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A Phenomenological Study on How Cosplay Affects the Self-Presentation of Cosplayers

This paper “A Phenomenological Study on How Cosplay Affects the Self – Presentation of Cosplayers” investigated and aimed to determine the Cosplayers’ level of Self – Monitoring and factors that affect their Self – Presentation as individuals and as Cosplayers. Likewise, this study also focused on the validation of the Uses and Gratification Theory of


Self-Efficacy, E-Learning and Online EFL Proficiency Test

Previous studies have reported that self-efficacy plays an important role as a predictor of learners’ motivation and learning. This study seeks to address the following questions: (1) Does self-efficacy influence EFL learners’ motivation for e-learning? (2) Does self-efficacy influence EFL learners’ online English proficiency test scores? The participants of this study were 60 EFL university


The Relationships Among Learning Support Needs, Self-Regulated Learning Strategies, Study Time and Test Scores in Learning Chinese

The purpose of this study was to examine relationships among basic psychological needs, learning support needs, self-regulated learning strategies, study time, and test scores in Japanese learners of Chinese. Self-determination theory posits four psychological needs: curiosity, autonomy, competence, and relatedness. This study explored the relationships among the four psychological needs satisfaction, learning support needs satisfaction


Customer Behavior & Marketing Mix Factors as they Relate to the Selection of Thai Massage Providers

“Traditional Thai Massage” plays vital role in assisting Thailand to become the medical hub of Asia because of the distinguished uniqueness of Thai medical /alternative treatments. Country Competitiveness derives from many factors including Demand Condition, which brings a better level of national advantage. Local people give financial support, and are fundamentally important to the business


L1 Metalinguistic Ability and Foreign Language Learning: The Case of Japanese Secondary School Students

This study had two aims: (1) to investigate the relationships among individual difference variables in foreign language (FL) learning, with a focus on L1 metalinguistic ability (MA), and (2) to consider the effect of explicit instruction providing metalinguistic knowledge on FL performance of young students. The participants were 48 Japanese students who were 13 or


Examining Line Users’ Behavior, Motivation, Attitudes and Factors Influencing Use and Adoption of Line Official Accounts in Thailand

During the past few year, many applications were developed for smart-phone especially instant messaging (IM) applications. LINE, the successful Japanese IM application, reached 100 million users only 18 months after its initial release in March 2011. In June 2012, NHN (Next Human Network) Japan Corporation provided ‘LINE Official Accounts’, mobile marketing communications, aimed for firms


Exploring Consumers’ Intention to Accept Smartwatch

Smartwatch is currently the most popular form of wearable technology, a promising category of information appliances. As an integration of classic timepiece and fashionable IT industries, smartwatch is a challenging business since both of the industries used to have very different marketing strategies. However, there are few studies having discussed about consumers’ attitude toward such


The Capacity of Perceived Coping Self-Efficacy in Adolescents with Repaired Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Objectives: The study develops Coping Self-Efficacy Assessment and compares these scores between difference gender and cleft type in Thai adolescents with cleft lip and palate. Methods: The in-depth interview collects from 18 selective adolescents with repaired cleft lip and palate. Qualitative data is constructed items of Coping Self-Efficacy. Five experts examine content validity and questionnaire


Does Sociality Become Virtual or Natural in Social Network Services? The Example of Facebook

Sociality means a number of individuals living and interacting together, which can lead to complicated social relationships and structure. In recent years, Social network services (SNSs) and online communities have been growing quickly. SNSs offer a variety of social behaviors that simultaneously expand and challenge our conventional understanding of sociability. Specifically, SNSs provide flexible and


A Study on Behavior Intention to Use Live Streaming Video Platform Based on Tam Model

Due to the high penetration of internet and well-developed technology in current Taiwan, it’s enough to provide greater bandwidth and faster network. It makes users use the internet easier and save time. Some application platforms in use on computer or entertainment device is necessary of enough bandwidth and live streaming video platform is one of


Factors Influencing the Technology Adoption of Mobile Commerce in Taiwan by Using the Revised UTAUT Model

With the highly growing popularity of smart phones and tablets, the amount of users who use wireless Internet including mobile Internet have reached 11 million in 2013 (TWNIC 2013). Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is regarded as a tremendous market potential for businesses and customers. However, the expected benefits have not yet to be realized. The number


A Kansei Engineering Approach to Evaluate Consumer Perception on Social Media: A Case Study of Giant Manufacturing Company

Nowadays, social media marketing is becoming increasingly important issue for companies to gain website traffics or attention from their customers. The main purposes of applying social medias, in marketing is as a communications tool that makes the companies and their products accessible to the target customers as well as potential customers. However, most companies do


Influence of Nonverbal Component on Credibility Assessment in High Stakes Situations

Mimic expression is one of the most significant variables in the process of interpersonal communication. Author of this research tries to establish if deception can be detected through deciphering mimic expressions. With the help of the newest technological equipment, we try to verify the claims about human face as emotional conduit and its usefulness in


Are Men Really Challenging in Conversation? Exploring Gender Stereotype in Everyday Talk

Past studies of gender talk (for instance, Holmes, 2006) have mostly found that women tend to be collaborative while men tend to be challenging in everyday communication. This picture of gender stereotypes suggests that people hold strong views about gender behavior and which can have negative influences in the interactions if these stereotypes are not


When an Adjective Behaves like a Verb: Adjectival Verbs in Mandarin Chinese Maternal Input

The distinction between adjectives and verbs in Mandarin Chinese is not as clear as that in English. Adjectives in Mandarin share more similarities than differences with verbs, and most of them may function as verbs (Tang, 2012; Chu, 2010). Thus, they are termed adjectival verbs, which are translated into adjectives in English (e.g., zhe4hai2zhi cong1ming2,


Influence of Normative Models on Social Representations

Our research fit into social representations’ framework (Moscovici, 1961), defined by Jodelet (1997) as “modalities of practical thought orientated towards the communication, comprehension and control of the social, material and conceptual environment”. We are especially interested in the influence of normative models in the field of social representations (Flament, 1999; Gaymard, 2009). To the demand


The Influence of Affordance on Cognitive Workload

In the study, it was demonstrated that whether there was a difference between an affordance condition and a no-affordance condition in the aspect of negative compatibility effect and cognitive workload. In case of the negative compatibility effect, even though the object’s orientation and arrow’s orientation are corresponded, when a prime object is displayed very briefly