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Parasitism: The Inextricable Connection of the Indispensables

When questioning people about their top three everyday life companion gadgets, the answers are often smartphones, smartwatches, and laptop computers. The interconnection could be symbolically analogized to a parasitic relation. The term parasitism characterizes an interdependent relationship between two living beings, in which one benefits from another; in some incidents, the parasites cause some harm


Myriorama: Obsolete Technologies for a Contemporary Scenographic Practice and Thought

This article reflects on some of the conceptual, spatial, and narrative possibilities of the use of the Myriorama game, and its pre-cinematic technology, in contemporary artistic and scenographic practices. To this end, it takes under consideration the language of visual essays, which has been increasingly explored by artists, photographers, and filmmakers who seem to share


How Art as a Vehicle for Ideas-Based Ideologies Can Facilitate the Understanding of Climate Change and Help People Explore a Speculative and Sustainable Future

Climate change is impacting on all aspects of contemporary life. Many artists provide a compelling vision for speculative futures, awakening a creative consciousness using imagined worldviews. This paper presents my practice-based research that aims to establish how visual art can engage with issues-based concepts and ideologies through the presentation, re-presentation, and interpretation as a framework


Creative Change the World: A Study of Big Idea in Cause-Related Marketing

Enterprise competitiveness is not only the ability of marketing strategy and innovative technology. It should reconsider the relationship between people and society and the natural environment. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the key to success for sustainable business. More and more companies use the cause related marketing to communicate, and the creative performance in