Month: February 2019


The Self on Instagram: A Study on How People With Different Hair Colors Use Instagram for Online Self-presentation

This study explores how women with different hair colors use Instagram for online self-presentation, considering how hair has been historically significant to identify a person’s status. Goffman’s framework of self-presentation was used in this study. Furthermore, he explains self-presentation through the concept of theater, in which a person performs different roles in front of an


Investigation of the Best-case Scenario of Rice Husk/Briquette Combustion for Lower Particulate Matter Emission

Air pollution has been a major cause of diseases and deaths, especially in developing countries, due to their inability to afford cleaner sources of energy. Biomass such as agricultural residues is combusted, using inefficient combustion techniques, characterized by high emission of particulate matter (PM) and smoke, which have adverse effects on human health. This study


Contributions of Knowledge From Past Generations in Current Contexts of Arts Education

This article stems from the analysis of the professional life and work of Portuguese scholars, researchers and artists, graduated at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Porto, during the 1960s and 1970s. It is considered that the testimonies of these generations are an asset for current educational contexts in these areas, but often there


Subjective Well-being at Old Ages: Does Educational Background Matter?

Given the trend of demographic transition and population ageing around the world, improving the welfare of older persons has become a key policy issue. The study employed Vietnam National Ageing Survey 2011, which is the first nationally representative survey of older persons in Vietnam. We used ordered-logistic regression to study the relationship between level of


L1 and L2 Attitudes and Willingness to Communicate in Taiwanese Middle School Bilingual Program

While most language learners in Taiwan are school aged children, academic research in field mostly address university level students. Considering early experiences with language affect students’ future motivation for learning Chinese (L1) and English (L2) (MacIntyre et al. 2003), this study aims to investigate Taiwanese middle school students in bilingual programs. Specifically, to (a) assess


Rethinking Facts and Values

C.S.Peirce claimed that logic is a normative science. It is not about how people think, but how they ought to think, and so he classified it as a branch of ethics. Elsewhere he argued the contrapositive, that purely self-interested individuals would have to be irrational in all their inferences. They could not constitute valid thoughts regarding


Values as Predictor of Youth Procrastination in the Conditions of Globalization

Procrastination as a voluntary, irrational postponement of the planned actions despite the fact that it will cost a lot or will have a negative effect on a person, became the disease of our times (Milgram, 1992). In spite of the fact that procrastination becomes a more serious problem in business, as in well as in


Energy Substitution Potential in China’s Non-metallic Mineral Products Industry-based on the Translog Function and Corrected Formula for Elasticity

The non-metallic mineral products industry (NMMPI) of China is the largest in the world and has a character of low energy efficiency, which made this sector energy-intensive and therefore one of leading contributors to CO2 and other pollutants. Therefore, researchers have been paying more and more attentions to the degree of non-energy factors substituting for


A Report on Students’ Views About Japanese Secondary Education in 2000 and 2019: The Basic Research for Developing Learning Content for the Original E-learning Programme of Intercultural Training

The aim of this report is to show how students’ views on secondary education for the global age have evolved in 2019 compared to 2000. In 2000, the researcher investigated views held by students in Japan and England about education for the global age. There were two significant findings: first, that fundamental education may continue


Global Cinema as Environmental Ambassador

This argument connects several international cinematic shooting locations to ecological states of affairs that reside there in order to imagine how viewing audiences worldwide might better connect to environmental issues through film. Drawing on theories of agency that inform the environmental humanities, I suggest that the material particulars of life in the biosphere have a


Improvement of the Logistics Operations of an Integrated Waste Management Company – Application to a Real Case in Portugal

One of the strategies of companies today is, instead of directing their investments on expanding the business, focus more on cost rationalization and business transformation, in order to improve performance and reduce operating costs. In this sense, logistics represents a key function in improving the operations related to the transportation and storage of materials, always


Dance and the Future: Sustainable Contemporary Practices for the 21st Century

Arts and cultural organisations today need to have relevance in order for participants and audiences to survive economic, environmental, social and technological changes (Kaiser, 2015, p. 36). Sustainability is an important consideration for all future businesses in the context of contemporary disruptive trends and has been become increasingly integral to doing business in any industry (Bertels, Papania,


Cambodian New Generations: From Family Dependents to State Influencers

Against the backdrop of recent social, economic and political developments, traditional interactions between youth, adults and the State have been transformed in a manner that enables youth to engage in politics in new ways. This paper analyses what has made the interaction between youth and the state change, how this change impacts on politics and


Air Quality-forecasting Impacts from Industrial Sources with an Operational Atmospheric Modelling System: Spain Case Study

Introducing an integrated software tool to help industrial plants assess the impact of their emissions on air quality in surrounding areas, based on air quality forecasts. It is a tool for mapping the expected exceedances of the EU Air Quality Directive over a large area centered on the industrial plants and the contribution of different


Cultural Sustainability of China the Relationship of the “Geomantic Omen” and Microclimate

Sustainability is understood to be one of the most important solution to environmental issues. Adjusting the microclimate elements around the building to ultimately achieve the building’s own energy consumption is an important method for green building implementation. The aim of this study is to analyze the theory and methods of ancient people’s regulation in the


Culturally Appropriate Pedagogy on L2/FL Learning for Confucian Heritage Culture (CHC) Influenced Students

English is learnt as a second (L2) or foreign language (FL) among Asian students such as Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. They grow up under the implicit influence of Confucius, who postulated, among other things, that societal stability is based on unequal relationships (Scollon, Scollon & Jones, 2011). In educational setting, it manifests itself in adherence


Measuring the of Level of Commitment in Tertiary Child Health Care Units for Effective Performance in Pakistan

The objective of the study was to examine the impact of commitment of tertiary child health Care units performance in Pakistan and to identify factors associated with it. As reform attempts in Pakistan public health sector system have done over the years but regarding the improvement in health performance and delivery especially in child health


Psychological Wellbeing and Organizational Commitment: A Predictive Study in Algeria

BACKGROUND: Organizational commitment (OC) and psychological wellbeing at work (PWW) are at the grassroots of organizations’ success. The importance psychological wellbeing for individual health and organizational success is well established. (BPS, 2010; Sandilya and Shahnawaz, 2018). Previous research work on the relationship of PWW and OC emphasized that employees’ well-being promotes sustainable engagement and commitment,


Reclaiming the Future of Undergraduates from the Challenges of Social Media: Elizade University, Ilara Mokin in Analysis

Functions such as stating, questioning, requesting, and exclaiming can be performed by languages especially, English language. Social Media had done a lot of evil than good globally. This has in a great way affected the future of the youths. Many youths spend a lot of time chatting, posting, pinging, following, just to mention but a


Taiwanese Cinema Development and Ruling over Indigenous Peoples in the Early Japanese Colonial Period

Taiwanese cinema began in the era of Japanese rule. In the early days of Japanese Colony, indigenous peoples fought fiercely against the Japanese colonial government and ruling the indigenous areas became the primary work of the colonial government. On the one hand, the colonial government used military force and pressure to force indigenous peoples to


Speech Production and Language Learning of Special and Normal Children in Two Primary Schools in Osun State

Human development begins through the vast pool of transmitted experiences by care-givers and parents, hence, pass down sociocultural values to the younger generation. This study will explore psychological and practical aspects of language learning by children with speech impairments and normal children in other to do a comparative analysis in Osun State, SouthWest Nigeria. Learner/teacher


Residential Preference Toward Logo of Thai Property Developer

A logo is considered as one of the simplest tools that serves an organization in distinguishing itself from others. In competitive markets, attractive logo is capable of adding value to goods and services particularly for the industry that image and trustworthiness are the main concern such as real estate business. This research aimed to investigate


Psychological Well-being and Psychological Loneliness Among Retirees With High Blood Pressure

Background: Retirees are generally suffering from various physical and psychological problems. One of which is high blood pressure which is associated with psychological problems such as feelings of loneliness and deteriorated well-being. Objective: The study aimed to: 1. Identify the level of psychological well-being among pensioners with high blood pressure. 2. Effects of gender on the


Parental Stress and Coping Strategies in Mothers of Children with Cochlear Implant

Background: Children with hearing problems usually suffer from psychological problems that extend to their families. In Algeria, it is believed that children with cochlear implants is increasing. Objective: The aim of this research is to: 1. Highlight the parenting stress in mothers of children with cochlear implants 2. Identify the coping strategies used to reduce


Ruby Chisti’s “Free Hugs”: Claiming Spaces Through Utopian Feminist Futures

This paper focuses on Chishti’s artwork entitled Free Hugs (2002), a three-dimensional installation consisting of ten half life-size female fabric sculptures holding each other in what seems like an empathetic embrace. Using textile residues and discards to shape the bodies, this installation creates a unified female experience of unknown futures, grief, loss, and love. Exhibited


Women and Spirituality: The Case of Yoruba Indigenous Oro Cult and Pentecostalism

This paper is a comparative investigation of the Oro cult and the Ikoyi Pentecostal prayer mountain, both in Southwest Nigeria. Among the indigenous Yoruba of Southwest Nigeria, women are not allowed to be part of Oro cult and the attendant rituals. Women are not also allowed access to partake of the spiritual activities in Ikoyi


Public Diplomacy in Lebanon: From Sectarian Division to Communitocracy

It has been almost three decades since the war in Lebanon ended. A new post-war generation which does not have the same legacy and formative experience is now active in the civil however, it seems that this new generation is more apathetic than their predecessors, lacks a unified sense of “state” and is less willing


Exploring Communicative Activities in EFL Classrooms: Can Development of CLIL Lesson Plans Work as a Communicative Task for University Students?

This study explored how and to what extent the development of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) lesson plans can serve as a communicative task for Japanese university students. Despite the abundant research on the application of CLIL to EFL classrooms, there have not been studies investigating if making CLIL lesson plans for younger students


Popular Mexican Snacks Originated in Japan

Japanese immigrants played a prominent role in Mexican snack culture. Cacahuate japones, muegano, jamonsillo, chamoy, and habas are all snacks currently sold in Mexican markets that were invented by Japanese immigrants. In this presentation, I introduce the history of these popular Mexican snacks and sweets based on field work I conducted in Mexico City from


The Quality in the Separation of Rigid Packaging of High-density Polyethylene – Application to a Real Case in Portugal

In recent years, companies producing high-density polyethylene have been affected by huge reductions in sales volumes as well as the value of these same sales. The PFAU-PMP collects and treats different types of plastics that, due to their physic-chemical characteristics, can be recycled, valued, and subsequently reintegrated into the value chain (for example, high and


The Spatiotemporal Dimension of “After” in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame

In After Fukushima Jean-Luc Nancy examines the nature of the Fukushima nuclear disaster through what he terms “the equivalence of catastrophes” which involves “the complexity of interdependent systems (ecological or economic, sociopolitico-ideologic, technoscientific, cultural, logical, etc.).” Thinking that this “equivalence of catastrophes” is closely connected with “finality itself – aiming, planning, and projecting a future


Educational Culture in a Synchronous Class: Case of Filipino-Chinese Interface

One key target of the global education system is the equipping of graduates exhibiting sets of core 21st-century competencies. Looking into global competencies vis-a-vis language learning, inclination to English fluency is an edge for pursuing global careers. The imperativeness of accommodating English education in China is first manifested in its Open Door Policy in 1976.


Sin and Sin Offering as Sacred Space Among the Nigerian Sabbatharians: An Ethical Reflection

Every traditional society had inherent indigenous patterns through which its values and morals were maintained. The world has become a global village where through the powers of the ICT, almost everything is crossing borders. The walls of ethical values and morality seem tottering, even as societies adjust and readjust through institutions in the fight back