ISSN: 2186-229X – The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACAH2015 The Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme: “Power”
Thursday, April 2 - Sunday, April 5, 2015

ISSN: 2186-229X



Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Influences of Knowledge and Attitude on Using Social Media towards Adolescence's
Behavior in Using Social Media for Learning in Bangkok Area

Khajornjit Bunnag

The Pre–predicativeness of “Power”: The Cyber Society versus the Autonomous Totarientality of the New Natural
Cezar Joseph Olbromski

Use of Technology in English Language Teaching: Is it Helping Students and Teachers?
Reena Mittal

The Wonder of the Power of Language in Alice in Wonderland
Yen-Hua Lai

A Slice of Light: A Stroke in Time
Kong Ho

Practicing Ecopsychology in Brunei Darussalam: Creating Clay Vessels in Memory of a Disappearing Landscape
Martie Geiger-Ho

Redefining Crafts and Crafts Enterprise in the Twenty-First Century: A Theoretical Analysis
Badar Mohammed Almamari

European Narratives of the Insular Space : Poetics of the Social System after 1945
Ioana Andreescu

Thainess in Contemporary Performances on Thailand's Got Talent
Kittisak Kerdarunsuksri

The News Literacy in Views of Thai News Consumers in Media Convergence Era
Bubpha Makesrithongkum

Creating Meanings on Ice by Photos and Textiles
Eija Timonen

The Power of Quantity in Ai Weiweis Sunflower Seeds
Yanhua Zhou

Introduction to the Study of the Non-Image
Felipe Lozano
Ko-Chiu Wu

Communicative Planning: Reflections on Foucault’s Conception of Power
Marlyana Azyyati Marzukhi

Actor - Costume Relationship: Costumes as Live Scenery on Stage?
Amani Amin Rida

The Image as Instrument of Power in the Middle East
Bob Dahm

A Journey to the Contemporary Past: Edward Bond's the Fool, Artist Responsibility in Light of Power of Capitalist Marketing and Neoliberalism
Babak Ashrafkhani Limoudehi

An Analysis on the Differences in Visitor Behaviors between Traditional and Digital Exhibitions Taking Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow
Chiao-Yun Chen
Li-Shu Lu

On the Power of the 'Non-Complete': Through Architectural Descriptions in Literature
Amos Bar-Eli

The Cultural Politics of Power in the Yorùbá Dùndún Drumming Tradition
Dennis Oladehinde Eluyefa

A Study of Cross-Cultural Values on the Policy Implementation of Foreign English Teachers in Primary Schools
Chang-Hsi Yu
Ya-Lan Hsieh

Optimistic Dogmatism and Pessimistic Empiricism
Majed S Al-Lehaibi

The Literary Figuration and the Constellation of Power in the Play "The Life of Edward II of England"
Jan Demcisak

Writing Forces: Revisiting the Aesthetic Concept of Shi 勢 in Chinese Calligraphy Criticism
Xiongbo Shi

The Power of Popular Culture in Salman Rushdie's "The Ground Beneath Her Feet"
Jelena Borojević

The Power of Fiction: The Nameless Book and the Birth of Literary Criticism in Japan
Joseph T. Sorensen

Participation in Social Media: Authoring Authority
Derrick Ng Guan Lin

Representations of Thailand in European Spy and Action Adventure Films of the 1960s
Alexander Klemm

Barangay Arimbay's Indigenous Verbal Lore: An Anthology of Riddles
Shirley N. Maloles

Introducing Cinemagraphs as a New Format for Fashion Online Advertising in Korea
Natalia Pek
Kim Hae Yoon

The Power of the Public in Remaking the Space: Reflections from Istanbul's Gezi
Zeynep Gunay

The Power Dynamics of New Social Movements in Post Industrial Society: A Theoritical Analysis
Anita Rao
H. A. Shankaranarayana

Arts beyond the Patterns: Integrating Illustration and the Cultural and Creative Industries in Digital Evolution for the Masking Tape Design
Pei Ling Liao
Zih-Jung Hunag

Twisting Realism: The Representation of Power in the Portraits of Ottoman Sultans in the Early Photographic Era
Fulya Ertem Baskaya,
Emin Artun Özgüner

Comprehension and Sociocultural Factors Teaching Reading in English as a Foreign Language
Hanandyo Dardjito
Ruth Wallace
John Guenther
Nicola Rolls

Globalism, Sustainable Future and Gandhian Philosophy: Critique on Dominant Managerial Philosophy and Search for Egalitarian Alternative
T. N. Sreedhara
Sujatha K.S

The Development and Promotion of High School Energy Technology Curriculum
Jung-liang Ho
Ta-jyou Wang
Jen-yung Su
Lien-kuo Hsu

Rephotographic Powers: Teaching Rephotography As a Platform for Visual Communication in Turkey
Gary McLeod

Javanese Communal Ceremony in Urban Area: Crossing Border and Coming to an End
Sri Herminingrum

Aida Makoto and Yamaguchi Akira: Reflections of Neo-Nationalism in Their Art and Writing
Gwyn Helverson

Strategic Motivations for Australian Military Intervention in the Middle East
Craig Mark

Barangay Arimbay’s Indigenous Verbal Lore: An Anthology of Folksongs
Aurora M. Monjardin
May Antoinette S. Imran

Thought and Image in Goncalo M. Tavares: A Contemporary Writing
Maria Lucia Wiltshire de Oliveira

The Great Global Acceleration of 1890-1914: Eça de Queirós, Imperialist Power and the Far East
Jose Mauricio Saldanha-Alvarez

Shakespearean Intertextuality in "The Rivals"
Hsin-yun Ou

Visual Communication on Cross Cultural Folktale (Case Study: Indonesian and Korean Folktale)
Rizki Taufik Rakhman

Death in the City: Cemeteries of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
Gülsüm Baydar
Gizem Özmen

The Images of Vietnamese Women in Three Films by Tran Anh Hung
Huyen Thi Vy

Sustainable Development in the Ovop Movement: Human Resource Development in Community Organizations in Japan
Suvaroj Kemavuthanon

Traditional Art, Interactive Technology, Gamifying Cloud: Cross-Cultural Hybrid Puppetry New Experience
Chan-Li Lin
Leon Deng-Teng Shih
Wei-Ling Wu

Comparing Mathematics Textbooks from Taiwan and Indonesia in Exponents and Logarithms
Siska Nopa Tambunan
Ru-Fen Yao

Combining Digital Games with Art History to Create an Interdisciplinary Learning Experience for Students
Leon Deng Teng Shih
Chan Li Lin
Ching-Yueh Tseng

Contemporary Chinese Theatre and Rebellion against Tradition: Influence of Culture Changes in Little Theaters
Hadeer Minshawy Abdel dayem Abdel Moyte

The Power of Action and Silence in Joshua Oppenheimer's the Act of Killing and the Look of Silence
Anton Sutandio

The Power of Rhetoric Figures as Foregrounding Elements in J. Steinbeck's the Pearl
Trisnowati Tanto

The Social Dynamics of Pilgrimage in "Emak Ingin Naik Haji"
Marisa Rianti Sutanto

A Survey of Vocabulary Learning Strategies of English for Business Communications (EBC) Students at NUIC
Don August G. Delgado

Comparative Study on Portrayal of Successful Indonesian Women in Media
Case Study: Soca and Geulis Collumn in KOMPAS

Berti Alia Bahaduri

Contemporary Theater in Japan: The Group Chelfitsch and the Instability in the Scene
Fernanda Raquel

Preparing Teachers of Art at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman
Mohammed Al-Amri

The Power and the Empowerment of Man: A Study of Human Nature in J.J. Rousseau's Political Thought
Phanomkorn Yothasorn

Goodnight & Night - A Fictitious Commodity of Conceptual Art
Tseng Yu-Chuan
Tang Hao-Yun
Zhou Ye
Liu Pin-Yen
Xue Jing-Han

The Reconstruction of "Fon Long Nan" Thai Folk Dance
Praparsri Sripradit

(Re)imagining and (Re)negotiating the Taiwanese Sense of Self: "The Taipei Experience" in the Post Taiwan New Cinema
Ellen Y. Chang

Between Fiction and Documentary: The "Documentary-ness" of Still Life (Jia Zhangke, 2006)
Ellen Y. Chang

Arabizi: Is Code-Switching a Threat to the Arabic Language
Mustafa Taha

Diminished Power: The Fall of Wonder Woman
Ahmed Bhuiyan

Power in the Discourse of Art: Ephemeral Arts as Counter-Monuments
Kuninori (Shoso) Shimbo