Category: Disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches, including – Psychology and sociology of education


Satisfied and Happy: Establishing Link between Job Satisfaction and Subjective Well-Being among Filipino Teachers

Job satisfaction refers to people’s reactions and feelings towards aspects of their jobs. On the other hand, subjective well-being refers to people’s evaluations of their lives which include cognitive judgments, such as life satisfaction; and affective evaluations like moods and emotions. The present study describes the relationship between job satisfaction and subjective well-being specifically among


Development of a New Inventory of Attitude towards Statistics among Postgraduate Students

Introduction: Statistics is often viewed negatively based on our experience and also conducted studies. As statistics is an important component of postgraduate studies, it is important to assess attitude towards statistics to enable appropriate improvement in teaching of statistics. To our knowledge, currently there is no inventory specifically targeted at postgraduate students. Preexisting inventories are


Confronting Underlying Issues of Racism for Effective Intercultural Communication

This workshop session provides an overview of pertinent research and major theories related to both racism and communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds, as well as fun and useful techniques and strategies to use in international classrooms, school offices, and businesses, including a new approach to a widely-used tool in intercultural communication training—the D.I.E.