Category: Education, post-colonialism and globalisation


Romantic Illusions in ELT: The Cultural Creation of Pedagogic ‘Self’ and Student ‘Other,’ from Shakespeare and the Sublime to English Textbooks

This paper will discuss the connections between Western cultural movements such as the enlightenment and the romantic counter-enlightenment, and their residue in modern English teaching practices abroad. While enlightenment culture represented Western progress positively, demarcation between `civilized self` and `savage other` meant that other parts of the world were judged by Europeans to be inferior.


Assimilate the Individual ‘I’ Into the Collective ‘we’? Mainland China Students’ Localisation and Adaptation during Their Study in Hong Kong

The binary concept of globalise/localise, similarities/differences as well as the issue of actualise/neutralise (Vischer, 1989, 1996; Hall, 2003) constitutes the major focus of this study. Framing the above into the cross-boundary and overseas education, it would be interesting to know how ‘diasporic consciousness’ re-generates overseas students’ identity and sense of belonging. More specifically, this paper