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The Habitat Differentiation for the Fairness

I am a developmentally disabled person. In this paper, we challenge considering formalizing the relationship between the fairness in econometric analysis of Rawls’s theory of justice and Barwise’s information flow and propose the realization of an equality society for persons with disabilities who can be distinguished from non-handicapped persons. Deterministic social structures are being created


Public Diplomacy in Lebanon: From Sectarian Division to Communitocracy

It has been almost three decades since the war in Lebanon ended. A new post-war generation which does not have the same legacy and formative experience is now active in the civil however, it seems that this new generation is more apathetic than their predecessors, lacks a unified sense of “state” and is less willing


Policy Implications of Leadership Instability in Contemporary Australian Politics

Australia’s Liberal-National Party (LNP) Coalition government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott has already confronted leadership instability, despite its decisive election victory over the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in September 2013. One of the great ironies of contemporary Australian politics is how the conservative LNP has become subject to similar party leadership turmoil which dogged the


Local Institutions, Fetish Oaths and Blind Loyalties to Political Godfathers in South-Western Nigeria

This presentation examines the involvement of traditional rulers and other institutions such as Community Development Association (CDA) and Community Development Council (CDC) in the mobilization for both local and General Elections in south-western Nigeria. It argues that the upgrading of some village heads to the position of kings, together with the creation of the position


Solidarity in Modern Liberal Societies

The question of the relation between the individual and society has recently gathered momentum in the debate on the universality of human rights. Communitarian critics like Charles Taylor — or more recently Otto Depenheuer — argue that due to emphases on inalienable rights of individual freedom, solidarity between members of society is vanishing, as people