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The Research of Instructional Objectives of Science Education in Taiwan: An Experience of Biology Teaching in Junior High School

The rapid changes bring with the tide of globalization. To promote national development in upcoming knowledge economy and information technology, cultivation of talent becomes an important issue. School education must also be amended and adjusted. In daily life, the relationship of public and technology products is closer and thus the cultivation of scientific literacy is


A Study on Collaborative Learning Based on Dynamic Group in E-Learning

E-learning’s dramatic change in information technology (IT) infrastructure has led to fundamental changes in how educations operate and also brought people flexibility, freedom, and equal rights and opportunity to learn. However, not all students could adapt to virtual learning successfully. There are different characters between students in vocational school systems and students in traditional universities


Continuing Professional Development of Modern Regulators: Innovation and Discovery in Program Approach

The impacts of not establishing and maintaining a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program can be particularly disruptive for regulatory agencies. These impacts can include: knowledge decay, de-skilling, inconsistent work practices, and ineffective regulatory decisions; all of which affect the ability of agencies to deliver public value. CPD is an important element for modern regulators to


Grammar Teaching Approaches for Adult EFL Learners: An Indonesian Perspective

Grammar teaching pedagogy has been rigorously reconceptualised as a result of perpetual shift from one teaching method to another. A number of dimensions dichotomizing grammar teaching approach appears in response to the disparate degrees of grammar positioning in second or foreign language teaching. This paper attempts to rationalize that grammar teaching for adult learners in


Can Elective Course Be Used to Promote Meaningful Learning at Secondary Level? A Study of Students’ Satisfaction in School-Based Course

The evolution of the traditional disciplinary curriculum was implemented by the education policy in Taiwan school curricula, at secondary level to create knowledge and understanding for the 21st century. This study was the first stage of the three-year research project supported by National Science Council of Taiwan, investigating the effectiveness of school-based elective courses in


Conceptions of Learning English with Synchronous Online Tutoring: A Case Study in Taiwan

With the advent of information and communication technologies (ICT), an increasing number of educational institutions are incorporating Internet tools in their teaching programs. In Taiwan, for example, private tutoring is now being transformed from face-to-face mode into distance mode. The purpose of this study was to explore 75 college students’ (around 20 years old) conceptions


The Effect of Literary and Non-Literary Texts on EFL Students’ Critical Reading

Critical reading skills are important for all students around the world. Teaching these skills enables students to be critical readers and helps them to survive in the real world. However, it was found that many EFL students lack critical reading skills. The objective was to enhance EFL students’ critical reading skills. It focused on comparing


Enhancing Vocabulary Learning by Using the Story-based Instruction

Vocabulary has been long believed to be one of the important elements in English learning. If students lack of vocabulary, their language skills will suffer. However, it was found that many students in English as a foreign language (EFL) classrooms had problems in mastering vocabularies. This study was designed to investigate the effectiveness of the


Making Human Network Visible through Costume Making and Scaffolding: A Fieldwork Study of Cosplay Culture

This paper analyzes the relationship between agencies and artifacts represented in ethnographic case studies of ten female informants aged 20-25 participating in the cosplay community. Cosplay is a female-dominated niche subculture of extreme fans and mavens, who are devoted to dressing up as characters from manga, games, and anime. “Cosplayers” are highly conscious of quality


Learning and Teaching Through Social Fabrication: From an Ethnographic Study in “Fablab Kamakura”

This paper analyzes the relationship between participation and learning represented in ethnographic case studies of ten informants aged 23-59 participating in a common-based peer production site, the FabLab Kamakura community. Digital-based personal fabrication is a new wave culture of mavens, who are devoted to alternatives to mass production, and are on a mission “to make


A Study on the Core Concepts of Environmental Aesthetics Curriculum

1.Background/ Objectives and Goals Environmental aesthetics is one of the newly emerging aesthetics concepts of the 20th century; it originated as a reaction to Kant’s “disinterested” aesthetics judgment as well as classical arts, pursuing instead the study of the aesthetic appreciation of natural and human environments. In a broad sense, by exploring the meaning of environmental


Assessment of the Results in Teaching of Control Systems Course in the Perspective of Gender

This paper discusses the assessment of the results in teaching the course of Control Systems in department of Electrical Engineering United Arab Emirates University (UAE-U). In this university, there are segregation in the delivering teaching in the class between female and male students. It means that for one course the instructor needs to open two


Ludic Culture and Simulation Gaming in Teaching the Principles of Economics for Sustainability

Images play an essential role in the composition of knowledge, activity and thinking; any professional occupation needs proper understanding of reality, which means the ability to construct its image. Simulation (or business) games are a valuable source of the imagery assisting in the formation of conceptual language of socio-economic knowledge in general and environmental economics


How and Why Students Learn and Its Implications on Academic Achievement

This study examines the relationships between how and why students learned and their academic achievement for 2646 university students from various faculties. The Learner Awareness Questionnaire (LALQ), a self-report measure of student approaches to learning was administered and academic achievement data were obtained from student CGPA. The results showed significant differences in the approach to


Investigation on Behaviors and Affectation on Teachers and Students Rising From Use of Tablet on Integrated Learning in Primary School

This study was aimed to determine the affectation and behaviors rising from the use of tablet in an integrated learning for grade 1-students and teachers in the primary school. The participants were consisted of 104 teachers and 416 students. Data were collected using questionnaire, where frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test, analysis of variance, and


Teaching and Learning: The Approaches of a Modern Environmental Regulator

Established in 1971, the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA Vic), located in Melbourne Australia, is the world’s third oldest environment protection agency. Like any organisation operating for in excess of four decades, EPA Vic has had to change and consider contemporary approaches to its teaching and learning practices for those staff engaged in regulatory or


Exploring Triangle Centers in Euclidean Geometry with the Geometry Explorer

The aim of this study was to have Thai preservice mathematics teachers explore and visualize various centers of a triangle (incenter, orthocenter, centroid, circumcenter and excenter) using the Geometry Explorer program. The participants comprised of 40 Thai preservice mathematics teachers at Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University, Thailand who enrolled in Foundations of Geometry course during the second


Using a Role Play to Improve Stress and Intonation for Thai Learners

The purpose of this study was to improve learners’ pronunciation focusing on word stress and intonation through a role play. From the purposive random sampling method, 45 of the first year bachelor’s degree students who study in Rajamanagala University of Technology Isan, Nakhon Ratchasima in the first semester of the academic year 2015, were selected


A Preliminary Study of Sports Picture Books applied on High School Special Education Students’ Sports Cognition and Sports Learning Interests

The development about cognition, personality, morality, and life could be promoted on picture books (Lin & Wu, 2014). In the past picture books were widely used in special education areas such as, life education (Peng, 2013), social skills (Tsai, 2014), and gender education (Chang, 2014). Nevertheless the utilization in the special physical education field of


Applying Digital Media Design in Elementary School: A Case Study of the Soma Cube

SOMA cube is a block that combines seven units of different shapes. With diverse assembly methods, these seven blocks can be created to unlimited shapes. Practice the SOMA which implies space record that may therefore enhance the learner’s sense of space memories and designing creativities. This study is to explore all possible profit that can


Impact of Learning and Teaching Management on Cooperative Education Subject for Undergraduate Student at Rajamangala University of Technology, Lanna, Chiangrai

This research aimed to study the Impact of Learning and Teaching Management on cooperative education subject for Undergraduate Student at Rajamangala University of Technology, Lanna, ChiangRai campus. Population were 62 students who enrolled in cooperative education subject. For instruments used in the questionnaire used in the statistical analysis of the frequency, percentage, mean and standard