Spatialization of Ownership in Indonesian Broadcast Industry: Study on Media Division of Kompas Gramedia Group


Spatialization is part of the political economy and has now become one of the trends in media industries which eventually will lead to concentration of ownership. This condition happens because the owners consider to expand to a larger media bussiness with minimum efforts. Spatialization refers to the term "the proccess of overcoming the constraints of a space and time." This means media develop an integrated networking system. Networking is a management system in the broadcast industry, where several stations (newspaper, radio or online website) share programs and advertising time. in many cases, spatialization often contain hyper-commercialism which will lead to homogenity of content. Kompas Gramedia Group (Media Division) is an example of a media group that applies spatialization on their media business. Media Division has : KOMPAS TV,, Surat Kabar Harian KOMPAS (newspaper) and radio network ( SonoraFM, Motion FM, ELTIRA FM). This division itself is a part of bigger business conglomeration of KGG, that has many other business other than media, such as Training and Education, Hotel and Resort, Manufacturing and Business Events. The purpose of this paper is to explore the form of spatialization in Media Division Kompas Gramedia Group.

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Isma Adila, Brawijaya University, Indonesia
Indha Novita Putri, Brawijaya University, Indonesia

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Conference: MediAsia2013
Stream: Media Studies

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