ISSN: 2186-5892 – The Asian Conference on Education 2014 – Official Conference Proceedings

ACE 2014, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2014: “Transforming and Changing Education: Individuals, Communities, Societies”
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - Sunday, November 2, 2014

Conference Programme

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

The Impact of Students' Participation to a Facebook
Group on Their Learning Motivation and Scores

Bernard Montoneri

Transcending Teacher Professional Development:
From Determinism to Complexity

Abdul Rahman
Garry Hoban
Wendy Nielsen

Required Knowledge of Cooperative Education Students:
A Case Study of Modern Management Information Technology
Curriculum, College of Arts, Media and Technology,

Chiang Mai University
Ratapol Wudhikarn

A Study of Compatibility of Picture Storybooks Prepared for Children
3-8 Years Range in Early Childhood Period with the Indicators and Concepts
Identified for Language and Cognitive Development in Ministry of Education
2013 Early Childhood Education Program

Mübeccel Gönen
Dila Nur Yazıcı
Emine Hande Aydos
Muhammed Öztürk
Sevgi Can Akbaş

Satisfied and Happy: Establishing Link between Job
Satisfaction and Subjective Well- Being among Filipino Teachers

Glenn Medallon Calaguas

Towards an Audiovisual Translation Policy in the Arab World
Muhammad Y Gamal

Developing Sustainable Thainess Indicators for Promoting
Sustainable Thainess of Non-Formal Education Students

Nopparat Sripadriew
Wirathep Pathumcharoenwattana
Pattharapon Mahakantha

The Main Components of Self-Development Model
to Enhance Non-Formal Education Facilitators'
Potential in Lifelong Education Management

Lawaporn Sugiyama
Wirathep Pathumcharoenwattana
Somboon Burasirirak

The Design and Use Of Multimedia Storytelling
Book for Hearing Impaired Students

Piyaporn Techarueangrong
Wacheerapan Kaewprapan
Surachai Suksakulchai

Analyzing Impact Of Formally Taught Life Skills’ Curriculum On Self
Esteem And Thinking Skills Of Early School Children

Hassan Sattar
Sadaf Nazir

Investigating Students’ Problems in Understanding their Personal Qualities
and Skills for Cover Letters – A Self-Assessment Approach

Saadiah Kummin
Chia Loy Khim
Roselind Razali
Roslina Salim

Participative Management As A Strategy For Enhancing Job Satisfaction Of Teachers:
The Case Of South African Teachers

Tsvara Peter
Manzira Francis Mungofa

Cloud Computing for Collaborative Knowledge Construction:
A Case with Google Drive

Gary Ka-Wai Wong

Ethical Decision Making in Education Systems in Times of Transformation:
Codes of Ethics and the Potential Benefits of Deontology, Consequentialism,
and Mixed-Consequentialism

Nathaniel Edwards

The Effect of Using Games and Puzzles on the Achievements
of Mentally Retarded Pupils in Multiplication Tables

Madiha Hassan Mohamed

Developing Problem-Solving Skills and Pair Programming Strategy for a
Fundamental Computer Programming Course

Siriporn Mikum
Surachai Suksakulchai
Settachai Chaisanit

Where Our Youth Are in the New Media World:
Measures of New Media Literacy

Ling Lee
Jen-Yi Li
Tzu-Bin Lin
Der-Thanq Chen

Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Mother Tongue-Based
Multilingual Education (MTB MLE) Program among Grades 1 and 2 Public School Teachers in Lupi,
Camarines Sur, Philippines

Diana Erika A. Montecillo
Olga C. Lomboy

Reevaluating the Relationship between Millennial Students, their Parents,
and Professors When Teaching a Study-Abroad
Course: Searching for More Success

J. McClanahan

Flipped Classroom in Hong Kong Higher Education:
An Experience Sharing

Ho-Yin Cheung
Gary Ka-Wai Wong

Current Issues on Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria
Pattarawat Jeerapattanatorn

Noah Bisi Oyedeji
This article has been retracted.

The Integration of Economic System Concept Through Teaching and
Learning Processes to Promote Students' Systematic Thinking in
Business and Computer Major in Faculty of Education,
Kasetsart University, Thailand

Methinee Wongwanich Rumpagaporn

Romantic Illusions in ELT: The Cultural Creation of Pedagogic
`Self` and Student `Other,` from Shakespeare and the
Sublime to English Textbooks

Neil Addison

Confronting Underlying Issues of Racism
for Effective Intercultural Communication

Daniel Velasco

The wolf in sheep’s clothing:
The continuing accountability discourse in education

Yvonne Masters

A Correlation Study: English Teacher's Educational
Background and the Students' School Final Exam
Scores in South Sumatera, Indonesia

Tita Ratna Wulandari
Hastari Mayrita

Situation, Problem, and Need in Teaching and Learning Process
based on Research-based Learning Approach of a School belonging
Mahasarakham Provincial Administrative Organization

Kanyarat Cojorn

Assimilate the Individual ‘I’ into the Collective ‘We’?
Mainland China Students’ Localisation and Adaptation
during their Study in Hong Kong

Annie, Lai-Fong Lau
Gloria, Kit-Man Chung
Ricky, Yuk-Kwan Ng

Mobile Assisted Foreign Language Teaching in Turkey
Burhan Akpunar
Veli Batdı
Çetin Tan
Ayşenur Kuloğlu
Mehmet Porgalı

The Use of Information Technology in Art Education:
Opportunity or Threat?

İsmail Aytac

School Leadership: Impact of changing school
management for internal stakeholder satisfaction

Sri Kartikowati

Digital Competencies in the Early Years
Rumyana Papancheva
Krasimira Dimitrova

Critical perspectives on arts integration in learning:
for whom and why?

Suzanne Windsor-Liscombe

Continuous Professional Development for Novice Teachers of English
Bülent Alan

A Model of Small-Group Problem-Based Learning In Pharmacy Education:
Teaching in the Clinical Environment

Jeerisuda Khumsikiew
Sisira Donsamak
Manit Saeteaw

The Result of Using Notebooks for Increasing Competency in
the 21st Century of the Elementary Students in Thailand

Busakorn Lertveerasirikul

Panangisuro iti Ilocano (Teaching in Ilocano):
Perceptions of Elementary School Teachers on
the Role of MTB-MLE in Preserving Cultural Identity

Joanna Rose T. Laddaran

The Teaching of Grammar through Storytelling among L1 Malay Learners
Cecilia Bai Rajendran
Soo Kum Yoke
Puteri Nur Hidayah Kamaludin
Noridah Sain
Suhaili Mohd Yusof
Sofwah Md Nawi

Developing Research Skills of the Third Year Teacher Students Using RTI MODEL
Julamas Jansrisukot,

Revitalizing Lesson Study in Japanese High Schools through Redefining the Process
Terry Laskowski
Marc Waterfield

The Use of Concept Maps to Illustrate Understanding in a Standard Reading Exercise
James Emmet Owens

Online Comic in Mandarin Chinese’s Vocabulary Learning:
A Case Study of Budi Utama Multilingual School in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Nuning Catur Sri Wilujeng
Yu-Ju Lan

The 10,000 Hour Rule and What it Means for Language Teaching
Frances Shiobara

Narration as a Means of Formulating and Transferring Tacit Knowledge
Jana Krátká

Peculiarities of Bachelors of Computer Science Professional Training:
Japanese and Ukrainian Experience

Inna Pododimenko

English Education and Polysemy
Nozomi Oda
Laurence Dante

The Study of Elementary School Teacher’s Behavior
of Using E-books by UTAUT Model

Tzong-Shing Cheng
Chen Pei Chen
Shu-Wei Chen

Policy-Making Process of Higher Education and
Vocational Training in the EU

Yoshihiro Nagata

Transforming Language Learning through Technology
Alexander Nanni
Joseph Serrani

Transformative Language Education:
The English of Sustainability

Joseph Serrani
Alexander Nanni

Using Emotional Literacy to improve Pedagogical
Confidence: Initial Findings from a STEM Project

Tony Yeigh
Geoff Woolcott

Development of a New Inventory of Attitude towards
Statistics among Postgraduate Students

Wan Nor Arifin
Mohamad Saiful Bahri Yusoff
Aniza Abd Aziz
Hazwan Mat Din
Sarimah Abdullah

Learning Promotion Trends Based on
Problem and Need of Thai Farmers


Integrating Formative Assessment into University Education
Nuttanart M. Facundes

Assessment Patterns in Computing Education
Renumol V.G.
Rekha Sunny T

The Curriculum Development of Science Camp for Primary
Students in Udon Thani Municipality Schools Based on
Constructivist Paradigm and Learners’ Skills in 21st Century

Pawisa Ponglek

Applying Interdisciplinary Case-Based Learning in Teaching for
Master of Public Health in Vietnam

Truong Quang Tien
Hua Thanh Thuy
Nguyen Thai Quynh Chi

Decision-making and Communication Processes To Create the Best Practice for Implementing Engineering Accreditation
Pei-Fen Chang
Miao-Chen Lin
Tse-Liang Yeh