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Mind the Gap: Enhancing AI and STEM Accessibility in Rural Pennsylvania

As AI-powered tools like ChatGPT become more prevalent in various industries, it is important to develop a deeper understanding of how they work and their potential impact. There are many misconceptions about AI–often shaped by news and media, both positive and negative, which can lead to overreliance or mistrust. It is important to approach AI


Gender Differences in Primary School Achievement in Ghana: The Moderating Effects of School Types and Localities

The study used national achievement data from Ghana to explore the extent pupils’ gender accounted for achievement differences in mathematics and English Language and how these differences were moderated by the types and locations of the schools they attended. The sample size comprised 16,429 primary 3 pupils drawn from 448 schools. A multilevel modelling technique


Providing 12-17 Week Transferable and Employability Skills to 30,000 Underserved Learners Across 8 Countries – A Truly Cross Border System

Otermans Institute (OI) is a global micro-organisation upskilling unserved and underserved populations globally with the mission of making them employable. Currently working in more than eight countries, supported by UKRI grant funding, and having worked with governments of 3 nations, it is providing its pedagogy and training digitally to underserved and rural learners. OI aims


STEM Interest Among Rural Youth in an Informal Program

In order to develop science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) knowledge and solutions that address global concerns, there is a need to develop pathways to strengthen STEM interest among rural youth, especially girls. Previous research suggests that informal STEM programs can stimulate participant interest due to the absence of pressures from external assessment (Rogoff, et