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The Curriculum Development of Science Camp for Primary Students in Udon Thani Municipality Schools Based on Constructivist Paradigm and Learners’ Skills in 21st Century

The curriculum of Science Camp for Municipality Students Project was used an area-based collaborative strategy that designed to provide local students with opportunities to apply basic concepts in science and thereby developing their 21st century skills. The three study objectives were 1) to construct and develop a science camp curriculum using an area based context


Sustainability in the Curriculum and Teaching of Economics: Transforming Introductory Macroeconomics

Sustainability is arguably the outcome of a holistically integrated economic system. However, when the marketplace fails to assess the “true” cost of production, inclusive of resource regeneration, waste creation and disposal, and unexpected externalities and when simultaneously, consumption forms the basis of evaluating progress, the outcome of an economic system can fall significantly short of


Contests As a Way for Changing Methodologies in the Curriculum

Digital Competence involves the confident and critical use of Information Society Technology for work, leisure and communication. It is underpinned by basic skills in ICT: the use of computers to retrieve, assess, store, produce, present and exchange information, and to communicate and participate in collaborative networks via the Internet. Some arguments cited for promoting the


Pre-Service Teachers’ Perception and Attitude about Service-Learning in Social Studies Curriculum in Nigeria

Nigeria at centenary is dwindled with poverty and high illiteracy rate, where there is corruption and corresponding increase in unemployment, ineffective governance and apathy on the part of the citizens among others. As a result of these situations, there seems to be a paradigm shift to envisioning many new approaches to educational system to bridge