Conference: ACE2014

ISSN: 2186-5892 – The Asian Conference on Education 2014 – Official Conference Proceedings

ACE 2014, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2014: “Transforming and Changing Education: Individuals, Communities, Societies”
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – Sunday, November 2, 2014

Where Our Youth Are in the New Media World: Measures of New Media Literacy

The recent development of highly immersed media-rich environment, and the rapid adoption of tablet computers and smart phones has proliferated new media to almost every aspect of our daily life. It is now possible to use Google Maps to check for direction while travelling in a foreign country. People use their smart phones to check

Current Issues on Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria

The study was primarily designed to investigate current issues on vocational and technical education (VTE) in Nigeria. Specific objectives were: (1) to explore recent policies, practices and problems regarding vocational and technical education; and (2) to emerge solutions on vocational and technical education for economic and human resource development in Nigeria. The study employed ‘documentary

Transforming Language Learning through Technology

As is the case in many educational systems worldwide, secondary education in Thailand is largely teacher-centered. Students transitioning from this educational system to liberal arts universities in Thailand and beyond face serious disadvantages. The liberal arts model, which emphasises enquiry, problem solving, and critical analysis, stands in stark contrast to teacher-centered models of education, which

Reevaluating the Relationship between Millennial Students, Their Parents, and Professors When Teaching a Study-Abroad Course: Searching for More Success

When the new millennium approached, educators looked toward the 21st century with either excitement or concern. As a perfect time for of self-reflection, many universities and colleges began to pay attention to a new generation of students that began arriving on campuses in 2000. Since then, much of the research has focused on identifying their

School Leadership: Impact of Changing School Management to Internal Stakeholder Satisfaction

One nearly collapsed public primary school has been determined successful and well managed by a new principal. The case highlights the study of (1) how a woman, the new principal has been successful in carrying out the change on school management; and (2) how this change has given an impact to the satisfaction of school

The Study of Elementary School Teacher’s Behavior of Using E-Books by UTAUT Model

The purpose of this research is to applied Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model to investigate the factors that influence elementary school teacher��s behavior of using E-books. Based on the literature review, a questionnaire was modified and used to test the elementary school teachers in Changhua. A total of 420 questionnaires

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Continuing Accountability Discourse in Education

Currently, Australian governments are again shining the spotlight on education and teacher quality. This has particularly resulted from literacy and numeracy results slipping in the PISA measure of student performance. Such performance and teacher quality become inextricably linked and, almost inevitably, teacher education is the subject of reform. In this paper, the author analyses the

Developing Problem-Solving Skills and Pair Programming Strategy for Fundamental Computer Programming Course

Many research showed the barriers to learning programming of learners were that students don’t have basic problem solving skills and don’t know how to create algorithms. Our overall Objective was to help students develop the foundation capabilities needed to become successful programmers and to help students learn how to learn effective programming skills. The main

Policy-Making Process of Higher Education and Vocational Training in the EU

This paper studies the policy-making process of higher education and vocational training in the EU from the viewpoint of norms and legalization. The legal system of the EU is characterized by binding hard law as the legislation and non-binding soft law as the norm. In the field of international relations, the concept of the norm

Panangisuro iti Ilocano (Teaching in Ilocano): Perceptions of Elementary School Teachers on the Role of MTB-MLE in Preserving Cultural Identity

Language in education can either empower or marginalize students and their communities. The Bilingual Education policy that has long been practiced in the Philippine basic education setting has been viewed to contribute language loss at the expense of native languages. The full implementation of Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) thru the Philippines’ Department of Education

The 10,000 Hour Rule and What it Means for Language Teaching

For many years the Japanese Ministry of Education MEXT and English language teachers have tried to increase the English proficiency of Japanese students. Different methods of teaching and new curriculums have been tried with limited success. Recently EF Education First Japan Ltd announced that Japan ranked 24th out of 60 countries on the English Proficiency

Developing Research Skills of the Third Year Teachers Students Using the RTI Model in Thailand

This research aimed to 1) develop research skills of the third year students, 2) develop teaching method by using the RTI MODEL for suitable instruction. The target groups were 44 third year students who chose to take a social study major of the faculty of education. The research instruments were (1) 4 cycles of lesson

Critical Perspectives on Arts Integration in Learning: For Whom and Why?

In 2002 when the British Columbia government mandated that school districts generate their own revenue, one attractive option was the creation of focus schools (schools of choice). This paper analyses the results of a case study based on the transformation of one elementary school on the brink of closure. When it transitioned into an arts-integrated

Investigating Students’ Problems in Understanding Their Personal Qualities and Skills for Cover Letters: A Self-Assessment Approach

This paper explores students’ problems in presenting their personal qualities in cover letters for job application and examines the effectiveness of self-assessment approach in countering these problems. This study adopts the action research approach, and the research methods used are content analysis, individual interview and self-assessment feedback. The research procedure consists of a three-stage approach.

Towards an Audiovisual Translation Policy in Arabic

The future of translation studies in Arabic is in screen and not print translation. As digital technology is fast changing the way we access information, do business and entertain ourselves, the screen has become the modus operandi through which much of infotainment is produced and consumed. However, the majority of Arabic translation research has been

Integrating Formative Assessment in the University Education

Assessment in education should effectively measure if and how students learn. This paper discusses the integration of formative assessment (FA) into the university education. Summative assessment (SA) provides a summary judgment about the learning achieved after some period of time. SA’s primary goal is to inform external audiences for certification and accountability purposes. Formative assessment

Examination of Picture Story Books in Terms of Language-Cognitive Development Area Indicator and Concepts in Moe 2013 Early Childhood Education Program

This research is conducted for the examination of the compliance of picture story books prepared for early childhood education period children and language-cognitive development area outcomes, indicator and concepts in MOE 2013 Early Childhood Education Program. It is thought that examination and analyzes of picture story books in terms of concepts; language-cognitive development area outcomes

A Correlation Study: English Teacher’s Educational Background and the Students’ School Final Exam Scores in South Sumatera, Indonesia

English is categorized as a foreign language in Indonesia. This condition forces its citizens to do extra effort in order to master English as their media of communication. Therefore, learning EFL in earlier ages is surprisingly recommended by parents, government, and stakeholders. Government of Indonesia had already supported the idea of English in early learning

Transformative Language Education: The English of Sustainability

As the countries of South-East Asia continue to broaden their horizons and coalesce into a single ASEAN community, there are numerous transformations taking place that will radically alter the educational landscape. The ASEAN Secretariat emphasizes sustainable development as a goal to permeate the changes ahead, which will require the voices and experiences of all the

Assessment Patterns in Computing Education

Computing education aims to develop computational thinking skills in students. It requires many higher order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, logical thinking etc. Quality and effectiveness of computing education is achieved by focusing these skills in the three stages of education – planning of learning-objectives, teaching and assessment. Assessment is the most important stage

Analyzing Impact of Formally Taught Life Skills’ Curriculum on Self Esteem and Thinking Skills of Early School Children

There is a rapidly developing trend of anxiety and depressive disorders; the level of prevalence of such disorders is at 34% in urban Pakistan. We have analyzed that educational institutions can play a vital role in providing preventive tools that will facilitate in coping with diverse situations that pose challenges leading to disorders. Our study

Mobile Assisted Foreign Language Teaching in Turkey

In Turkey, Mobile phones are recent phenomenon for education and are seriously discussed. The discussions are related to whether mobiles are opportunity or threat. For the ones seeing it as an opportunity, mobiles are among the basic needs for today’s world. For the others it is an addictive object. Meanwhile mobiles have already entered the

Romantic Illusions in ELT: The Cultural Creation of Pedagogic ‘Self’ and Student ‘Other,’ from Shakespeare and the Sublime to English Textbooks

This paper will discuss the connections between Western cultural movements such as the enlightenment and the romantic counter-enlightenment, and their residue in modern English teaching practices abroad. While enlightenment culture represented Western progress positively, demarcation between `civilized self` and `savage other` meant that other parts of the world were judged by Europeans to be inferior.

The Effect of Using Games and Puzzles on the Achievements of Mentally Retarded Pupils in Multiplication Table

The mentally retarded pupils face a big problem to remember multiplication facts. For that this research tries to measure the effect of using games and puzzles on their achievement in multiplication tables. This research tries to answer these questions: • What are the games and puzzles that can be used in the teaching multiplication table

Flipped Classroom in Hong Kong Higher Education: An Experience Sharing

Flipped Classroom is a pedagogy in which direct instructions in class are flipped with practices and revisions at home. Students watch video lectures or complete other pre-class preparations before the taught sessions, while the face-to-face contact hours are left to active learning activities. This pedagogy, theoretically supported by the constructivism learning theory and practically inspired

The Teaching of Grammar through Storytelling among L1 Malay Learners

English language teachers have always been trying to find new and interesting methods of teaching English grammar in the ESL classroom. Storytelling, although an aged-old method, can captivate students’ attention, interest and imagination. This method is also known as an analogy. Generally, students find learning grammar a fearful experience because of the various grammar rules

Assimilate the Individual ‘I’ Into the Collective ‘we’? Mainland China Students’ Localisation and Adaptation during Their Study in Hong Kong

The binary concept of globalise/localise, similarities/differences as well as the issue of actualise/neutralise (Vischer, 1989, 1996; Hall, 2003) constitutes the major focus of this study. Framing the above into the cross-boundary and overseas education, it would be interesting to know how ‘diasporic consciousness’ re-generates overseas students’ identity and sense of belonging. More specifically, this paper

Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB MLE) Program among Grades 1 and 2 Public School Teachers in Lupi, Camarines Sur

Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB MLE) in the Philippines is on its early stage of implementation. It aims to address the issue of language as a barrier in education mainly caused by contents of materials that are unfamiliar to learners. While there are many challenges in the implementation of MTB MLE, the success of this

Peculiarities of Bachelors of Computer Science Professional Training: Japanese and Ukrainian Experience

The article presents the most urgent problem of reformation of system of professional education at Bachelor cycle in Ukraine with the implementation of progressive experience of the most educated and highly developed countries. The especial value and primary importance of achievements of Japan for pedagogical public of native higher educational establishments is emphasized. The comparative

English Education and Polysemy

The process of learning and teaching two languages and cultures can be a very transformative experience. This paper explores how knowledge is constructed by learners and teachers through two languages. From an applied linguistics approach, we focus particular attention on the correlation between L1 and L2 in language education. How does L1 affect the L2

Digital Competencies in the Early Years

The paper presents a model for development of digital skills in early years. The model is structured in four levels and is designed for implementation in Primary school. The content follows the government policy in ICT teaching and learning in Bulgaria. Year after year, digital skills have become part of a person’s literacy. It is

The Result of Using Notebooks for Increasing Competency in the 21st Century of the Elementary Students in Thailand

Reading is a process essential for all aspects of development. It is an integral part so important in building up quality competency for the 21st century skills: the citizens as well as children who will become the nations in the future. These statistics were in line with the result of the reading survey of the

Confronting Underlying Issues of Racism for Effective Intercultural Communication

This workshop session provides an overview of pertinent research and major theories related to both racism and communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds, as well as fun and useful techniques and strategies to use in international classrooms, school offices, and businesses, including a new approach to a widely-used tool in intercultural communication training—the D.I.E.

The Use of Concept Maps to Illustrate Understanding in a Standard Reading Exercise

The benefits of a standard reading exercise, whereby students regularly answer the same set of questions by applying them to a variety of different texts, were first explored by Scott et al. (1984). The Foundational Literacies Advanced Stream curriculum design project at Kanda University decided to experiment with such an exercise, as it is felt

Online Comic in Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Learning: A Case Study of Budi Utama Multilingual School in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This research aims to 1) investigate the improvement of CFL elementary-school students’ skill in learning Mandarin Chinese vocabulary through creating comic individually without online resources, creating online comics individually and collaboratively, 2) investigate the CFL elementary-school students’ attitude towards the application of online comics in learning Mandarin Chinese vocabulary, and 3) investigate the CFL elementary-school

Transcending Teacher Professional Development from Deterministic to Complexity

The multiplicity of factors and actors that come at play to make teacher professional development (TPD) a strategic and powerful scheme for improving teacher practices is mounting and evident in educational practices and theories. Consequently, the traditional perspectives that view TPD as events and methods for teacher learning in isolation with other factors and actors

Developing Sustainable Thainess Indicators for Promoting Sustainable Thainess of Non-Formal Education Students

The purpose of this study was to develop sustainable Thainess indicators for promoting sustainable Thainess. Thai non-formal education had to promote sustainable Thainess for Thainess enabling to exist in the world society with dignity. But there is no apparent pattern to promote sustainable Thainess manner for non-formal education students in serious condition of Thainess consists

The Use of Information Technology in Art Education: Opportunity or Threat?

Nowadays referred to information age, technology which is a tangible form of information has affected life deeply and art education has been affected from this, too. Today information technology, making education independent of time and space, is indispensable for art education. Besides some advantages of information technology t, it has been discussed that there are

Ethical Decision Making in Education Systems in Times of Transformation: Codes of Ethics and the Potential Benefits of Deontology, Consequentialism, and Mixed-Consequentialism

In times of transformation, the issues of equity, social justice and social change require careful review in educational institutions. Effective educational leaders need a firm understanding of ethics in addition to technical and administrative skills (Starratt, 2004). Personal values, including religious reasoning, may lead to decisions that cause conflict and are not in the best

Situation, Problem, and Need in Teaching and Learning Process Based on Research-Based Approach of a School Belonging to Mahasarakham Provincial Administrative Organization: Nakha Witayakhom School, Mahasarakham, Thailand

The purpose of this study was to investigate the situation; problem and need related the teaching and learning process of a school belonging to Mahasarakham Provincial Administrative Organization. In this study, a Nakha Wittayakhom School was selected as a sample group by using the purposive sampling technique. Participants were 25 teachers from 8 learning areas;

Learning Promotion Trends Based on Problem and Need of Thai Farmers

Since Thailand has been applying green resolution which is development path, Thai farmers are unsuccessful in term of stable income. Objective of this research is studying farmer’s situation both current problems and needs, objective lead to learning promotion trends in order to build success in occupation. This research is studied by survey research with Thai

Required Knowledge of Cooperative Education Students: A Case Study of Modern Management Information Technology Curriculum, College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University

Cooperative education (co-op) is an educational method combing typical academic study with real working experience. This academic method is propelled by two major associates; those of academic institute and professional company. The co-op operations especially identification of required knowledge of co-op student cannot be specified solely by academy or host company. Therefore, this study aimed

The Impact of Students’ Participation to a Facebook Group on Their Learning Motivation and Scores

The development of Information and communications technology (ICT) has brought rapid and profound changes in the field of Education. Nowadays, teachers and students alike are engaging on social networks such as Facebook. This study discusses the benefits of using social network in the classroom. It aims at assessing the impact of Facebook on students’ motivation

Continunous Professional Development Program for Novice Teachers of English

Novice language teachers, especially those who are in their first or second year of teaching, generally feel a need for in-service programs that better equips them for the institutional needs, expectations and challenges, as well as meeting their own professional development agenda. Although most educational institutions have their own induction and in-service programs, most of

The Integration of Economic System Concept Through Teaching and Learning Processes to Promote Students’ Systematic Thinking in Business and Computer Major in Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University, Thailand

The objective of this classroom action research was to construct learning activities in terms of the integration of Economic System Concept through teaching and learning processes to promote students’ systematic thinking. The researcher developed three learning activities that were applied from Economic System Concept, including 1) Brainstorm Chart, 2) Concept Chart, and 3) Content Networking

The Main Components of Self-Development Model to Enhance Non-Formal Education Facilitators’ Potential in Lifelong Education Management

Recently, lifelong learning has been essential in knowledge-based economy and learning society. Thai laws and policies indicated lifelong learning was one of the ways to sustain community development.Thus the non-formal educators had to acquire knowledge and skill by self-development in lifelong learning management. The purpose of this study was to find the main components of

A Model of Small-Group Problem-Based Learning in Pharmacy Education: Teaching in the Clinical Environment

Problem-based Learning (PBL) is an alternate method of instruction that incorporates basic elements of cognitive learning theory. Colleges of pharmacy use PBL to aid anticipated learning outcomes and practice competencies for pharmacy student. The purpose of this study were to implement and evaluate a model of small group PBL for 5th year pharmacy students in

Satisfied and Happy: Establishing Link between Job Satisfaction and Subjective Well-Being among Filipino Teachers

Job satisfaction refers to people’s reactions and feelings towards aspects of their jobs. On the other hand, subjective well-being refers to people’s evaluations of their lives which include cognitive judgments, such as life satisfaction; and affective evaluations like moods and emotions. The present study describes the relationship between job satisfaction and subjective well-being specifically among

Narration as a Means of Formulating and Transferring Tacit Knowledge

The goal of this study is to highlight the importance of the narrative type of knowledge, its relation to tacit knowledge and to outline the specifics of tacit knowledge in the narrative form in the context of teaching. Stories are parts of our identity and culture. We assume that social knowledge (skills) are a specific

A Social Constructivist Approach toward Teacher Learning: A Case Study Aimed at Revitalizing the Japanese Teacher Development Approach, ‘Jugyokenkyu’, Internationally Recognized as Lesson Study

The material in this presentation describes the results of several teachers going through a teacher-learning process in Japan known as ‘Jugyokenkyu’, referred to internationally as ‘Lesson Study’ (LS). We argue that LS is effective because it coheres with a Vygotskian view that ‘learning is social’ and therefore, with principles found in educational psychology aligned with

Development of a New Inventory of Attitude towards Statistics among Postgraduate Students

Introduction: Statistics is often viewed negatively based on our experience and also conducted studies. As statistics is an important component of postgraduate studies, it is important to assess attitude towards statistics to enable appropriate improvement in teaching of statistics. To our knowledge, currently there is no inventory specifically targeted at postgraduate students. Preexisting inventories are

The Curriculum Development of Science Camp for Primary Students in Udon Thani Municipality Schools Based on Constructivist Paradigm and Learners’ Skills in 21st Century

The curriculum of Science Camp for Municipality Students Project was used an area-based collaborative strategy that designed to provide local students with opportunities to apply basic concepts in science and thereby developing their 21st century skills. The three study objectives were 1) to construct and develop a science camp curriculum using an area based context

The Design and Use of Multimedia Storytelling Book for Hearing Impaired Students

Multimedia application of a multimedia storytelling book is useful and has many advantages for hearing impaired students. This paper presents information based on reliable literature reviews about the multimedia storytelling book design framework for hearing impaired students. The purpose of this research is to explore the application of a multimedia storytelling approach in teaching the

Enhancing Mathematics and Science Teacher Education in Regional Australia: Pedagogical Interactions and Their Affective Outcomes

This report outlines particular aspects of a three-year project funded across six regional universities in eastern Australia, designed to enhance the pre-servicer education and training of mathematics and science teachers. The project research and implementation uses iterative processes to trial and develop modules for teacher education and other university curriculum. Trial iterations draw together, through

Participative Management as a Strategy for Enhancing Job Satisfaction of Teachers: The Case of South African Teachers

Participative management and shared decision-making are increasingly finding their way into schools. This signifies a radical change for many teachers and school principals that could lead to either an increase or decrease in teacher morale and job satisfaction. This paper investigated the efficacy of participative management as a strategy in enhancing job satisfaction of teachers.

Cloud Computing for Collaborative Knowledge Construction: A Case with Google Drive

Usage of mobile technology in daily life has been developed to be a part of the cultures in many countries especially in a metropolitan city. Students nowadays bring their mobile devices to classroom and prefer to use their own devices whenever it is possible. With the advanced technology development and high connectivity to the Internet