Category: Educational Vision, Policy, Leadership, Management and Administration


Participative Management as a Strategy for Enhancing Job Satisfaction of Teachers: The Case of South African Teachers

Participative management and shared decision-making are increasingly finding their way into schools. This signifies a radical change for many teachers and school principals that could lead to either an increase or decrease in teacher morale and job satisfaction. This paper investigated the efficacy of participative management as a strategy in enhancing job satisfaction of teachers.


Current Issues on Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria

The study was primarily designed to investigate current issues on vocational and technical education (VTE) in Nigeria. Specific objectives were: (1) to explore recent policies, practices and problems regarding vocational and technical education; and (2) to emerge solutions on vocational and technical education for economic and human resource development in Nigeria. The study employed ‘documentary


School Leadership: Impact of Changing School Management to Internal Stakeholder Satisfaction

One nearly collapsed public primary school has been determined successful and well managed by a new principal. The case highlights the study of (1) how a woman, the new principal has been successful in carrying out the change on school management; and (2) how this change has given an impact to the satisfaction of school