An Analysis of Television News Procedure of Televistion Stations by Using Social  Media in Thailand via Ethical Approach


The purposes of this research were operating analysis the television news of the television station in Thailand via ethical approach. This research is the qualitative research. Data collections were ‘Unobtrusive' methods, focuses on the data from print media and social media such as blogs and youtube. The researcher used technique textual and contextual analysis for analysis seeks the answer follows the purposes of this research. The research findings were Ethics Point relate Operating procedure the television news by uses social media in public media organization there are 9 points were 1) Sneaky use of other account, TV program, media organization spreads news. 2) Allow others use an account of oneself take to spreads news. 3) Spreads TV news by oneself gives others misunderstand as if there are authorized by new TV program or media organization 4) Don't separate between fact and opinion obviously. 5) Steal other information to spreads in social media of oneself by not referable. 6) News TV report is biased. 7) News report is likely to cause damage to any person. 8) News report lies or distort fact.9) news report that infringe the privacy right of any person.

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Pnomsit Sonprajuk, Naresuan University, Thailand

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Conference: MediAsia2013
Stream: Media Studies

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