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ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2018: Official Conference Proceedings

ACE2018, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Conference Theme: “Surviving & Thriving”
Saturday, October 13th – Monday, October 15th, 2018
ISSN: 2186-5892

The Economics and Politics of the Shift from K to 10 Curriculum to K to 12: The Philippine Experience

After several years of hesitation, the Philippine government finally adopted a 12-year basic education curriculum with the signing, in 2013, of Republic Act 10533, known as the K to 12 law. The law was a response to the perception that Philippine education as substandard which resulted in Filipino graduates being discriminated against in the global

The Impact of International Students in the Japanese Classroom

One of the immediate measures adopted by the Japanese government in response to the needs of internationalization was to increase the number of incoming foreign students to Japan (Ikeguchi, 2016). As a result, the number of foreign students as of May 1, 2017 was reported at 267,042, according to the Annual Survey of International Students

Online (Re)Learning: Factors in Accessing the Internet to Aid in Mathematics Understanding

This paper aims to examine and analyze an aspect of digital learning scarcely, if not at all, covered in the literature; that is, possible factors that motivate students in accessing the Internet for aid in understanding mathematics. Using activity theory as a lens in viewing these factors, this study makes considerable contribution to the research

Crisis Marketing Strategy Antecedents of Performance of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Region III, Philippines

This paper studies the marketing strategy antecedents of the performance of higher education institutions in the Philippines in the light of the crisis brought about by the K-12 Curriculum. Antecedents include Market Focus, Market Expansion, Program Offerings, Program Differentiation, Cost Leadership in Tuition, Place/Location Expansion, Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events & Experiences, Public Relations, Direct &

Equity and Meritocracy in the Singapore Education System: Can There Be a Balance?

The Republic of Singapore is a small multiracial and multicultural island-nation. While the Malays are recognized as the country’s indigenous group, they make up less than 14% of the total population. The Chinese, being the dominant group, form 75%, while the Indians, at 8%, are represented as another minority group. The rest of the population

Literacy Learning Program Using 3D Kanji Models for Children with Developmental Dyslexia

A unique program for the 3D representation of letters (including stroke order and structure) has been developed to support intelligible understanding of written Japanese kanji by children with developmental dyslexia using a tablet computer. The 3D kanji consists of ordered pairs of strokes with distinctly different depths. This study, therefore, aims to test the efficacy

Van Hiele’s Instructional Model in Teaching Tangents and Secants of Circles

The research study aimed to identify the pupils’ skill in proving mathematical concepts about tangents and secants of circles using Van Hiele’s instructional model. Quasi – experimental method of research was used in this study. The study was conducted during the first semester of S.Y.2017 – 2018 using fifteen students from Grade 10 as the

Using GSP in Creating Concept Image on the Topic Theory Graph for Eighth Grade Students

The purposes of this research were to create a concept image, to study the achievement and to study the attitudes towards the topic Theory Graph by using GSP. The research samples were 26 schooling eighth-grade students for gifted child in science and mathematics curriculum from Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage Demonstration School

Demographic Profiles of Principals and Performance of Public Elementary Schools in the Schools Division of Imus City

The widely quoted biblical verse ‘By their fruits, ye shall know them’ aptly relates to school leadership. The quality of education delivered to students is dependent on how the learning process is managed in the schools. A systematic review conducted by Osborne-Lampkin, Folsom, and Herrington (2015) that examined 52 empirical studies published between 2001 and

The Development of Competency of Creation of Learning Management for English Teachers by Coaching & Mentoring

The purposes of this research were: 1) to compare the competency of the creation of learning management for English teachers by coaching & mentoring and 2) to study the English teachers’ satisfaction towards the development of creation of learning management. The target group was eight English teachers in Lumphun province (Thailand). The experiments’ instruments were:

Integrating Neurodidactics Stimulation into Blended Learning in Accommodating Students’ English Learning in an EFL Setting

The article reports a research on integrating neurodidactics stimulation into blended learning in accommodating students’ learning foreign language. The most important principles of neurodidactics and brain-based teaching are involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. The learners’   emotion about language affects their desires to learn a language. This study aims to examine (1) how can neurodidactic process of blended learning be

Low Proficient Students’ Oral Interaction with Native Speaker of English as a Language Assistant in the Classroom

There are many students in Indonesia who are afraid of speaking in English. The lack of vocabulary, fluency, accuracy, and also exposure makes it difficult for students to be confident speaking English. This study entitled ‘Low proficient Student’ Oral Interaction with Native Speakers of English as a Language Assistant in the Classroom’ is aimed to

Effectiveness of the Pragmatic Skills Intervention for Young Adults with Mild Intellectual Disability (With and Without Co-Morbid Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Background: Teachers and Vocational Trainers feedback that students with a mild intellectual disability (with and without co-morbid Autism Spectrum Disorder) lacked the pragmatic skills necessary for them to be work ready. They were aged between 17 to 21 years old and are undergoing a structured programme of vocational education, aim at preparing them to be

2C-2I-1R Approaches: Way to Reduce Math Anxiety Among Senior High School Learners

This paper aimed at determining the possible solution to the Math anxiety of Senior High School (SHS) learners of Talangan Integrated National High School (TINHS). Alongside teaching, the teacher-researcher explored different activities which promote the 2C-2I-1R approaches that the Department of Education mandated to be used for 21st-century learners. These activities are TDAR (Think-Discuss-Act-Reflect) which

Mind Mapping and Science Performance of Grade 5 Pupils of San Juan Elementary School, Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

This study aimed at determining the effect of mind mapping to the Science performance of Grade 5 Pupils of San Juan Elementary School. Two strategies were executed by the researcher in order to analyze the performance of 40 pupils. For the direct teaching, the teacher delivered the topic on ‘Female Reproductive System’ with the proper

An Analysis on the Perceptions of High School Teachers in Manila, Philippines Towards Student Data Privacy and its Legal Implications

Information and communication technology (ICT) has been making its way into our lives since the invention of the Internet and its applications, including the daily usage of internet social media. In recent years, it has conquered the education industry, providing school administrators and teachers a more challenging, yet effective and practical way of managing school

Valuing Students Involvement in the Teaching Process: Pedagogical Implications of Self-Reflection in the EFL Classroom

Self-reflection can be recognized as a process that gives students the opportunity to stop and be reflective about the learning that has taken place(Davies, Herbst, & Busick,2013). This presentation provides an analysis of Japanese EFL college students’ reflective diaries, as they were collected in a speaking and listening course. The study explores the involvement of

Teacher Professional Development Through Distance Education: The Ghanaian Experience

In spite of the global interests in teacher continuing professional development (CPD), Ghana is yet to institutionalise the implementation of well-designed CPD policies to guide teachers’ practice. At present, professional development opportunities entail teachers’ participation in hardly organised in-service training and workshops activities. Consequently, continuing education through the distance education has emerged to be the

Internationalization at Home – Enhancing Students’ Intercultural Competence in “Intercultural Co-Learning Class”

Japanese universities face an increasing demand – from students as well as industries – for quality education that is directly connected to the improvement of students’ employability. One of the important components of employability is intercultural competence. As the world becomes more globalized and diversified, our students need to be not only internationally minded but

Challenges and Opportunities to the Use of Google Docs Sharing for Realtime Writing Task Feedback: Inclusive ESL Classroom at JMS

The integration of technology in language learning is not something new in the formal education context. This study explores the challenges and opportunities in real teaching and learning experiences toward the use of Google Docs Sharing for real-time feedback in writing task applied in inclusive lower secondary level (Year 6 to Year 8) context. Through

The Development of a Novel Using Storytelling Technique as a Learning Tool in Promoting Student Engagement and Satisfaction

The purposes were to 1) develop a novel using storytelling technique as a learning tool 2) examine student engagement and satisfaction. The purposive sample group was 24 students. The research instruments were 1) a developed novel 2) a questionnaire collecting expert opinions towards appropriateness 3) an observation checklist towards student engagement 4) a questionnaire towards

E-Learning Strategies in English Language Learning in Pre-Service Teacher Education: A Comparison Study in Hong Kong and Mainland China

The knowledge and pedagogies of e-learning in English language learning in teacher education courses would be developed and transformed by student teachers via pre-service learning experiences. The strategies of e-learning in English language learning of student teachers in the teaching education courses and their own teaching practices lead to a widespread discussion in Hong Kong

Zoo Kids Zone in Chiang Mai Zoo: Best Practice Activities Under the Concept of Edutainment

In the term of edutainment which is currently defined as the helper for social and health problems, this paper is intended to empirically apply the conceptual framework of edutainment to evaluate the behavior of young tourists who attended to the Zoo Kid Zone in Chiang Mai zoo, Thailand. Additionally, the empirical practice done in this

A Study of Praise, Motivation, and Self-Esteem of Low-Achieving Students in Mentoring Groups

The study attempts to examine the effects of evidence-based praise strategies on the learning motivation and self-esteem in low-achieving students in mentoring groups and study the processes that influence the corresponding changes. Participants in the study were students from two secondary schools in Hong Kong. Thirty-two students participated in one of the four weekly mentoring

The Academic Culture Shock Experiences of Turkish International Students in Japan: A Qualitative Study

Universities in Japan host a substantial number of international students including Turkish students. The number of Turkish students in Japan estimated is 160. The Turkish culture is a combination of the Western and the Eastern cultural elements, and the synthesis of both collectivistic and individualistic cultures whereas Japan is considered a collectivistic country. Although there

The Role of Non-Formal Education in Developing Rural Youth Empowerment

High unemployment levels remain a real concern for developing countries like Indonesia, where employment growth is much slower than population growth, with youth experiencing the highest unemployment rate and difficulties finding a place in the national workforce. This is often compounded by poverty which is an entrenched social and economic challenge. To support poverty reduction

Effects of 3D Printing Interactive Technology on Special Education for Children with Different Disabilities

Using assistive technology as a tool in special education is an important intervention for children with special need in recent studies. This study proposes to develop an interactive tool that functions as a low-cost, learning interface for children with different disabilities. Two children from a resource class in the elementary school participated in this research.

The Performance of Factor and Multiple Problem-Solving for the Fifth Grade with Mathematic Underachievers

The research method adopted ‘survey study’ in quantitative research. The purpose was to explore the performance of factor and multiple problem-solving in the fifth-grade underachievers, including the performance of a test, the patterns of error and the causes of error. The participants came from a public elementary school in Tainan city, a total of 53

A Study at the Constitution of Students’ Family Backgrounds of an Elite University in the Perspective of Cultural Capital

According to P. Bourdieu, educational outcomes are not mainly determined by mental abilities but habitus that develops within the social space in which parents convert their economic capital into cultural capital. Therefore, middle/ upper-class students situate a privileged position and working-class students are in an unprivileged status and such a difference, in turn, constitutes educational

Teacher Agency in Mother Tongue: From Social Practice to Legislation

Drawing on the lived experience of teachers in implementing the Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE), this research offered a social analysis on the practice of mother tongue, employing Practice Theory as a frame of analysis. This framework suggests that the shift of language policy in the Philippine Basic Education, from monolingual to bilingual, to multilingual

An Exploration of the Experiences of Students in Multi-Generational ESL Classrooms in Japan

This qualitative study is a basic interpretative inquiry studying the experiences of adult students 18 years of age and older in a multi-generational ESL classroom. The study is informed by social constructivism, social constructionism, and andragogy. It focused on how students viewed their experiences in the multi-generational classroom and how the development of relationships among

Learner Autonomy and Hand Raising in the Japanese University EFL Classroom

Foreign faculty teaching EFL in Japan often encounter a disconnect between their expectations of classroom participation and those of Japanese students. This begs the questions, ‘How do Japanese university students view hand raising in the classroom?’ and ‘What inhibits or encourages Japanese students to hand raise in the classroom?’ As a reflective practice project, we

Challenges Associated with the Implementation of Active Learning: A Small-Scale Study of Japanese University EFL Teachers

Active learning (AL) – recently described as ‘independent, dialogical, and deep learning’ – has been widely adopted by Japanese universities. Now, despite reservations and anxieties expressed by high school EFL teachers (Nakai, 2016), the upcoming educational reform will also require the implementation of AL in all Japanese high schools. This small-scale study, therefore, aims to

Assessment of ESP Textbooks

Implementing English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has become a popular practice in Japanese universities. One difficulty in designing and implementing ESP programs is identifying appropriate ESP textbooks. Faced with this difficulty, our university created four original ESP textbooks. The current study examines the efficacy of two English textbooks which targets second-year Physical Therapy (PT) and

Developing and Creating Multimedia for Learning Values of Thai Literature

This qualitative research aimed to create effective multimedia for learning values of Thai literature and producing it as an innovative media. Processes of developing the required media resulted from discussions of five scholars analyzing and sorting out effective ways of making the multimedia. Findings of the research were concluded as these: 1) contents of the

A New Definition and Vision of Student Mentorship: A Research Study Conducted by Honor Student and Professor of Speech at South Carolina State University, USA

Operationally, descriptive research in this study will define the making of a New Student Mentor and outline responsibilities of this new student leader on the college campus. The New Student Mentor (s) and tenured faculty will be argued as key sources of support for targeted peer-student enrollees. Studies in higher education show that tenured associate

Academic Research in Vocationally-Oriented Higher Education: Perspectives From Teaching Staff

Academics’ need to publish research output in order to succeed in tertiary education has been discussed extensively. Less is known about research and publication needs of staff working in vocationally-oriented higher institutes who, until recently, were judged primarily on their teaching contribution. However, there has been a noticeable trend across the world whereby career development

Solitary Education: Introducing the Uses of Solitude

The state of solitude has always been associated with unusual human circumstances such as confinement in prison, a voluntary religious experience, or explorers charting new challenges in remote lands. The contemporary global capitalist world, however, with advanced information technology and the many gadgets made available to those who can afford them, is seen by many

Task-Based Language Teaching in Education in ASEAN Course for Student Teachers Mathematics English Program

Education in ASEAN means the course for students, learn about the evolution of education management, analyze the curriculum, teaching and learning of the countries in ASEAN and students are required to use English in this course. The objectives of this research were to study the achievement, to study the students’ language ability, and to study

The Comparative Study on Compliment Responses Between Indonesian EFL Students and English Native Speakers

While Western people use more acceptance continuum on compliment response, Indonesians utter more denial continuum which can somehow put the speakers into a face-threatening situation. This study investigated compliment responses employed by EFL students and English native speakers. Two research questions were set: 1) How do Indonesian EFL students and English native speakers respond to

Leagility in Education: Logistics and Supply Chain Management as a Dynamic Education Paradigm

The terminology of-agile education’,-agile pedagogy’,-the agile classroom’, has gained prominence in the literature in recent times. The concept of agile education emanates from the concept of-organizational agility’, which has been adopted and adapted to agile shipbuilding, agile logistics and supply chain, and agile software development, which, together with the concepts of Lean Thinking, which has

Reflections on the Current Problems and Future Development of Rural Education in China

Urbanization, industrialization, marketization and rapid mobilization have many negative effects on the current education in the rural areas of China. One of them is caused by the small-scaled schools which have already become a common phenomenon in rural areas of China. However, these schools haven’t made full preparation as well as adjustment to the decline

Finding Opportunities Within the Conventional Curriculum to Provide Research Experience to Undergraduate Students: A Collaborative Effort with College Teachers

In the past decade, undergraduate courses in Biotechnology and Microbiology in Indian universities have emerged as popular choices among students for their potential for aiding placement into industry and research laboratories. The laboratory curriculum for these disciplines includes an impressive list of experiments; however, they are conducted piecemeal, often by several different lecturers generally focused

A Descriptive Analysis on Grammatical-Morphology Patterns of the Deaf College Students’ Indonesian Written Language

Along with the encouragement of Inclusive Education in Universitas Brawijaya-Indonesia, the students with disability, including the Deaf, are having an opportunity to join higher education in the mainstream educational context. It is challenging for Deaf students, especially those graduated from Special Needs Schools since their previous education has not prepared them to access higher education.

The Relationship Between Musical Instrument Adoption and Professions of Music Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in Thailand 4.0

This research is the integration of qualitative research and quantitative research. The purposes are 1) to study factors and motivations when selecting musical instruments for learning Western music of music students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University 2) to study factors for making a decision on music careers of music students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Thailand 4.0 Music Students: Study on Classical Guitar Repertoire Learning Process

The purpose of this research is to study technique or methodology that music student of Thailand 4.0 uses for accomplishing the assigned repertoire for finding appropriate guitar methods that should be used in the future. Thailand 4.0 is the education system that focuses on developing and innovating knowledge for social need. Integrating and creating new

Administration Factors Affecting Student Development in Thailand 4.0 at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

The objectives of this research were to study the main idea of Thailand 4.0 for student developments and to study administration factors affecting student development in the faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. This study was qualitative research, collecting data from five experts of Thailand 4.0, 15 lecturers of the faculty

Music Curriculum Supporting Music Occupation for Music Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in Thailand 4.0

The objective of this qualitative research was to study music occupation for music students in Thailand 4.0 and study music curriculum that supports music occupation for music students in Thailand 4.0. The data were collected from interviews with university music teacher, musician and the person who are knowledgeable about Thailand 4.0 total of 15 persons

The Role of Technology in Improving Teaching and Learning Process at Tadulako University Central Sulawesi Indonesia

The use of technology in classrooms is rapidly growing. Therefore, this study attempted to give an in’depth analysis of the integration of technology in the classroom and the impact it has on student achievement. It is a qualitative study which employed questionnaires for both teachers and students. The questionnaire of teachers intended to find out

I am a Mercenary Now’: International Teachers as a Global Educational Precariat?

International teachers still remain an under-researched group in the field of international education (Bailey, 2015; Bunnell, 2016). They have typically been defined from a personal perspective (Garton, 2000) or in terms of fixed character types (Hardman, 2001). However, recent studies (Baily, 2015; Burke, 2015; Savva, 2015, 2017) have started to reclaim the international teacher experience

The Effect of Product, Service, and Customer Satisfaction on Word of Mouth Behavior

Banks are financial intermediaries which are vital to support the economy. Banks are simply interpreted as financial institutions whose business activities save funds from the community and distribute the funds back to the community as well as provide other banking services. The development and improvement of service quality from this company are important to get

The Significance and Strategy of Innovative Learning in the Age of Intelligence

The way people use to get information and knowledge and communicate has been changed in the age of intelligence and brings bigger challenges to human learning. First, where the knowledge comes from is complex and changeable. Second, the value orientation of knowledge is diversified. Third, knowledge can be acquired by diverse methods. Only by innovative

Web-Based Science Learning as Innovative Instruction

There are so many mediums of technology, which is radically redefined in order to obtain communication and change the view of teaching and learning. The widespread use of the World Wide Web (www) extended the capacity of the different educational institutions involved in training to extend the possibilities of e-learning. There are a lot of

The Investigation of Grammatical Instruction on Pragmatics of Thai EFL Learners: A Case of the 1st Year English Major Students

The study of The Investigation of Grammatical Instruction on Pragmatics of Thai EFL Learners: A Case of the 1st Year-English-Major Students of Nakhon Phanom University, Thailand aims to investigate whether the grammatical instruction affects pragmatic acquisition of Thai EFL learners’ scores, and to examine what types of the request speech act influence pragmatic acquisition of

Kinesthetic Perception, Physical Activity and On-Task Behavior in Thematic Learning

Objective: To investigate associations between kinesthetic perception, physical activity and on-task behavior in thematic learning, and evaluate how they correlate to academic performance in math reading and spelling. Methods: This study included 25 children (age: 6-7 years, 14 girls). Kinesthetic perception was evaluated in space-visuomotor task accuracy test (kinesthetic perception test and measurement). Level of

Comparison of the Learning Curve and Adaptive Behavior From Kids to Adults who Create Mobile-Apps and Little Robots Using Block-Programming

Block programming presents an interactive and very simple way to learn to program, today block programming applications allow you to develop applications for mobile phones, they also allow the development of the control of electronic hardware components such as sensors and motors. In this article we present a study on how much the learning speed

Nutritional Information Media for Elementary School Children

This study aims to review researches on media applied for nutritional information provision of elementary school children. This is an introductory research for determining suitable media for nutritional information provision of elementary school children in Indonesia. The data is collected from the database Scopus, Indonesian Scientific Journal Database (ISJD), and Google Scholar in the range

Instructional Scaffolding Through Zap the Gap Approach: Bridging Academic Achievement in Science for Students at-Risk

Student learning gaps result in today’s most serious education challenges – retention and dropouts. This learning gap passed to the next grade become significant, often unsolvable problems that cause teachers to intervene more. This action research was designed to determine the effectivity of instructional scaffolding through Zap the Gap materials in the improvement of academic

Social Inclusion: A Systemic Approach to Child’s Well Being

The presentation will serve as a guide for teachers in contributing to the child’s well -being. It will also enable them to transform the environment into inclusive and equitable learning spaces. In this paper, we have focused on the ecological systems theory which clarifies the role and importance of school and teachers as caretakers in

Exploring Leadership Characteristics of Public and Private High School Administrators in Malabon City: A Comparative Analysis

The study investigated Administrators-Leadership Characteristics in terms of leadership style, traits and integrity. Twenty-one (21) administrators, 145 middle-level administrators and 378 teachers were involved in the study from twelve 12 public and nine (9) private high schools in the Division of Malabon. The descriptive method of research was used with a questionnaire as the data

Beliefs, Attitudes and Challenges in the Implementation of K-12 New Curriculum: Basis for a Curriculum Implementation Model

This research study sought to determine the dominant factors influencing the implementation of a new curriculum such as the K-12 curriculum. Two-hundred ninety respondents from the four schools of Lanao del Norte participated in this study to investigate their beliefs and attitudes towards implementation practices of a new curriculum. Using factor analysis, a total of

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Towards Sustainable Rural Tourism After the Tsunami in Aceh

The study investigated the rural tourism in Aceh after a decade of the tsunami. Reports revealed that tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world that benefits a country’s economy and local communities. Thus, the main concern should be the human capital and human resources to ensure successfulness and the sustainability of the rural

Thai University Students’ Perceptions and Practices of Smartphone Use for English Language Learning

Mobile learning is now a growing trend in learning languages. Mobile devices like smartphones are commonly used by university students in their daily lives and are also commonly allowed in classrooms. There have been an increasing number of language learning applications. Previous studies have suggested that those applications on smartphones can help develop students’ language

Iliganon Myths and Folklores: Its Effect to Social Culture

This study gathers the Iliganon myths and folklores and shows its effect on social culture. Iligan City is situated in Northern Mindanao and is approximately 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. The researchers used interviews and internet resources in gathering these folklores. As early as the 1900’s or earlier, oral lores were sprouting in a locality

The Satisfaction Supportive Learning Materials of Students in Medical and Public Health Secretary Program

Objectives of this study were to ascertain the satisfactory and guidelines for improving on logistics to support learning activities of. Medical and Public Health Secretary Program College of Allied Health Sciences Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. This is a good way to improve things. Support the learning to be more effective. This study was conducted using

Japanese English Language Education at the Preschool Level: Institutional Possibilities, Home Options and the Utilization of Both

The implementation of formal English language classes at the Japanese elementary school from the year 2020 has recently revived interest in early childhood English education programs among parents and educators. As more parents have become interested in providing children with language learning opportunities in English, so has the market – along with the number of

International Mindedness to Survive & Thrive – Challenges & Possibilities

International schools, particularly under the auspices of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), are unique hothouses of K-12 Education. These 4937 schools are situated in various contexts across the world and are required to deliver a challenging curriculum that is concept based and inquiry driven. At the middle years and diploma level, this includes compulsory components

Revolutionary Potential of Metaphors for English Language Teaching and Learning

Metaphors, in the form of visual symbols or stories, have been long used by our ancestors to bestow their wisdom and belief to their children. It is essentially not a new tool in the education field for it is long used to present ideas and to gain insights for generations. Metaphors help us describe, visualize,

The Study of Clinical Observation of Acupuncture Therapy in the Treatment of Motor Aphasia After Cerebral Infarction

Objective: To observe the clinical efficacy of acupuncture on post- cerebral infarction aphasia. Methods: The clinical study was based on the comparison of results pre and post-treatment. 83 Patients, diagnosed with acute cerebral infarction with motor aphasia, were enrolled. They had 6 treatments per week with a day rest, 4 weeks treatment course. They had

Using Social Innovation to Implement Weixin Shengjiao Doctrine in Lifelong Education

In the past decade, the concept of social innovation has been constantly looked at and examined by scholars, for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations and the government, and has been widely explored and applied. Taiwan is facing the problem of an aging population and low birth rate. It is therefore of the essence to be able to

Top Future Skills in Cross-Disciplinary Design Education

Cross-disciplinary education is increasing in popularity. According to the World Economic Forum report, ‘The Future of Jobs’, the top skills in the future will be complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity (World Economic Forum, 2016). Universities expect graduates to be leaders and innovators in the workplace and in society (Gross, 2009). Are Design Schools

The Route of Spiritual Education: Chinese Culture’s Guigu Spiritual Method

Spiritualism is the faith or belief that an individual maintains concerning life’s ultimate value. Out of the world’s four ancient civilizations, only the Chinese culture has remained fairly unbroken in its continuity, and the I Ching can be found at the root of the Chinese philosophy and thoughts. All that governs Chinese culture can be

A Study of Satisfaction of Students Towards the Bachelor of Science in Medical and Public Health Secretary

This research was aimed to study the satisfaction of students towards the Bachelor of Science (new curriculum in 2016) in Medical and Public Health Secretary, College of Allied Health Sciences, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University (2017 academic year). It was the descriptive research by using the questionnaire as the tool for data gathering, the population was

Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Nepal: The Role of Mother Tongue-Based Education for Better Learning Outcomes

Linguistically diverse, Nepal has 123 different mother tongues and for 55% of the people, Nepali (national language) is their second language of communication. This context poses a serious constraint on learning achievement for early grade students as the primary teaching language in all government schools is Nepali. Realizing this problem, Nepal has recently prioritized multilingual

Efficacy of Moodle Forums in Teaching and Learning

Lecturer-centered pedagogy of teaching and learning is becoming less effective to deliver courses. As a graduate outcome of current programs fail to impress students, it is time to look at what can be done to enhance the learning experience. Moodle is now deployed widely by the Universities and private higher education providers in Australia. This

Student Ambiguity Tolerance as Predictor of Problem-Solving Ability in Mathematics

Development of problem-solving ability among students is one of the main goals of mathematics education. This study investigated the relationship between student ambiguity tolerance and their problem-solving ability in mathematics. In particular, it sought to determine whether or not students’ positive reaction toward unfamiliar or uncertain stimuli predict their ability to solve non-routine word problems.

Understanding & Applying Character Education in Chemistry: A Case Study of 10th Grade High School in Indonesia

Indonesia tries to balance the quality of content learned and the quality of the characters one’ develops. Character education implemented to prepare good human resources in the future as the golden generation of Indonesia 2045. Based on The Presidential Regulation no. 87 of 2017 on Strengthening Character Education, there are 18 character values that related

The System Dynamics of Character Education in Indonesia

There has been growing interest in Indonesia’s character education, especially after The Presidential Regulation no. 87 of 2017 on Strengthening Character Education and The 2003 National Education System Law. Indonesia is predicted will be a great industrial country in 2045. A stable education system is essential to build a nation and accelerate Indonesia’s development to

What are Missing on the English Teacher Preparation Programme at Japanese Universities in Terms of Pronunciation Instruction?

The purpose of this study is to examine how English pronunciation instruction is dealt with in the teacher preparation programme at Japanese universities and to suggest how the trainees can be better prepared in terms of pronunciation instruction before they start teaching in classroom settings. The literature review verifies vicious cycle of pronunciation of instruction,

Internationalization in a National Education System: Initiatives in Japan to Introduce International Baccalaureate Programmes

Our rapidly changing world means that education in any part of the globe must now serve an increasingly complex set of needs and purposes. The Japanese government recognizes the need for changes in the traditional national educational system, the need to internationalize. As one of many initiatives to address this MEXT is working to introduce

All On Screen : The Effects of Digitized Learning Activities on Increasing Learner Interest and Engagement in EFL Classroom

With digital natives as learners, today’s EFL classroom has become a challenging field for teachers to design a lesson which will effectively capture and maintain learner attention and engagement. This study attempts to elaborate a technology-based learning environment in order to increase learner interest and deeply engage them in classroom activities. “All On Screen” scheme

The Effectiveness of Gamification in Finance Education

The Finance educators today face many challenges in providing an effective learning environment to their students: the millennials, who are the digital natives. They have different learning styles and require new teaching and learning process that have triggered the main problems in education today. It is no longer possible to assume that the learning could

A Study on a Method of Integrating AR Markers into a Foreign Language Learning System for Task-Based Activities

In this paper, we investigate a method to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) into a foreign language learning environment for task-based activities. We accomplish that task by focusing mainly on two objectives. First, AR markers can be applied to integrate some objects into the language learning environment as learning materials. Second, movement of an AR-tagged object

The Context of Curator in the Twenty-First Century: A Study at Museums in Bangkok Area

The purpose of this research is to study the context and progression of the curator in the Twenty-First Century. Since the millennium, the flood of technological and economic growth significantly affected the context of the curator. The curator is not only a keeper or collector of digital data cultural heritage as before, but must also

The Effects of Software Interaction Mode on Nominal Group Creativity in Online Classes

When students work together in a group in an online class, often times they work in a ‘nominal group’ – a term used to address the situation when individuals work separately – rather than an actual group. This paper focuses on an electronic brainstorming task in nominal groups in online classes, where group members can

Improvement of Listening Skills of Thai Elementary Japanese Learners Using the Top-Down Shadowing Approach

A common problem for Thai elementary Japanese learners is a failure in listening comprehension despite learning quite a lot of vocabulary and grammar. Thus, the author conducted a study by using the top-down shadowing approach for approximately three months to develop the listening skills of a group of Thai elementary Japanese learners. This study found

Collaborative Assistive Technology in Mathematics Learning for Students with Special Needs

This study is an interactive and collaborative assistive technology in mathematics learning for students with special needs. The participants in this study were 3 first grade of elementary school students who with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual and developmental disability and developmental delay respectively. The purpose was to promote interpersonal interaction, active participation, and understanding in

Manufactory: Promoting 3D Spatial Skills with Productive Failure and Educational Games

This research study investigated an innovative teaching and learning framework that incorporated the proven concept of Productive Failure (PF) and educational games. The aim is to design a new approach that effectively enhances students’ learning experience and improves their understanding capacities in the threshold concepts of product manufacturing and assembly. As a measure to promote

Digital Technology Use of Teachers and Students and Their Perceptions of Technology Integration into English Curriculum in Thailand

In this digital age, many CALL scholars affirmed the leverage of digital technologies and social media to access enormous authentic online resources. Moreover, technologies can increase students’ motivation, their learning outcome and make teaching and learning more constructive and engaging. However, no research to date explored in depth the digital technology use of students and

Reading as a Problem Solving Task and Digital School

The renewed school idea, understood as an open learning space that allows students to develop life skills, imposes an overview of reading in a new epistemological dimension. Within the European educational systems, a prominent role is occupied by the reading comprehension and mastering the language. Reading literacy is a cognitive life-skill that structures thought and

The Effective Dimensions of Engaging Students in Contemporary Architecture Design Studios in Times of Change

The architecture design studio is a pedagogical platform for the majority of learning and teaching experiences that take place within architecture design education. The traditional architecture design studio pedagogical model signified as “signature pedagogy” has gradually shifted away from its conventional forms of engaging students. Since the turn of the millennium, the studio has transformed

The Use of ‘Kebudiluhuran’ Aspect As a Curriculum Development in Budi Luhur University

Budi Luhur University located in Jakarta is a private university that has a basic principle in the learning process. Budi Luhur University uses the philosophy of “Cerdas Berbudi Luhur”. based on that in the application of the curriculum that emphasizes on the achievement of learning, Budi Luhur University includes the element of kebudiluhuran in each

The Role of Informal English Language Teaching in Childhood on English Knowledge and Attitude Towards it in Adolescence

The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of informal English language teaching in childhood on English knowledge and attitude towards it in adolescence. The research plot was ex-post facto one. The statistical population includes all first-year students of undergraduate of Islamic Azad University branches who had been studying humanities in the academic