Month: December 2021


Relationship Between Religiosity and Receptive Attitude Toward Muslims Among Japanese Students

With a growing Muslim population in Japan, there is an increasing need to understand and foster a positive attitude to live in harmony with Muslims. However, reports show that Japanese people are confused by specific religious views of Muslims in their interactions (Nakano & Tanaka, 2017). They also refrain from discussing religion as they consider


Interest and Awareness of Japanese University Students Regarding Computer Programming

Although developing computer programming skills is essential, students’ levels of readiness to learn programming are different. This study thus investigates the interest and awareness that Japanese university students possess regarding computer programming. A questionnaire study using a five-point Likert scale was conducted for 90 students from three classes: one in science and two in humanities.


Zhuangzi and Plato: Language – World – Language

At the beginning of the 20th century language had become the focal point of Western philosophy, displacing epistemology and metaphysics, with which philosophy had traditionally dealt. Even as the philosophy of language has begun to lose its privileged status in the last few decades, it still remains a substantial branch of Western and world philosophy.


The Exploration of Primary School Teachers’ Self-expectation Under the 5+2 Education Model – Take Nan’an City as an Example

China is implementing a series of” Further Reduce the Burden of Homework and After-School Tutoring on Students in Compulsory Education” (“Double Reduction”) policy, the aim of the double reduction policy is to ensure the quality of students’ learning and to require schools to improve after-school services to reduce the burden on families. This research mainly


Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder as a Predictor of Quality of Life Among Late Adolescents in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The rapid progress of the COVID-19 pandemic is known as a period of psychological stress and can negatively affect the women’s menstrual cycle and premenstrual symptoms severity. Studies reporting that stress is significantly related to the premenstrual symptoms severity and quality of life remain questionable among young women. Therefore, we conducted a cross-sectional predictive research


ODD Self-Efficacy Test Academic Self-Efficacy Among College Students

It has long been considered that persons with a high level of self-efficacy can tackle even the most difficult tasks. As a result, the harder the activity, the more self-confidence and self-control they have, and the more successful they will be. The ODD Self-Efficacy Test is a 100-item survey designed to test college students’ self-efficacy.


ESL Functions, Purposes, & Didactic Implications: A Grounded Theory on Codeswitching Linguistic Phenomenon

This article fittingly considered the descriptive-correlational method of research to delineate written and oral code-switching prevalence in discourse of 80% purposively selected participants considering ESL context. The main instrument employed by the researchers was the transcribed/recorded oral recitation of the respondents and the written essays. The data gathering commenced October 8 to 12, 2018 two


Crisis as Opportunity to Try Something New: Student-centered Pedagogy During the Onset of COVID-19

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020 forced a sudden and unexpected disruption of the usual modes of schooling around the world. In the United States, lack of federal, state and district leadership left most teachers to negotiate the chaotic early months of the pandemic on their own. This study examined


Developing Students’ Academic Writing Identity through Alternative Genres

Two recent assignments in East Asian Studies courses at a large public university suggest the benefits of introducing students to academic writing through alternative genres rather than essays. Particular to Western education, the essay form is often intimidating, and many multilingual students in this department find it difficult to develop critical ideas, use evidence effectively,


The Entanglements of Religious Charismatic Authority

Charismatic authority is shaped in the encounter between a follower and a leader through their social interactions and is characterized by a particular emotive quality. While focusing on this relationship, the paper explores practices in the context of religious inspirational talks that enhance and strengthen these bonds in Europe. The concept of charisma is often


Profiting From Polytheism: The Commodification of Mythical Beings During the Covid-19 Outbreak in Japan

With their roots in animism and Shintōism, Japan’s mythical creatures known as yōkai have been feared, revered, and used to explain calamities or inexplicable phenomena. Needless to say, in the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak and even now to some extent, very little was known about the origins of the virus, its potency, and


Canada’s 2I’s: Reconciling International Student Migration and Indigenous Peoples

Reconciliation rests at the nexus of relationships between immigrants and Indigenous peoples of Canada. Setting out this literature review was focused on providing an environmental landscape on what has been researched on the reconciliation between international students, Canadian higher education, and Indigenous peoples. However, as this comprehensive literature review will demonstrate there is considerable extant


Semantic Variations of Arabic Loanwords in Maguindanaon

The study is synchronic, i.e. examined the integration of Arabic loanwords in Maguindanaon at present. Data collection started with the list of loanwords which were repeatedly updated and sifted. It used qualitative, descriptive, and structural methods in identifying loanwords through semantic integration within the domain of contrastive analysis. This study shows that the meaning of


Morphological Assimilation of Arabic Loanwords in Maguindanaon

The study is synchronic, i.e. examined the integration of Arabic loanwords in Maguindanaon at present. It used qualitative, descriptive, and structural methods in identifying loanwords through morphological structure within the domain of contrastive analysis. Morphological integration seems to be more difficult when the languages in contact possess two distant morphological paradigms. Factors influencing the degree


What It Means to be a Great Teacher? The Life Experience of University Students in Thailand

Educational research on teacher-student relationships recognizes their impact on students. However, it typically emphasizes on physical outcomes, such as students’ learning achievement, with less attention to psychological ones, such as students’ feelings. While everyone acknowledges the significance of the professional teacher, little acknowledgment of caring and loving teacher as an issue exists in the meaning


Potential Assessment Instruments for the APA Proposed Internet Gaming Disorder: A Systematic Review

The US has had commercial access to the Internet since 1990 at which individuals have been developing problematic online gaming behaviors related to functional impairment or distress. The growth of the Internet is unprecedented with now more than 30% of the world’s population with access, which translates to over 2 billion Internet users. A portion


Model for Effective Peer Mentoring Program in Mongolian University Context

Mentoring is one of the primary programs schools are implementing in teacher development. Educators use mentoring skills and programs to support novice teachers, improve classroom management, and develop their teaching practice and skills. Numerous studies have been conducted to explain the importance and essentials of mentoring programs to the mentees. Researchers suggest that mentor training


In-Depth Inquiry on the Reasons of the Students’ Academic Failures and Their Coping Mechanism

Using qualitative method of research, this study focused on the reasons of the students’ academic failure (specifically those who failed more than 50% of the enrolled subjects) and their coping mechanism. Ten (10) participants under contract of Agreement (COA) were interviewed personally and virtually. Attitudes (laziness), computer gaming addiction, work, people, and personal issues were


Exploration of Students’ Learning Experiences in a Course Developed With TPACK and Design Thinking

In recent years, scholars have placed more emphasis on teachers’ technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) and Design Thinking (DT) abilities in order to promote students’ learning experiences. Accordingly, this mix-method research aims to: (1) develop the Integration of Technology into Design Thinking Questionnaire (ITDTQ) and (2) explore the instructor’s TPACK and students’ learning experiences


Star Trek and the Metaverse: An Analysis of Foresight for Augmented Reality in Science Fiction

An analysis combining viewpoints of futurism, strategic foresight, computer science, learning technology, and film studies to compare and contrast themes found related to Augmented Reality in Star Trek to trends found in the development and commercialization of these technologies. The use and proliferation of immersive media such as augmented and virtual reality is increasing, with