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Unprogrammed Artificial Intelligent, Clone-focusing on the Film Never Let Me Go

What would happen if there is a machine that could learn emotions at a very similar pace to humans? The machine exists in reality. It is clones, which are created by humans like robots, and which humans have control of, and which benefit humans. The film Never Let Me Go is a great visual representation


A Study on Differences between Experts and Consumers in Creative Advertising Effect regarding Commercial TV Advertisement

Advertisement can be seen everywhere in life and is also the main tool for communication with consumers. In today’s advertising media, The TV advertisement has the highest budget, the widest coverage, and powerful audio-visual effects. And a good TV commercial must have good performances in order to attract the attention of consumers. However, when it


Cross-influence Between Robot Anime and Tokusatsu in SSSS Gridman

This article focuses on the cross-influence between the establishment of the Robot Anime genre and the Tokusatsu in order to understand how both genres were fundamental in shaping and changing the way we perceive Japanese media, domestically and across the world. The design of plamodels and robotic mechanisms will be a point of contact for


The Representation of Femininity and Masculinity in American Film Posters

The study used qualitative textual analysis to analyze the gender representation and equality between genders in film posters from 1950s to 2010s. The study focused on the Oscar film winners from 1950s to 2017. The total of film posters is 62. United Kingdom winners are excluded from my sample because the posters are very few


Reclaiming the Future of Undergraduates from the Challenges of Social Media: Elizade University, Ilara Mokin in Analysis

Functions such as stating, questioning, requesting, and exclaiming can be performed by languages especially, English language. Social Media had done a lot of evil than good globally. This has in a great way affected the future of the youths. Many youths spend a lot of time chatting, posting, pinging, following, just to mention but a