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The Syntax and Semantics of the Benefactive Applicative in Temne

The benefactive applicative in Temne is typologically unusual for an applicative in that it has a variable, but regular syntactic effect on the valence of the verb. It can add one applied object, a beneficiary or an instrument, and two applied objects, a beneficiary and a substitutive or a beneficiary and an instrument to the


Learner Perceptions of Good Teacher Attributes: Japan and Other Asian Contexts

Teacher quality is an integral component of a learner’s educational experience and development. Positive teacher influences can contribute to learner knowledge, skill acquisition, and a positive learning environment (Jahangiri & Mucciolo, 2016). An absence of contemporary research into Japanese learner perceptions of positive teacher attributes was the catalyst of the present study. An initial pilot


Flipped Classroom: The Case of Professional English Writing Course

Recently the teaching trend is to keep up-to-date with the boom in technology. Flipped teaching, which is rated as one of the “top trends in educational technology” (Watters, 2012), has gained foot in the EFL/ESL classrooms only recently (Fahim & Khalil, 2015; Bauer-Ramazani, Graney, Marshall, & Sabieh, 2016). To follow the teaching trend, the researcher


Using ICT for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become indispensable tool for both teachers and learners in various fields and discipline. The aspiration of many in this age is therefore aided by Internet facilities to the extent that ICT is gradually pushing aside the traditional library from educational scene. This paper is therefore an attempt to examine


Academic Issues and Solution Proposal in a Plurilingual EFL Class in Japan

The purpose of this study is to propose solutions for issues in class of reading and writing English which South Korean, Chinese, and Japanese students attend, which is a typical plurilingual EFL class composition in Japanese universities. In Japan, a class of reading and writing English is requisite to students from Asian countries as well