benefits received from the management of the company. The respondents of this study were 50 dock workers consisting of male and female at Malabon City, Philippines. All of them are regular workers with


The Analysis of Centralized Layout on Traditional Batik Tulis Workshop in Central Java

Batik is a color crossing technique, using canting and hot wax originating from Indonesia and defined by Unesco became an intangible cultural heritage in 2009. Canting is a tool for transferring hot wax on fabric so it can form line or dot. The use of hot wax becomes an essential tool in the process of


Communication Accommodation of Indonesian Teachers in Using Language as an Intercultural Adaptation at a Korean International School in Jakarta, Indonesia

Intercultural communication can occur in many contexts, one of them is in the educational context. There is a Korean international school in Jakarta, Indonesia. Not only Korean people who work in this school, but also Indonesian people. This Korean international school employs Indonesian teachers to teach in English. That is why there are three languages


The Language Variation of Pendalungan Jember

This research examines the language variation of Pendalungan Jember through describing the structure of language and regional accent which show characteristics of Pendalungan people. Data obtained from public places and social media (instagram) to be observated, interpreted, and classified according to the language variations. According to the data, Pendalungan language variations contain: a) lexical variations;


The Recentering of the Geo-Political Misplaced Asian Identity in a Post-Colonial South Africa Through the Discourse of Inherited Photographs Pre-1994

The following paper is an analysis of the various Asian communities that had settled in South Africa following the Colonial period into the Apartheid regime and has now been assimilated into the “Asian”, “Indian”, “coloured” and “Malay” racial diaspora in the now ‘democratic’ South Africa. On one level, the paper discusses the re- construction or


Gender-Biased Words Marked by Indonesian Suffixes Wan, Wati, and Man: A Socio-Morphological Study

Bahasa Indonesia is not included into sexist language, such as English, German, French, or Arabic. Some words, however, are viewed in non-neutral usage related to gender perspectives. It motivates the writer to conduct a study concerning gender-biased words found in Bahasa Indonesia. The current study aims to describe the forms of gender biased words found


Spelling Variations of Standard Arabic Loanwords in Indonesian and Malay

Arabic is one of the most influential languages on the development of Indonesian and Malay. However, the Arabic language has linguistic characteristics which are much different from the Indonesian and Malay which require many adjustments. Pronunciation adjustments follow the rules of articulation, while the written forms require orthography adjustments in this case with regard to


Poetry in Geometry

Today some contemporary artists are trying to bring back the ancient images, because they feel that they were much closer to nature than the art of the industrial age. Certain Neolithic forms have been noticeable for a long time and they had great meaning for the ancient cultures. The centric circle, the spiral, the meander,


Perceived Risk and Trust Influence the Privacy Abuse Concern and Enjoyment on Social Network Sites for Shopping Decisions

The development of digital media and technology has a significant influence on daily life. Since the global increase in the use and popularity of Social Network Sites (SNS), many researchers focus their attention on user attitude and adoption intention. As users rely increasingly on social networks as part of their social life, concerns about the