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Internet and Public Sphere in ‘Pondok Pesantren’: Reclaiming the Future of Religious Education in Indonesia

Historically, the Indonesian Islamic Boarding School (Pondok Pesantren) has played a pivotal role in building a sense of identity among the Indonesian Muslim community. For students of ‘Pondok Pesantren’, the label of ‘santri’ is not only related to religious commitment but also to social and political engagement in a wider context of society. Nevertheless, the


Animals are Friends, Not Food: the Turning Point to go Vegan

The proportion of individuals desiring to follow a vegan diet has increased in recent years. There was an increased interest in veganism among Thai people, and in 2018, about 7 millions of Thai people identified themselves as vegans. A group of Thai vegans joined the online social media that facilitate the creation and sharing of


Academics and Social Media Usage: The Role of Informal Communication on Social Capital Development and Work Performance

The use of social media in organisations including academia setting is important, relevant and pervasive. Scholarly discussion on social media status as an educational platform for innovative pedagogy and richer learning experience has been well established. However, the reliance and impact of social media as an informal platform among academics themselves are less explored. This


Activity and Deliberative Enclaves of Fragmented Turkish Youth Groups of Political Parties on Twitter

Twitter has become the major platform for studying political fragmentation, echo chambers and polarization, and Turkey is one of the countries in which social media, in particular Twitter is used for political discussions the most, especially among young people. However, political fragmentation studies focusing on Turkey is limited. In this study, in order to shed


Using New Media as Occupational Inspiration for the Disabled

The objective of this research was to study the use of new media to create occupational inspiration for the disabled in terms of 1) types of media; 2) content; 3) formats; and 4) approaches for developing new media. The study was based on examples of disabled people who were successful in their careers until 2016-2018


Communication Strategies for Conveying the Cultural Wisdom of Krajood Wicker Product Weaving at Ban Huayleuk in Surat Thani Province

The objective of this research was to study communication strategies for conveying the cultural wisdom of Krajood (Lepironia articalata, a kind of sedge) wicker product weaving at Ban Huayleuk in Surat Thani Province, in terms of 1) patterns of communications; 2) communication strategies; and 3) approaches for developing communications. This was a qualitative research done


Filmmaking Theory for Vertical Video Production

Smartphones have changed the world and now mobile users are consuming more vertical video than ever before (Richards 2017). In particular, vertical video is gaining popularity amongst content makers for social media since the aspect ratio typically suits how mobile phone users hold their phones and therefore how they are now watching video content (ScientiaMobile


The Dimensions of Co-Authorship in a Playthrough Experience of Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) with a playerbase of 11 million as of April 2019. The game has been critically acclaimed and has garnered many awards for its graphics, hypernarrative story, and dynamic gameplay. This fantasy MMORPG developed by ArenaNet allows players to experience the game as individuals or


The Self on Instagram: A Study on How People With Different Hair Colors Use Instagram for Online Self-presentation

This study explores how women with different hair colors use Instagram for online self-presentation, considering how hair has been historically significant to identify a person’s status. Goffman’s framework of self-presentation was used in this study. Furthermore, he explains self-presentation through the concept of theater, in which a person performs different roles in front of an


Advance Surveillance and Security in the Social Media Regime: An Analysis of the Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

The use of the information superhighway, which is enabled by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has helped to strengthen and extend security surveillance and information sharing across the entire continents of the world. The potential of the Internet and its associated social media tools as an open communication system to create an alert on impending


A New Method of Resistance to the Political Power: Social Media

Does social media have a voice of authority over the political power? Nowadays, one of the most controversial issues in modern societies is social media. Social media sites used for sharing content such as music and videos, for finding friends, for following current events, have transformed into a tool for struggling with the political power.


Development of a Survey Based Tool to Measure Digital Literacy in Arabic Speaking Internet Users.

Many countries have embarked on ambitious programs to make the resources of modern information technology available to their citizenry to eliminate the digital divide both within their countries and to catch up with others. However, for this strategy to succeed, it is not sufficient simply to make Internet connectivity available. US research demonstrates that Internet


Problems Regarding the Invasion of Privacy on the Internet in Japan.

The simple law that people imitate the desires of others, which Sigmund Freud asserted was at the base of all consumption, helps us to understand how media is successfully supported by advertising revenue. Therefore, successful advertisements must imply popularity. We inhabit a world centered on fashion and social order, which originally included deviation or ambiguity,