Category: Culture and Heritage


The Study of the Visual Effects of Depth Creations and Perspectives in New Egyptian Archeological Discoveries

Many researchers have worked on the analytical study of the ancient Egyptian art executed in two dimensions as paintings or reliefs depending on the famous squared grid, which was the main guide for the artist to maintain standard proportions in drawing. But in this research I have attempted to base my own analysis and theories


Symbolism of Selected Wax Prints in West Africa

Wax prints have been a part of the material culture and visual anthropology of West Africa for centuries. Even though they may appear the same in outlook and material constituent, their interpretation and disposition in the scheme of things differs from country to country across the sub-region and beyond. This study, therefore, seeks to identify,


Best Practices for Teaching a Course on Culture for EFL Undergraduate Students in Japan and Abroad: Based on Literature Review From 2016 to 2021

This literature review examined academic papers written in Japanese and English on how courses on culture for EFL (i.e., English as a foreign language) undergraduate students in Japan and abroad were taught, and suggestions for teaching that scholars and educators have for educators and administrators. The databases used were CiNii, ERIC, and ProQuest with full


The Effectiveness of Integrating Metal and Textile to Creating Contemporary Artworks Inspired by Egyptian and Saudi Heritage

Heritage expresses the link between human beings, their land, and their culture. It correlates the present with the past and promises the future. It means gaining knowledge, experience, and skills and provides the opportunity to create, develop, and innovate. Thus, this study investigated the effectiveness of integrating metal and textile to create contemporary artworks inspired