Category: Disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches, including – Educational research and development


Required Knowledge of Cooperative Education Students: A Case Study of Modern Management Information Technology Curriculum, College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University

Cooperative education (co-op) is an educational method combing typical academic study with real working experience. This academic method is propelled by two major associates; those of academic institute and professional company. The co-op operations especially identification of required knowledge of co-op student cannot be specified solely by academy or host company. Therefore, this study aimed


The Integration of Economic System Concept Through Teaching and Learning Processes to Promote Students’ Systematic Thinking in Business and Computer Major in Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University, Thailand

The objective of this classroom action research was to construct learning activities in terms of the integration of Economic System Concept through teaching and learning processes to promote students’ systematic thinking. The researcher developed three learning activities that were applied from Economic System Concept, including 1) Brainstorm Chart, 2) Concept Chart, and 3) Content Networking


The Study of Elementary School Teacher’s Behavior of Using E-Books by UTAUT Model

The purpose of this research is to applied Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model to investigate the factors that influence elementary school teacher��s behavior of using E-books. Based on the literature review, a questionnaire was modified and used to test the elementary school teachers in Changhua. A total of 420 questionnaires


Examination of Picture Story Books in Terms of Language-Cognitive Development Area Indicator and Concepts in Moe 2013 Early Childhood Education Program

This research is conducted for the examination of the compliance of picture story books prepared for early childhood education period children and language-cognitive development area outcomes, indicator and concepts in MOE 2013 Early Childhood Education Program. It is thought that examination and analyzes of picture story books in terms of concepts; language-cognitive development area outcomes