Month: December 2018


The Tragedy of Humanism: Education at the Crossroads?

In True Humanism, written shortly after the devastation of parts of Europe and Japan, Maritain argued that heightened affirmations of humanism, in some senses, have not had an entirely beneficial or progressive influence: in his own words, one of the great “misfortunes” of “modern history has been that all this progress has been directed by


Passively Active Investing – The Case of the University Endowment

There is a long-standing debate in investment circles about whether active management can outperform passive management. The debate is usually considered on the manager-level, comparing the active management return against an index. This paper looks at the topic on a portfolio level. Using the average asset allocation of a university endowment, this paper replaces managers


Data, Data, Data – What Does Management Want and Need to See?

News flash! Data is important and learning analytics are a major near-term trend. What data does administration need and want to see? How can you build data dashboards that have solid source data and are feasible to update on a routine basis delivering value to management? This presentation will go through variations of reports that


The Value of Yunnan-Vietnam Railway As an Urban Industrial Heritage: Historical Analysis of Its Landscape Changes

Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, also named Indochina-Yunnan railway, as a historical corridor between China and Southeast Asia, constructed in 1900s according to the development plan of French Indochina, is one of the earliest built railways, the first international railway, as well as the longest narrow gauge and single-track railway in China. This study focuses on the area


Sacred Springs and Military Bases: Tangible Cultural Asset Protection in an Okinawan Context

Surrounded by sparkling coral seas with a distinctive local culture and history, Okinawa prefecture is a popular tourist destination for mainland Japanese and foreigners alike; however, Okinawa is also a colonial possession and the location of 70% of the American military bases in Japan. Unlike cultural heritage protection emergencies in times of war or natural


Marmaray Project Sirkeci Rescue Excavations in the Case of Stratification as an Urban Archaeology Example and Its Effects on City Planning

The Marmaray Project was prepared to connect Asian and European parts of the Bosphorus as the biggest transportation project in Istanbul whereby it emerged a great opportunity to connect archaeological dots of the city’s history and even surprised with a lot of new discoveries. Rescue excavations of the three major sites in Marmaray, were held


Re-Inventing Panthalayani Kollam: An Investigation on Heritage Tourism Potential of Panthalayani Port

Panthalayani Kollam is a forgotten medieval port town situated at present day Koyilandi of Kozhikode in Kerala. The place was found to be a trade center of Moorish people, Chinese people, and others with influence of the port. It is mentioned as Pandarani by Portuguese writers, the Flandarina by Friar Odoric, and Fandreeah by Rowlandson’s


Temporal and Regular Placemaking: A Stimulating Tool for Reinforcing Local Identity and Pride

Placemaking has been one of the attempts by grassroots communities to improve the aesthetic appeal of kampung urban informal settlement in Indonesia, in hopes of creating new opportunities for the residents to develop creative output relevant to their historical value of the place and cultural speciality. Hence, they will be able to strengthen and use


Hospital as a City: Reorganization of Future Healthcare Environments in the Context of Twenty-First Century Civilization Challenges

The twenty-first century is a time of tremendous technological breakthrough. Simultaneously with finding ourselves in the innovative world, we have to face the reality of major shifts and social problems on the global scale. Comparing to the last century, the most essential problems are demographic changes and the complexity of population. Staggering density increase in


Bucharest: Towards a Rethinking of the Urban Heritage

Bucharest is an ‘exotic’ city at the juxtaposition of the Oriental world and the Central-Eastern influences. Its fascinating urban tissue is composed out of palimpsest-like layers that reveal an almost organic evolution of the city. From Byzantine sediments to Modernist compositions, from Postmodern interventions to contemporary ‘small gestures’ on urban heritage, Bucharest can be read


Undertaking Automation in the World of Work (WoW) and Society Through Human Resources

Accelerated progress in the field of technology has opened avenues for automation to be an integral part of the World of Work (WoW) and society. A combination of various forms of automation can perform a single job with results that are error-free and less arduous compared to end results produced by humans. Although automation pessimists


Learning Beyond Classroom for First Year Students

LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC) presents the opportunity for faculty to build a strong connection with students through the co-curricular learning. LaGuardia supports at various stages so that LaGuardia students can get an opportunity to learn not only inside the classroom but also outside the classroom. Students participating in co-curricular events is crucial for their academic


How to Apply Learner Autonomy and Self-Assessment Method to Promote Test Takers’ Learning: A Case Study of SAT Test Preparation

In the fields of pedagogy and language assessment, self-assessment has been regarded as an effective teaching and learning method. This method can promote learning in a positive way, and have positive washback on learning, particularly for students who are preparing for high-stake tests. Also, Learner Autonomy has long been accepted as a useful method for


Love Suicides”: A Special Product of Popular Theatre and a Strategic Response for Class Exclusion in Edo Period, Japan (1600-1868)

The Japanese puppet theatre probably was professionally shaped in form, performance regulations, and inventions during the 17th. This theatre could be considered one of the special products of the Edo period in which there is a perfect combination among three different elements: storytellers, a shamisen musician, and puppeteers. Under the rule of the Tokugawa family,


The Angami Naga Perspective of Culture and Values in Nagaland of North-East India

Every Naga community has its own dominant oral narratives that have passed on from one generation to the other talking histories, stories, identity and culture of its people. Naga culture is defined by its rich traditions, customs and cuisines and is also known as ‘The Land of Festivals’, marked by immense beauty of its rich


Keeping Tabs on Reading: Comparing Reading Comprehension Scores of E-Text Readers and Physical Text Readers in Senior High School

Technology plays a powerful role in the field of education (South, 2017), and with digital integration inside the classroom, scholars debated in the use of these e-texts since issues regarding reading comprehension surfaced as researchers tried to tackle new forms of digital learning (Moran et al., 2008). This research aims to compare the pre and


Redefining Dwelling for the Anthropocene

Between 1970 and 2015, the average size of newly constructed homes in the United States, increased by 79%, from a size of 1,500 to 2,687 square feet. This shift has redefined our conception of the family unit and inherently, it has also redefined their habitation needs. With an estimated third of households in the United


Development of Interviewing and Presentation Skills: Using Action Research Methodology

The goal of the study was to develop interviewing and presentation skills of the course participants, who were being prepared to get into the main stream program as entrants of Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP). The training program was sponsored by a reputable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Institute of Ismaili Studies, London . Besides attending the


Transcontextualizing Contemporary Filipino Gay-Themed Movies: Its Message to the LGBT Community

This study focused on transcontextualizing contemporary Filipino gay-themed movies. Utilizing Content Analysis, this study deciphered the underlying message of each contemporary Filipino gay-themed movie and its social relevance to the LGBT community. As an analytic strategy, content analysis enables a systematic examination of forms of communication to document patterns objectively. It is a method for


Development of Interviewing and Presentation Skills: Using Action Research Methodology

The goal of the study was to develop interviewing and presentation skills of the course participants, who were being prepared to get into the main stream program as entrants of Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP). The training program was sponsored by a reputable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Institute of Ismaili Studies, London . Besides attending the


The Development of the Resilience Questionnaire for Elementary School Students: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

The purpose of the study was to develop the Resilience Questionnaire for Elementary school students by using confirmatory factor analysis. The participants were selected by multi stage cluster random sampling. The participants were 311 elementary school students aged 9-11 years and studying grade 4-6. Factor analytic findings supported a five-factor model of resilience, which consisted


Ching Phra Chan Collection: A Reflection to Theravda Buddhist Legend

It is undeniable that Thai classical music plays significant role in ritual context in Thai society since the ancient time especially played during the arrival, the meal, and the farewell of Buddhist monks. Ching Phra Chan (CPC) is the special collection of songs played during the meal. This leads to the research question why these


Teaching Biology Using Contextualized Learning Kit

This study determined the effect of the developed lessons in Biology using the Contextualized Learning Kit (CLK) with the following features: (a) Flipped Classroom Mode of Delivery, (b) Use of Student-friendly Contextualized Learning Kit, (c) 21st Century Skills Development, and (d) Highly Visual Instructional Material. The researcher employed pretest-posttest quasi experimental design. Qualitative and quantitative