Month: February 2021


Landscape Compositions and Behaviors in Urban Parks: Evidence from Social Media

Since entering the Web2.0 era, human social interaction behaviors and information exchange modes have become more diverse and efficient with the advancement of Internet technology. Social media users act as receivers and providers of information at the same time, sharing images, videos, audio, geographic locations and other diverse information, forming a huge amount of data


Awareness and Behavior of Students in Higher Education Towards E-waste

Electronic wastes and their management have been a global challenge because of their environmental effect and threat to human health from manufacturing and production (which may require extensive mining) to disposal (chemical hazard) from its components. This paper aims to assess the awareness and behavior of students from higher education towards their e-wastes. The research


Distance Education in Hong Kong Preschools: Learning and Teaching During COVID-19 School Closures

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to widespread change in people’s lives across the world. Indeed, such change is especially evident in the education sector, where this global phenomenon has arguably triggered some of history’s most significant advancements. In this study, we explore how the early childhood education sector in Hong Kong has


Measuring Growing Heritage Ability in the City Competitive Advantage – A Case Study of Pekalongan Creative City, Indonesia

Measuring the resilience of heritage is related to the value that is often difficult to measure. The tangible side of heritage is often considered unattractive, dull, and challenging to use, and it needs to be built to be able to adjust to the development of the times. On the other hand, the intangible value of


Gross Domestic Product and Gross Domestic Happiness: A Review of Asian Economic Development Models

Comparative analysis of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH) is a strategic approach towards adding value to international economic modeling. Over the years, international economics studies have been carried on through the comparative analysis of exchange of goods and services among nations, using GDP as a measurement yardstick. Recently, many economists have


Indonesia’s Digital Native Perception of the Concept of ‘Privacy’

This study focuses on describing Indonesia’s Digital Native Perception of the Concept of ‘Privacy’ concept in social media. The significance of this research is the case violations’ high number of internet users’ privacy, which have a serious impact on the aspects of security. It is chosen the digital native age group as the subject of


The Relationship Between Intercultural Communication Competence and Perceived Challenge and Its Effect on Perceived Success of International Students in Japan

The number of international students in Japanese higher education institutions (HEIs) has increased significantly in recent years. Aside from Japanese-medium instruction (JMI), English-medium instruction (EMI) has been introduced to the country’s HEIs to attract more diverse student groups. Intercultural communication competence (ICC) plays an essential role in improving the on-campus experiences of international students. This


Digital Cultural Communication: Vietnamese Cultural Professionals’ Use of Facebook During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Developments in digital technologies are having an impact on the work practices of cultural professionals. Digital technologies today afford cultural professionals with new ways of exhibiting art and culture. The digital platforms of galleries and museums, including websites and social media accounts, have become curated spaces with multi-media, interactive content and large amounts of digitized


Turkish Dramas and Saudi Female Perceptions of Socio-cultural Values

In the 2000s Turkish drama series began airing in Saudi Arabia and other countries outside Turkey. Perhaps unexpectedly they have proven exceptionally attractive to global audiences. Typically, these dramas define and present female characters who can be considered liberal in terms of their adherence to traditional cultural values. To date, despite the growing popularity of


“The Elderly” Should Disappear: Not the People, but the Ageist Term

Older people too often experience negative attitudes or behaviours towards them based on their age. Research shows people who are labelled ‘the elderly’ experience a host of negative stereotypes applied by the ‘non-elderly’. The objective of this research was to understand how stereotypes of ‘the elderly’ are portrayed in online new media. Within New Zealand,


Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction and Willingness to Continue Working of Nursing Staff in Japan

Japan faces a severe shortage of nurses and caregivers who take care of support needed elderlies. The purpose of this study is to examine the job satisfaction and the willingness to continue working of nursing staffs who are working for elderlies in different types of nursing care services in Akita where the highest aging rate


Opportunities and Challenges of Korean Politics With B-class Culture: A Case Study of Pengsoo’s Political News

For a long time, politics and popular culture have been intertwined and inseparable. In America, this connection has reached an unprecedented height in the Trump era. For this reason, press and social media seized the interest of the audience and published a large amount of content that combined politics and popular culture during the US


Resilience during Crisis: Rising above the Challenges Faced in Academic Writing Classes after the Abrupt Shift to Online Education

Given the uncertainty of how long the COVID-19 Pandemic and the enforced changes it brought about will last, listening to our students’ voices on this unique experience is crucial. We may learn more about our students’ and our own adaptability from how we responded to this global crisis. Based on this rationale, the present study


Covert Prejudice and Discourses on Otherness During the Refugee Crisis: Α Case Study of the Greek Islands’ Press

The present paper presents a discursive analysis of the recurrent repertoires of covert prejudice in the regional press of three Greek islands (Lesvos, Chios, Samos) during the refugee crisis period. Between 2015 and 2016, these islands played a central role as first-line receiving communities for the large numbers of refugees and migrants who arrived in


Being an International Student in Japan 2020-2021: Impact on Their Career Prospects

Under the coronavirus pandemic, its impact on student life and teaching styles have often been discussed worldwide inside and outside the education industry. However, in Japan, while its impact on economic relations of Japan with Asian countries has often been analyzed and discussed, its impact on Asian students in Japan and their career prospects have


A Critical Analysis of Prevention Science Framework: An Examination of Student Discipline Programs

Intervention programs have been mostly the focus of many organizations in facilitating behavioral improvements. Given that mostly one of the goals of the academe is the formation of particular universal values we collectively affirm, this paper zooms into the existing programs that aim to address, on the prevention side, student discipline issues in the university.


Remote Teaching of the Arts in a Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic resulted in educators making a sudden shift to a largely online modality in teaching. For educators used to studio teaching, this change could be radical in terms of teaching approaches. Arts-based pedagogies tend to be studio-based and experiential. The presentation discusses the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on art and music pedagogies in a


Processes of Empathy and Othering: Towards a New Approach to Teaching Literature and Ethics

There is a common belief in society that reading literature makes us better people. Empathy – the ability to enter into another’s point-of-view – often plays a significant role in this conviction, offering, in the words of Suzanne Keen, an almost magical guarantee of literature’s value in society and education (Empathy and the Novel 2007).


Demographic Variations of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Between Britain and Kuwait

Introduction Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been described to result in debilitating symptom of the disease. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of MS on patients from Britain and Kuwait. Methodology A questionnaire was distributed to 200 individuals with MS (100 Kuwaiti, and 100 British). The questionnaire consists of three parts; General