Month: June 2021


Bridging Social and Environmental Sustainability: Instigating Solidarity through An Eco-friendly Public Art

Although there is a plethora of what sustainability is, approaches tend to address its dimensions separately. The concept of sustainable development originally included a clear social mandate, for two decades the human dimension has been neglected. However, it is clear that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance


Re-considering History and Narrative Through the Short Factual Film The Archive (UK 2018)

In this paper I will consider tensions and dialogues between historical enquiry and narrative story-telling, using the case study of my own short historical documentary film The Archive (2018), which I propose to screen during my presentation. Entirely compiled from archive materials including audio testimony, home movie footage of Hong Kong and China in 1952,


Reconstruction of Colonial Experience of Cinema Culture under Indigenous Governance Policy in Taiwan of the Japanese Colonial Period

In early times of the Japanese Colonial Period in Taiwan, in order to effectively control the Indigenous peoples and develop the mountains and forests, the Japanese adopted the governance strategy with both suppression and cultivation. In the governance measures of suppression and cultivation by the colonial government, the new medium introduced at the time, cinema,


Sexual Communication in Heterosexual and Non-Heterosexual Young Adults: Seeking the Importance of Perceived Social Support

Many people still feel uneasy to talk about sex and sexuality as they are sensitive and still much stigmatized topics. Especially non-heterosexual individuals as compared to heterosexual counterparts tend to have difficulty when disclosing their sexual concerns due to sexual stigma. However, studies show the more social support people have, the more likely they are


Representation of Korean Cultural Flow in the West During COVID-19: The Case of BTS

Amidst the closing of national borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean pop culture flow continues to transcend boundaries with these notable achievements, namely in pop music with the success of the Korean band BTS. With their first Grammy nomination for a Korean band and success of virtual concerts, the band is an indicator of


(En)Gendering Colonial Masculinities in Rabindranath Tagore’s Novels

Colonial India of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was a period of monumental changes. The nation’s tryst with imperialism propelled a socio-cultural upheaval that impacted the affairs of the private and the public alike. Nevertheless, the repercussions were not homogenously experienced by all. The nation’s men were confronted with a public overridden with


The Many Faces of Affect: A Multimodal Analysis of Boys Love (BL) Manga Covers

The unconventional complexity of Boys Love (BL) manga as a social practice in which women create and consume homoerotic fiction has been extensively discussed, with arguments mainly revolving around representation and fan culture. However, the multimodal potential of the covers has yet to be addressed despite being at the intermediary forefront between content and readers


Performing Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the Global Indian: Analysis of How the Celebrity Memoir ‘Fits In’

Memoirs are narratives presenting the lives, emotions, and experiences of authors from their own perspective. Celebrity memoirs, while promising disclosure of the authentic self, are often carefully constructed stories mediated by ghost-writers and publicists (Lyons, 2014). Inevitably, they apply rhetorical strategies to produce exaggerated life stories, justify choices and re-frame controversies; thereby becoming a performance


Research on Intensive Development Mechanism of Land Use in Small and Medium-sized Cities in Western China Based on “the Yangtze River Conservation” Strategy

As a crucial national strategy of Chinese national ecological civilization construction, “the Yangtze-River Conservation” aims to achieve the overall planning and balance of ecological protection and urban spatial development at the macro-scale of the entire river basin. In practice, there are significant differences among cities along the Yangtze-River. Different from the central large cities which


A Practical Framework Towards Open Government “Moving Beyond Openness and the Forward-looking Walkways to Open Collaborations”

Open Government is nowadays a popular concept for public administrators and policymakers. Nevertheless, the applications on this are still varied depended on one’s interpretation. Many understand that Open Government is only about openness and transparency of the government to the people based upon “Freedom of Information” principles and “Right to know” doctrines. However, in the


The Rise in Television Production Incentives in the United States and Worldwide

There was a time when most scripted television production in the United States was confined to a small radius around Hollywood, but that is no longer the case. There are so-called runaway productions that escape in the service of story as well as natural economic runaways that pursue lower costs. What has changed since the


Exploring the Projected Identities of Officers in the New Zealand “New Cops” Police Recruitment Campaign

Over the years, research into the New Zealand (NZ) police force has uncovered that there is an underrepresentation of women and ethnic minorities, and the job is seen as unattractive because of inequitable pay and work conditions. Accordingly, NZ has consistently seen shortages in frontline police staff for much of the 21st Century, which led


An Innovative Method for Water Resources Carrying Capacity Evaluation: A Case Study of Qingjiang River Basin

The protection of water resources ecological environment is one of the most important task in watershed in China. The evaluation of water resources carrying capacity (WRCC) is the foundation of suitability of territorial space development. It is necessary to further analyze the weaknesses of coordinated development of various dimensions of WRCC and explore the basis


Rural Culture Preservation in Rural Tourism Development in Suburban Villages of Large Cities in China: Case Studies of Nanjing

In the context of rapid urbanization, many suburban villages in China have started the tourism-orient transformation by virtue of supporting policies and individual advantages. However, rural cultural decline under disruption and ignorance has become a major pressing issue limiting the rural tourism development and the urban-rural integration process. Recently, scholars and practitioners have drawn attention


Understanding ESG: Its Increasing Awareness, Financial and Sectoral Importance, and Its Role During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The paper reviewed the existing literature on the financial and sectoral importance of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Given the expanding awareness of the stakeholders on environmental and social issues, ESG has continuously gain attention through the integration of its sustainable characteristics for the long-term investments. The paper discussed the motivations for the relevant


Kissing Scenes in the Representation of Family in Post-war Japanese Films

Yasujiro Ozu and Mikio Naruse are well-known Japanese filmmakers who depict the “everyday life” (nichijo in Japanese) of family in the post-war period. Their ways of presenting “everyday life” are characterized by the exclusion of violent and sexual expressions. However, exceptionally, there are kissing scenes in their films and they form unusual expressions. Focusing on


Concept of Satogaeri Shussan in Japanese Childbirth Rituals: From the Perspective of Contemporary Japanese Women

This paper will study the current trend of Satogaeri-Shussan, a traditional Japanese childbirth custom, when the pregnant woman customarily returns back to her paternal home for seeking physical and mental support as well as childcare assistance from her parents during prenatal or postpartum period. However, the custom of Satogaeri-Shussan has been continued with many changes


Conceptual Metaphor in Koike Yuriko’s Election Rhetoric

The present study, as a case study, is analyzing conceptual metaphors in 21 (twenty-one) speeches/interviews from Ms. Koike Yuriko, a Japanese politician who currently serves as the governor of Tokyo, given between July 2016 (Tokyo Gubernatorial election) and October 2017 (when Japanese General elections took place). This research is based on the Critical Metaphor Analysis,