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Content Analysis of English Itineraries About Iran Translated Into Persian, Existing in the Libraries

A travel log has nice and sad stories inside by narrator to show historical facts. So this study investigates English Itineraries about Iran which are translated into Persian and exist in the libraries to help historians and researchers. On the whole 60 translated itineraries from 64 travelers were found since 16 to 20 centuries in


A Comparative Corpus Study on the Use of Academic Hedges and Boosters in Applied Linguistics

Hedges and boosters are two types of linguistically important strategies employed in academic writing. While hedges and boosters have been widely explored, previous studies focus on targeting the use of hedges and boosters in journal articles and conference papers in linguistics, computer engineering, second or foreign language teaching and learning. The investigation of Taiwanese students’


Syntactic Variety and Writing Quality: An Investigation on EFL Students’ Argumentative Writing

The variety of syntactic structure of sentences has regarded as an important indicator of sentence fluency and writing proficiency. However, previous research on the relationship between syntactic variety and text quality has failed to reveal consistent patterns. Therefore, this study aims to examine the relationship of a single measure of syntactic variety with the quality


The Problem of Dualism: ‘Self’ as Cultural Exaptation

The concept of “Self” is strongly rooted in an ontological (mind/body) and epistemological (reality/fiction) dualism. This idea appears as the result of a succession of genetic predispositions emerged from a series of adaptations of cognitive structures in response to external stimuli. These structures themselves have lead us to interpret and represent the world in terms


The Identity & Personality of Female Gamblers as Portrayed in Chinese Gambling Movies

The current study is a qualitative investigation on the identity and the personality of female gamblers portrayed in Chinese gambling movies.  Eleven Chinese films produced from 2000 to 2017 were selected for this study.  A qualitative content analysis was employed to understand the gambling motivation and the identity development of the characters in the movie.


“Everyone Has a Story to Tell: Learning English Through Narratives”

The present study is about the use of Narratives in the classroom of English especially where English is taught and learned as second language. In India, tradition of narratives is really ancient. Fables used to give moral values amongst children. But their use for learning second language makes it more interesting productive and outcome is


Meaning in Terms: A Monosemic Approach to the Lexical Semantics of English and Japanese Terms Taken from Narrative Contexts

This presentation aims to look at a possible monosemy of English and Japanese terms taken from narratives by Natsume Soseki and Virginia Woolf. Monosemy, the univocal relationship between a term and its meaning, appears to be a rare phenomenon. Contemporary critics have so far focused on the polysemic nature of terms (Lyons 1977; Cruse 1999),


Profiling the Academic Wordlist in Research Project of EFL University Students

The current study is a corpus-based lexical study that purposes to question the use of words in Coxhead’s (2000) Academic Word List (AWL) in research in the field of linguistics and applied linguistics. We compiled and investigated 52 research projects of EFL university students comprising of 1,071,558 words, which called the Research Project Corpus (RP).


High Frequency Key Words in Tourism English in Newspapers: A Corpus-Based Approach

Tourism English is a new approach in the field of English for Specific (ESP) and it has its own linguistics style. The aim of the current study is to analyze the most frequent and important vocabulary in the area of tourism. The data are extracted from a small corpus amounting of 246,601 words, compiled from


The Syntax and Semantics of the Benefactive Applicative in Temne

The benefactive applicative in Temne is typologically unusual for an applicative in that it has a variable, but regular syntactic effect on the valence of the verb. It can add one applied object, a beneficiary or an instrument, and two applied objects, a beneficiary and a substitutive or a beneficiary and an instrument to the


Effects of EFL Instruction Utilizing International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) on Intelligibility of Japanese Students

This study focuses on intelligibility of Japanese students pronunciation. Japanese students are handicapped in acquiring EFL, because Japanese differs from English especially in phonetic system and the relation between letters and sound. The shortest unit of Japanese sound is a mora, while that of English is a phoneme. Therefore, Japanese students tend to insert vowels


The Effect of Cluster Simplification in Thai on the English Language Learners

This research is aimed at studying the effect of the change in progress of spoken standard Thai in terms of true consonant cluster simplification on the Thai students learning English language. Thai language permits CC- with /k, kh, t, p, ph/ { ก, ข, ค, ต, ป, ผ, พ } in the first position and


A Corpus Informed Study of Thai News Agencies’ Evaluation of Two Key Participants Found in Political Conflicts in Thailand

Appraisal has been employed in previous foreign studies focusing on corpus-informed analysis and comparison of news reports. However, the previous work in Thailand has inadequately been concerned with appraisal of news report comparison among news agencies, and corpus analysis. Thus, this paper aims to compare media evaluation of Yingluck Shinawatra and Suthep Thaugsuban between two


Analysis of Linguistic Features and Functions in News Editorial Discourse Related to Social Issues in the ASEAN Community

News editorials are embedded with editors’ critical views on current issues or events. Within their critical views, language attitudes, ideologies, and values are carried to convince recipients of the editors’ views. In doing so, effective use of discourse is one of the key elements in news editorial production. In particular, the use of linguistic features


A Cultural Reflection: The Auspicious Sign in Miscellaneous Notes of the Tang Dynasty (618-907)

The belief in auspicious sign from the scientific point of view may probably be regarded as a kind of superstition, but for many of the people in their nations, it has become a part of their folk culture. Such a belief comes basically from the seeking and fondness of auspiciousness which should be ordinary and


Is a Paternal Nephew’s Right to Inherit His Uncle’s Estate Indisputable: The Enlightening Case of Tsang Yuet Mui

The British Law has been enforced in Hong Kong since 1842, but the cases involving Chinese traditional practices were still judged on the basis of traditional laws of China, i.e. the Qing Code and related customs. As for the succession to estate, the Chinese society of Hong Kong followed the traditional convention of succession in


Standard Chinese Characters and Their Role in Cultural Heritage

Hanzi is a system of ideograms that encodes the Chinese language built on the integrated representation of form, sound and meaning of matters and deeds. Over several thousand years, it has been playing an important role for cultural heritage in establishing a record of the language, history and life of the Chinese people. Only until


A Corpus Stylistics Study of the Mental Clauses and Speech and Thought Presentation of Gilbert’s (2006) ‘Eat Pray Love’

Elizabeth Gilbert’s (2006) memoir Eat Pray Love depicts her journey of self-discovery in her trips to Italy, India and Indonesia following a difficult divorce. Among the three phases of the author’s journey, the ‘eat’ and ‘love’ aspects have received far more responses from readers, but, overall, the author’s experiences with love, loss and the pursuit


A Semantic Study on Verbs of Human Senses in English under Cognitive Linguistics (Versus Vietnamese)

Cognitive Linguistics is a recontextualizing approach. In contrast with formal semantics, the conception of meaning that lies at the basis of this approach is not restricted to a referential, truth-functional type of meaning ‘ the type of meaning that you could express in logical terms.In contrast with formal semantics, the conception of meaning that lies


Pali-Sanskrit Word and Expression Used in the Royal Tutelage of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Through an analysis of Pali-Sanskrit (PL-SKT) word and expression employed in the royal tutelage of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej as bestowed to graduates in commencement ceremonies of Thailand during B.E.2493-2537, the objectives of this study were to explore PL-SKT word and its sound and semantic change used in the royal tutelage of HM King Bhumibol


Role of Televisual Literacy in Second Language Teaching

In non-native English speaking countries like Asian countries, where English is learnt as second language, teachers explore innovative practices for SLT. Televisual aids are really helpful as teaching tool. The present paper is writer’s endeavour to know how and why they work. Television, in present days, is used in social system by 95%. Although in


The Effect of Explicit Grammar Instruction on Language Learning

Explicit grammar instruction in the second language (L2) classroom is an increasingly important area that requires more research. Second language acquisition (SLA) researchers investigate the role of explicit grammar instruction and its impact on achievement. However, the findings are inconclusive. The present study, therefore, sets out to investigate the impact of teaching the target language


Embedding of Buddhism Reflected through the Language of Thai People

Language and religion are regarded as the human’s culture. Human succeeds to religion through the language usage. Meanwhile, religion influences to language usage of people in each society. In Thailand, most populations follow Buddhism. Thereby, Buddhism is held as the important base of Thai culture. Mostly, thoughts of Thai people as well as the language


Schematic Figures As Foregrounding Elements in John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

A writer’s style of persuasion is worth analysing, especially when this style can serve as a powerful tool to convey the writer’s persuasive goal in a speech as well as to highlight the aesthetics of the language used. In this case, a writer can use certain linguistic features to function as foregrounding elements in the


The Role of Visual Attention in Preference Formation for Food

Evaluative decision-making is the decision-making based on personal preferences among different choice options. Previous studies have suggested that people tend to gradually commit toward a choice by spending more time looking at it. Thus, attention may imply a positive feedback mechanism, promoting the choice of an attended item. Alternatively, attention may imply information integration, with


The Effectiveness of the Application of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning in Chinese Learning

Computer supported learning has become a major trend in language learning and teaching in the 21st century. However, there are still few studies addressing the application of computer supported collaborative learning in teaching and learning Chinese as a foreign language. The researchers designed a distance collaborative program in which 72 Chinese learners in the US


The Effect of Varying Short Message Service (SMS) Intervention for Promoting Safe Sex Among Army Conscripts in Lopburi Army Area

At present, sexual risk behavior is threatening the health status of the Thai population and undermining quality of life of the population all ages. This study examined the effectiveness of self-regulation and mobile phone SMS intervention to promote safe sex among army conscripts in a central province, Thailand. Conscripts (n=192) were recruited by multi-stage sampling


English Loanword Modifiers as a Means for Native vs. Foreign Differentiation in Contemporary Japanese

English has had an extensive influence on numerous languages, one of them being Japanese. Historical contact between Japan and Western cultures has resulted in extensive borrowing of new phenomena as well as lexicon. Various sources estimate that 10% of the Contemporary Japanese vocabulary consists of loanwords (Chinese-origin words excluded), and such loanwords are referred to


An Appraisal and Corpus Study of Thai News Agencies’ Evaluation of Suthep Thaugsuban Found in Political Conflicts in Thailand

Appraisal has been employed in previous foreign studies focusing on corpus-based analysis and comparison of news reports. However, the previous work in Thailand has inadequately been concerned with appraisal of news report comparison among news agencies, and corpus analysis. Thus, this paper aims to analyse and compare representation and attitudes of the media towards Suthep


The Ultimate Test: Suffix-Conditioned Stress Shift in English L2 Learners

The present study examines the prosodic proficiency of English L2 learners by using derived words with stress-shifting suffixes. Stress-shifting suffixes could relocate the stem stress to three different positions: 1) one syllable before the suffix (pre-stressed 1) e.g. Athlete to atheLEtic 2) two syllables before (pre-stressed 2) e.g. INfant to inFANticide, or 3) 1/2 syllable