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ACP2015 The Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2015: “Power”
Thursday, March 26 – Sunday, March 29, 2015
ISSN: 2187-4743

The Capacity of Perceived Coping Self-Efficacy in Adolescents with Repaired Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Objectives: The study develops Coping Self-Efficacy Assessment and compares these scores between difference gender and cleft type in Thai adolescents with cleft lip and palate. Methods: The in-depth interview collects from 18 selective adolescents with repaired cleft lip and palate. Qualitative data is constructed items of Coping Self-Efficacy. Five experts examine content validity and questionnaire

What Are the Differences in Learning Environments of Elementary and Junior High School in Japan ?

This study investigated the differences in learning environments between elementary and junior high school in Japan and explores possible factors to decrease student’s motivation through retrospective method. In total, 212 Japanese students in 7th grade (112 boys and 100 girls; average age = 12.33 years) in one public junior high school participated in this questionnaire

Role of Executive Function Among Young Adults in Music and Non-Music Programs

Each aspect of human development; physical, psychological and social development across life span is a critical issue to many researchers to examine. During the emerging adulthood transitional period, a person is not an adolescent but is also not yet fully adult. Hence, the word “young adults” is used to refer to this group under the

Investigating the Evaluative Dimensions of a Large Set of Communicative Facial Expressions: A Comparison of Lab-Based and Crowd-Sourced Data Collection

Facial expressions form one of the most important non-verbal communication channels. Although humans are capable of producing a wide range of facial expressions, research in psychology has almost exclusively focused on the so-called basic, emotional expressions (anger, disgust, fear, happy, sad, and surprise). Research into the full range of communicative expressions, however, may be prohibitive

Exploring Consumers’ Intention to Accept Smartwatch

Smartwatch is currently the most popular form of wearable technology, a promising category of information appliances. As an integration of classic timepiece and fashionable IT industries, smartwatch is a challenging business since both of the industries used to have very different marketing strategies. However, there are few studies having discussed about consumers’ attitude toward such

Should People from Different Groups Be Confused about the Distinction between Constructs, Is There Still Room for Structured Means?

Aim of this study is to encourage the using of structured means modelling as a measurement error-free method, and culturally invariant approach (i.e., measurement invariance at strong level), for evaluating between-group differences in latent means and controlling for the inclusion of latent covariates. Although this technique is not novel in academic literature, applications to quantitative

Switching Task in Thai University Students in Music and Non-Music Program

Adolescence is considered a critical period due to the occurrence of many changes; physically, psychologically, and socially. According to United Nations Population Fund or UNFPA, there are 1.8 billion adolescents and youth nowadays, which is one quarter of the world’s population. Unfortunately, as reported by WHO, adolescents are faced with many risk factors including early

Teachers-Students through the Formation in Parfor, Dialogues and Movements of Theirselves

This study aims to analyze the positions of “I-voices” and movements throughout a training process offered by the Plano Nacional da Formação de Professores da Educação Básica (PARFOR) (National Plan of Basic Education Teachers Formation) at Serrinha, Bahia, Brazil. The research was based on the theoretical and methodological framework of the dialogical self of Hermans

Examining Line Users’ Behavior, Motivation, Attitudes and Factors Influencing Use and Adoption of Line Official Accounts in Thailand

During the past few year, many applications were developed for smart-phone especially instant messaging (IM) applications. LINE, the successful Japanese IM application, reached 100 million users only 18 months after its initial release in March 2011. In June 2012, NHN (Next Human Network) Japan Corporation provided ‘LINE Official Accounts’, mobile marketing communications, aimed for firms

Living within a Broken Vow: The Impact of Parental Infidelity among Late Adolescents in Establishing Romantic Relationships

The present study aimed to know the possible impacts of parental infidelity among late adolescents in establishing romantic relationships with significant others. It employed a qualitative design specifically phenomenological approach that dwells on the adolescents’ experiences regarding parental infidelity. This study used the approach on social constructivism in which it described the adolescents’ experiences about

The Effect of Equine-Assisted Therapy on Visual-Motor Integration in Adolescent Autism Spectrum Disorders

The goal of the present study was to examine the effect of equine-assisted therapy (EAT) on visual-motor integration (VMI) in adolescent autism spectrum disorders (ASD). EAT was applied to eleven-year-old boy with ASD. The boy was attending in Cognitive Neuroscience unit of Human Development Academic Research, Mahidol University. The equine-assisted therapy sessions took place for

Risk Management and Counseling Chinese Students and Scholars in United States

Rising mental health issues have been recorded across university campuses in the United States alongside the increase in the Chinese international student population over the past 20 years (Zhao, 2005). These issues include domestic violence, stalking, depression, and suicides (National Institute of Mental Health, 2013). This study discusses mental health issues among Chinese students and

The Effect of Post-Learning Caffeine Consumption on the Learning and Retrieval of Non-Verbal Stimuli

The present study aimed to conceptually replicate a recent study showing improvements in cognition when caffeine was consumed following learning. Thirty-two non-naive participants were administered 200mg of caffeine either: Pre-Learning, Post-Learning, or At-Retrieval, and compared to non-caffeine administered Controls. The learning and retrieval of non-verbal stimuli was assessed using a Korean Characters Non-Verbal Learning task,

L1 Metalinguistic Ability and Foreign Language Learning: The Case of Japanese Secondary School Students

This study had two aims: (1) to investigate the relationships among individual difference variables in foreign language (FL) learning, with a focus on L1 metalinguistic ability (MA), and (2) to consider the effect of explicit instruction providing metalinguistic knowledge on FL performance of young students. The participants were 48 Japanese students who were 13 or

Ceo Constellation, Capital Structure, And Financial Performance

Distinctive from prior research that emphasizes the influences of CEO demographic characteristics on corporate financial strategies, this study uses constellation traits as the proxy variables for CEO psychological traits and takes into consideration demographic characteristic variables to further analyze the relationship between CEO traits and corporate financial leverage, performance, and growth opportunity. This is an

Relationship among Social Self-Efficacy, Learning Activities with Friends and a Sense of Fulfillment in University Life

Increasing research has recognized and established that peers contribute to students’ school adjustment and academic motivation (Berndt, 1999). However, why good peer relations positively predict school adjustment has not yet been thoroughly examined, especially for university students. This study examined the relationship among social self-efficacy, learning activities with friends, and a sense of fulfillment in

Learner Classroom Engagement: Definition, Measurement and Data Usage

Knowing what it means for students to be engaged in classroom learning and how to measure this complex variable is a challenge in any learning environment. One logical approach which can be taken to defining it is to consider the behavioral (actions), emotional (feelings) and cognitive (investment of efforts) engagement of students during learning (Fredericks,

Consumer Guilt, Online Resale and Purchase Intention

Consumer guilt is a critical factor affecting consumers’ purchase decisions. Marketers would apply various strategies to reduce the sense of guilt so consumers can be more willing to spend the money. With the popularity of online auction, consumers can easily resell unwanted online by themselves, and the return of the resale may lower their sense

Customer Behavior & Marketing Mix Factors as they Relate to the Selection of Thai Massage Providers

“Traditional Thai Massage” plays vital role in assisting Thailand to become the medical hub of Asia because of the distinguished uniqueness of Thai medical /alternative treatments. Country Competitiveness derives from many factors including Demand Condition, which brings a better level of national advantage. Local people give financial support, and are fundamentally important to the business

Academic Adjustment and Sense of Coherence of the Muslim Students from the Three Southernmost Provinces of Thailand: Qualitative Research

Encountering both academic and cultural difficulties among Muslim students when they stay far from their hometowns could subject them to academic and psychological impacts that could hinder their growth. This study therefore aimed to investigate the experiences of academic adjustment and sense of coherence of the Muslim students from the three southernmost provinces of Thailand.

Correlation between Emotional Competence and Behavioral Problems in Elementary School Students with ADHD

This study attempted to explore the connection between emotional competence and adaptation to life in pupils with ADHD from Southern Taiwan. In addition to analyzing how 32 students with ADHD performed on the scales used, this study was also intended to show the current state of their emotional competence and adaptations to life. Results reveal

Discovering Microfluidics Technology Opportunity Using Patent Analysis

Purpose – Recent trends of technology innovation emphasize the notion of dominant designs for next-generation products. Technology-based firms, especially in biotechnology field, have to spend plenty of resources in R&D in order to identify appropriate technology opportunities for sustaining their competitive advantages. To help SMEs to discover new technological opportunities with a relative lower cost,

Violence towards other Family Members by Patients with Alcoholism and Schizophrenia

Objective: This descriptive research aimed to study the prevalence of violence toward family of schizophrenia with alcohol drinking patients, character of violence and consequence of violence. Methods: The sample consisted of 96 family members of schizophrenia with alcohol drinking patients hospitalized as inpatients at Khon Kaen Rachanakharin Psychiatric Hospital. The Data collection were applied by

Reminiscence Therapy for Older People Suffering from Loneliness, Anxiety and Depression: A Literature Review

Reminiscence therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is usually used to treat mental health problems. Reminiscence therapy uses the recall of past events, feelings and thoughts to facilitate pleasure, quality of life or adaptation to present circumstances. Reminiscence therapy is believed could provide numerous benefits to older people especially those in residential aged care

A Probabilistic Solution for the Mystery of Japanese Blood Type Prediction Accuracy

In Japan, a belief that there is a relationship between personality and ABO blood types seems to have subsided now. Statistical hypothesis test results deny that relationship for many times up to now. However, many people still like to talk about blood types in connection with personality. They believe in predicting the blood type of

Emotional Literacy among School Children

The purpose of this study was to clarify the development of emotional literacy, especially, understanding emotions and expressions of emotions. The emotional literacy should be important for managing interpersonal relationships. Subjects were 513 students aged 6-12 years (boys 250, girls 257) in two elementary schools. They were shown a questionnaire including three different vignettes depicting the

The Employee Outcomes of Workplace Favoritism in Turkish Public Sector

This paper investigates the effect of workplace favoritism on job satisfaction and intent to quit, and mediating the role of job frustration in these relationships. Data was collected from a sample of 267 public hospital employees in Turkey. Structural equation modeling analyses indicated that workplace favoritism was directly and indirectly effect on intent to quit

The “Uncanniness”

The Uncanny Valley is a phenomenon first described by Masahiro Mori in 1970. The theory notes that the more advanced our technology becomes the more similar to us robots become, and this human resemblance unnerves us. Back in the 50’s, there were many industrial robots, the kind of robots that do not have a human-like

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Group Counseling on Anger and Aggression Among Prisoners in Malaysia

The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy group counseling in reducing anger and aggression among male prisoners. This quasi experimental study used a pre post test design with a comparison group. A total of 20 prisoners were participated in this study. The subjects were randomly assigned into experimental

Simulation of a Queuing System Case Study: Call Center Service in a Organization

The objectives of the study is to fine the queuing system of the call center service in A Organization by using the simulation situation. The simulation situation main purpose is to fine the queuing characteristics and offer the alternative way to reduce the customers queuing time. This study use the ARENA program to simulated situation

An Analytic Study on the Therapeutic Boundary between Counseling Psychologist and Sexual-Abused Children

This study aims at exploring different types of therapeutic boundaries during counseling psychologist’s counseling process with the sexual-abused children. It also aims at providing methods for the counseling psychologists to use the therapeutic boundaries in order to enhance the counseling process as well as providing a practical approach and reference for professional counselors. This study

Internal Image of the Organization and Commitment of Employees

Purpose of the research is to identify the relationship between the internal image of the organization and commitment of employees. Hypotheses of the study: 1) there is a relationship between the internal image of the organization and organizational commitment of employees; 2) affective component of organizational loyalty is mostly associated with the components of the

Mood and the Decision to Purchase High-Tech Products

The paper describes the results of a study of the effect of mood on the way people assessed different attributes of tablets; their assumption was that depending on their current mood, people look for certain product characteristics in making purchasing decisions. The respondents (40 males, 24 females, mean age = 26,2, S = 4,5) were

A Study of Using Muscle Relaxation and Music on Aggressive Behaviors of Schizophrenic Patients, Sakaeo Rajanakarindra Psychiatric Hospital.

The purpose of this study was to compare the aggressive behaviors of schizophrenic patients before and after receiving muscle relaxation and music program. The sample of this study were 20 schizophrenic patients from Sakaeo Rajanakarindra Psychiatric hospital, who met the inclusion criteria. Instruments for this study were muscle relaxation and music program for schizophrenic patients,

The Risks of Purchasing Superficies Right-Based Housing: The Perspective of Consumer Protection

This paper investigates the risks of buying superficies right-based housing for consumers and takes the Zone T-9 development project in Taipei city as a case study. It explores the potential risks consumers face when purchasing such housing and the question of how they can safeguard their personal rights and interests. Interviews were conducted with scholars

A Study of Professional Helpers’ Experience in Self-Care Though Mindfulness Yoga

Over the years, the cultivation of professional helpers has focused on theory instruction and practical training. Few counseling programs directly address the importance of self-care in reducing stress and burnout in their curricula�]Newsome, Christopher, Dahlen, & Christopher, 2006 �^. In the process of helping people, however, the helper��s personal factors and well-being are interwoven with

Improving Customers Satisfaction to the Development of User Interface Design for Mobile Shopping through QFD

Retailers are trying hard to develop good relationships with their customers through mobile devices (e.g., smart phone, Tablet computer, etc.). Utilizing mobile devices is a low-cost and real-time way to provide high-quality service/ product for customers,which is a direct medium between retailers and end customers. However, unfriendly user interface (UI), such as small-size screen, low-resolution

Factors Influencing Thai IT Professionals to Work in ASEAN Countries

Workforce mobility among ASEAN countries is made more possible after the realization of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. In particular, IT professionals are prone to relocate because IT skills are more universal and transferable across countries. Management challenge is to retain their IT talent. We address this issue by 1) exploring the extent to

The Effect of Yoga Training on Emotion Regulation

Emotion has a significant role in a human life. Mechanism of good emotion regulation makes peoples to be accepted in social community. Yoga is one of physical exercise with affect on emotion regulation. To our knowledge, no studies have investigated yoga treatment leads to emotion regulation. The aim of the present study was to investigate

ASEAN Integration via ASEAN Identity Building among Thai SME Entrepreneurs

The research is aimed to analyze the factors required for building ASEAN identity which composes of a combination of core identity elements (e.g. logo, ASEAN secretary- general, office location, core policy) and extended identity components (e.g. economic cooperation in various aspects) among Thai SME entrepreneurs. The survey research is applied to collect the data from

The Influence of Social Skills and Support Promotion on the Cross-Cultural Adjustment of Foreign Care Workers in Japan

Purpose: Based on economic partnership agreements (EPA), foreign care workers have started entering the Japanese care field. Foreigners�� cross-cultural adjustment deeply affects their growth as care professionals and, as a result, the quality of care they provide. This study examines the hypothesis that the social support provided to foreign care workers influences their cross-cultural adjustment

A New Way to D.I.E.: Intercultural Communication Strategies

This workshop provides a brief overview of pertinent research and major theories related to communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds, as well as fun and useful techniques and strategies to use when counseling individuals, couples, and families; teaching in international or multinational classrooms; working or consulting in international or multinational school offices, companies, and

Are Men Really Challenging in Conversation? Exploring Gender Stereotype in Everyday Talk

Past studies of gender talk (for instance, Holmes, 2006) have mostly found that women tend to be collaborative while men tend to be challenging in everyday communication. This picture of gender stereotypes suggests that people hold strong views about gender behavior and which can have negative influences in the interactions if these stereotypes are not

I am for ADHD: An Exploration in the Lives of and its Effects in Children with ADHD

With various economic problems being faced by the Philippines, managing children with ADHD in the country requires not only effort and time but entails greater financial challenges as well. The study was conducted in a public school in Manila, which caters to students who belong to considerably low socio-economic status. These children can rarely sustain

Information Adequacy During Organization Assimilation Process in Thai Organization

The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which newcomers within Thai organization find each of several categories of organizationally-relevant information adequacy during the process of organizational assimilation. Participants in the study were 247 “new” employees at Bangkok Bank. Bangkok Bank considers employees whose length of stay with the bank has been

The Schooling Experience of Exchange Students From China in Taiwan

The purpose of this study was to investigate the subjective schooling experience of exchange students from China in Taiwan. Another aim was to find out an appropriate support channels for prospective exchange students from China and the findings can further help university administrative staffs with policy-making and resource-providing that address the needs of exchange students.

Verticality of Space in Japanese and English with Image-Schema in Cognitive Linguistics

The purpose of this study is to analyze the reconceptualization of lexicon-grammar in a linguistic category of vertical space from Japanese to that of English with image-schema. Talking about space substantially differs among cultures, despite the fact that physical space is the same everywhere (Bowerman, 1996; Levinson, 2003; Pederson et al. 1998). Primary differences between

A Phenomenological Study on How Cosplay Affects the Self-Presentation of Cosplayers

This paper “A Phenomenological Study on How Cosplay Affects the Self – Presentation of Cosplayers” investigated and aimed to determine the Cosplayers’ level of Self – Monitoring and factors that affect their Self – Presentation as individuals and as Cosplayers. Likewise, this study also focused on the validation of the Uses and Gratification Theory of

Teaching Assertiveness to International Students in the United States

This presentation describes an approach to teaching assertive communication skills to international students in the United States. Assertiveness involves expressing one’s personal rights and feelings; standing up for one’s rights while respecting the rights of others; believing one has a right to one�s feelings, beliefs and opinions; and viewing oneself as equal to others, while

Free Will Beliefs and Moral Responsibility: Disbelief in Free Will Leads to Less Responsibility for Third Person’s Crime

This study examined the effects of belief in free will on attribution of moral responsibility. Past research conducted in Western countries has found that people’s belief in free will influences subsequent social judgment and behavior. For example, induced disbelief in free will caused participants to give lighter prison sentences of the criminal (Shariff, Greene, Karremans,

A Case Study on the Life-Line of a Mother of Multiple Children with Disabilities and Faced Limitation of Prenatal Diagnosis

Previous studies have revealed the impact of having a disabled child on their mothers’ quality of life (QOL). However, there has been a lack of research about the influence of having multiple children with disabilities on the mother’s visual depiction of her QOL. This study’s purpose was to examine the QOL trajectory of a mother

The Impact of the 101s Storybook Intervention Program on Executive Function, The 101s Social-Emotional Skills, and School Achievement in Preschoolers

Multidisciplinary research in child development has underlined the significance of executive function (EF) development to children’s school and life success. Previous research in the 101s positive discipline training program; the U.S. national winning-award program for training parents, teachers, and early childhood educators to promote children’s social-emotional and cognitive skills, have showed the positive impact on

Influence of Nonverbal Component on Credibility Assessment in High Stakes Situations

Mimic expression is one of the most significant variables in the process of interpersonal communication. Author of this research tries to establish if deception can be detected through deciphering mimic expressions. With the help of the newest technological equipment, we try to verify the claims about human face as emotional conduit and its usefulness in

Integrating the NICHD Forensic Investigative Interview Protocol in the Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Model of Care for Victims of CSA and CSE

Child sexual abuse (CSA) and child sexual exploitation (CSE) are global phenomena that exist particularly in third world countries of continents like Asia. Most of these rehabilitation centers that make use of the biopsychosocial-spiritual model do not incorporate the child victim’s need for justice and vindication. And although a number of these centers allow and

The Effects of Association and Emotion in False Memory

The purpose of this study was to discuss the effects of association and emotion in false memory by using a DRM paradigm procedure. This study employed a 3 (association: semantic association vs. category association vs. neighborhood association) × 3 (emotion: positive vs. neutral vs. negative) mixed design, to examine the effects of association and emotion

Cultural Differences in Psychological Reactance: Responding to Censorship

People believe that they are free to engage in reasonable behaviors. When this freedom to act is taken away from an individual, s/he would experience psychological reactance, a “motivational state directed toward the re-establishment of the free behaviors which have been eliminated or threatened with elimination” (Brehm, 1966). Censorship can be considered as a form

Episodic Occurrence of Cognitive Dissonance among Nurses and Midwives in the Regional Health Units of Southern Cebu

Content Analysis: I. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to explore the experience of cognitive dissonance among the catholic health workers particularly nurses and midwives employed at the regional health units of the southern part of Cebu with the end view of proposing a model explicating its onset. II. METHODOLOGY The study utilizes the

A Kansei Engineering Approach to Evaluate Consumer Perception on Social Media: A Case Study of Giant Manufacturing Company

Nowadays, social media marketing is becoming increasingly important issue for companies to gain website traffics or attention from their customers. The main purposes of applying social medias, in marketing is as a communications tool that makes the companies and their products accessible to the target customers as well as potential customers. However, most companies do

The Study of the International Undergraduate Students’ Adjustment Processes in Taiwan

The study investigates six international undergraduate students’ adjustment processes in Taiwan based on the theoretical framework of phenomenology. To understand these international students’ adjustment processes, the researcher invited 3 students from Southeast Asia and 3 from Central and South America respectively for semi-constructed interviews. Three themes that are relevant to international students’ adjustment processes emerged

The Relationships Among Learning Support Needs, Self-Regulated Learning Strategies, Study Time and Test Scores in Learning Chinese

The purpose of this study was to examine relationships among basic psychological needs, learning support needs, self-regulated learning strategies, study time, and test scores in Japanese learners of Chinese. Self-determination theory posits four psychological needs: curiosity, autonomy, competence, and relatedness. This study explored the relationships among the four psychological needs satisfaction, learning support needs satisfaction

The Compositions, Antecedents and Consequences of Brand Loyalty

Retaining customers has become more important since the market is so competitive. A great deal of practitioners and academics have been devoting their effort to study how to create and maintain consumers’ brand loyalty because brand loyal consumers benefit a firm by reducing marketing costs. In addition, these loyal consumers are willing to pay premium

Factors Influencing the Technology Adoption of Mobile Commerce in Taiwan by Using the Revised UTAUT Model

With the highly growing popularity of smart phones and tablets, the amount of users who use wireless Internet including mobile Internet have reached 11 million in 2013 (TWNIC 2013). Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is regarded as a tremendous market potential for businesses and customers. However, the expected benefits have not yet to be realized. The number

Psychological Well-Being among Gifted Students at the National Gifted Center in Malaysia

Psychological well-being refers to how people evaluate their lives. According to Diener (1997), these evaluations may be in the form of cognitions or in the form of effect. The cognitive part is an information based appraisal of one’s life that is when a person gives conscious evaluative judgments about one’s satisfaction with life as a

Self-Efficacy, E-Learning and Online EFL Proficiency Test

Previous studies have reported that self-efficacy plays an important role as a predictor of learners’ motivation and learning. This study seeks to address the following questions: (1) Does self-efficacy influence EFL learners’ motivation for e-learning? (2) Does self-efficacy influence EFL learners’ online English proficiency test scores? The participants of this study were 60 EFL university

An Investigation into the Use of Internet Pornography among Young Internet Users in Singapore

Introduction: The present study investigated the patterns and motivations of internet pornography use among young internet users in Singapore. Across the literature, studies have found high prevalence of internet pornography use (Brown & L’Engle, 2009; Lo & Wei, 2005; Peter & Valkenburg, 2006; Tai, 2014) with males consistently reporting greater exposure (Boies, 2002; Carroll et

A Study on Behavior Intention to Use Live Streaming Video Platform Based on Tam Model

Due to the high penetration of internet and well-developed technology in current Taiwan, it’s enough to provide greater bandwidth and faster network. It makes users use the internet easier and save time. Some application platforms in use on computer or entertainment device is necessary of enough bandwidth and live streaming video platform is one of

Satisfaction of Counseling Services among Gifted Students at the National Gifted Center in Malaysia

Counselling and guidance services in schools are comprehensive. It includes programs on development, prevention and rehabilitation. In schools prevention programs are conducted more than rehabilitation programs. Among the services provided in the school counselling unit, are the academic guidance, career guidance, advice on psychology and mental health, leadership programs, and individual or group counselling. School

The Relation between Acculturation Attitudes and Depression among Japanese People in Brazil

We focused on depression in Japanese people living in Brazil and a bidimensional model of acculturation considering orientation toward home and Brazilian culture. We also assessed the relevance of Berry��s four-cell typology of acculturation (integration, assimilation, separation, and marginalization). We predicted that mental health would be more stable if individuals maintained contact with both cultures.

Modern Forms of University Students’ Extremist Behavior Depending on Cultural and Environmental Factors

Transformations in economic, political, social and cultural life of the modern society are causing an increase in extremist tendencies among the youth worldwide. Based on the anthropological approach, the study was aimed at identifying root causes (axiological, motivational, personal and socio-psychological) and a role of socio-cultural and environmental factors in the genesis of Russian university

Does Sociality Become Virtual or Natural in Social Network Services? The Example of Facebook

Sociality means a number of individuals living and interacting together, which can lead to complicated social relationships and structure. In recent years, Social network services (SNSs) and online communities have been growing quickly. SNSs offer a variety of social behaviors that simultaneously expand and challenge our conventional understanding of sociability. Specifically, SNSs provide flexible and

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Career Choice in Science: Evidence from Malaysian Undergraduates

Career choice is an important aspect of one’s educational and professional pursuits as it determines the course of study to undertake and employment outcomes. While existing models of decision-making on career choice has focused on the rational thinking processes, ambiguity arises as many graduates find themselves opting for alternative career paths. This paper seeks to

The Relationship Between Over-Adaptation Towards Peers, Psychological Stress, and School Adjustment in Japanese Junior High School Students.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between over-adaptation towards peers, psychological stress, and subjective adjustment to school in Japanese junior high school students. “Over-adaptation” was defined as the condition in which a person engaged in external over-adaptive behavior (self-inhibition and other-oriented behavior) towards others. A total of 949 Japanese junior high

Functional Intergation Between the Salience and Central Executive Networks: A Role for Action Video Game Expereince

Using resting-state fMRI, this study examined the influence of action video game (AVG) experience on two canonical brain functional networks – Salience Network (SN) and Central Executive Network (CEN). Based on the proposition that SN and CEN interacted with each other to support attention and working memory, we explored whether AVG playing, which required high