Month: November 2020


Expanding Role of University Department Secretaries: Potential Middle Managers in the Making

In Taiwan, the plummeting birthrate has further driven the need for drastic changes within universities. Currently, university enrollments are at an all-time low, while also suffering from an increasing number of dropouts. In effect, many graduate programs are rethinking and realigning their program priorities. These strategic changes have actually opened up opportunities in harnessing the


Construct Validity and Reliability Testing the Concept of Disaster Resistant Education in Inclusive Primary Schools

This study aims to test the validity and reliability of construct variables and indicators of disaster mitigation education models in inclusive primary schools, to determine the contribution of aspects and indicators in measuring variables, and to confirm the hypothesized model, namely the suitability of the model with the data using confirmatory factor analysis. This study’s


Factors Predicting Doctoral Students’ Future Career Perspectives: An Initial Look into the Role of Academic Identities

Increased competition of universities in Taiwan has promoted the adaptation of neoliberal management practices within institutions. These changes have altered the career outlook of faculty from a more single focus into a multi-role perspective. This continuing role conflicts have created the misalignment of academic identity and blurring of work ideologies. Within the aspects of doctoral


Response and Reflection on COVID-19: The case of Japan and a University

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted higher education worldwide. In this regard, multiple issues have emerged that affect the stakeholders, including school administrators, staff, faculties, students, and their parents. Facing tremendous changes, it is imperative to ensure that the quality and equality of education remain unaffected, to create an effective and supportive educational environment. This


From Tacit Knowledge to Explicit – Taken for Granted Pedagogical Practices Made Visible

Learning by Developing (LbD), is a pedagogical strategy of Laurea University of Applied Sciences for almost 15 years. It is based on authentic co-operation between teachers, students and working life partners. In practice, LbD means that Laurea students are studying in working life projects. Theoretical framework in the article is based on LbD, Tacit Knowledge


Teacher Candidates’ Experiences With Distant Learning in the Initial Year of COVID-19

Teacher preparation programs across the globe grapple with the struggles of educating prospective teachers in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Methods of instruction include distance learning, hybrid models, or simulation activities. As teacher educators utilize novel instructional approaches to prepare teacher candidates for classroom instruction, challenges emerge, and lessons are learned, but what are


Strengthening the Quality of Teacher Education through School – University Partnerships

Professional Development Schools promote connections between schools and teacher education programs. These partnerships are thought to benefit teacher candidates, teachers, and teacher educators through promoting positive and collaborative relationships and bridging the efforts of schools and universities. In the school year 2016-2017, seven public schools and a university teacher education institute started the first complex-wide


The Effectiveness of Online Portfolios for Assessment in Higher Education

The use of online portfolios for both summative and formative assessment is an important part of blended learning. At Queen Mary University of London Engineering School (QMES), English Language and Professional Development Planning modules utilised portfolios as one of the ways for formative assessment. Students kept individual and group portfolios throughout the academic year to


Multigrade Teaching Experience in Ilocos Sur: Basis for Extension Program

The main goal of this research is to describe the teaching experiences, problems, and concerns of fifty-seven multigrade teachers of schools in Ilocos Sur. It analyzed the positive and negative impacts of multigrade teaching, which was the basis for an extension program. The study made use of the descriptive survey method of research. The results


Perceptions and Processes of Virtual Teamwork Involving Japanese Undergraduate Students

In this presentation I will examine the virtual teamwork processes by focusing on the perceptions of undergraduate students when they transition, take action and build interpersonal relationships during an intensive learning project carried out at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. The participants (n=20) were Japanese undergraduate students from three universities enrolled in a synchronous online


Students’ Satisfaction, Efficacy, and Achievement on Learning Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Online Course

The global pandemic has brought an unforeseen change in the field of education. Different schools have to shift to online teaching to continue the students’ education to cope with the adversity. This study explores the students’ satisfaction, self-efficacy, and academic achievement using online learning materials in the Science, Technology, and Society course. This study employed


A Preliminary Investigation on Teacher’s STEAM Teaching Competency

Recently, an interdisciplinary approach integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) teaching and learning was advocated. Such approach aims to cultivate students’ abilities of cooperation, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. National Tsing Hua University founded Tsing Hua STEAM school and proposed a four-phase STEAM teaching model, including discovering problems, define problems and solutions,


AMP Test Abstract

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