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Property Rights vs. Right to Knowledge: The Multi-Faceted Dilemma (Case Study: Software Piracy in Developing Countries)

Innovation is often described as key factors of competitiveness, as the driving force of the economy or as the basis of growth. This may be somewhat exaggerated, but it must be admitted that there cannot be any scientific advances without innovations, both are somewhat synonymous and correlated by a causal link. However, a paradox lies


What are Eco-Innovations?

Due to the challenges associated with measuring eco-innovations from patent information and surveys, the literature-based innovation output (LBIO) indicator, built from a data base of new product announcements in technical and trade journals, has emerged as a feasible alternative. Eco-innovation is a fuzzy concept because it is often synonymously used with green, sustainable and environmental


Economic Performance of Portuguese Regional Health Administrations Following the European External Bailout: Trends After Austerity

This work aims discussing the economic performance of Portuguese regional health administrations after leaving the bailout program (May 2014) established by the European Union, EU and International Monetary Fund, IMF in 2011. Three economic variables (incomes, expenses and matured debt) are analysed during twenty five months based on analysis of variance ANOVA and multivariate hierarchic


The Dynamics of Large Publicly Traded Corporations in Santa Catarina, Brazil

The research comprised the study of three public companies: BRF SA, Tupy SA, and WEG SA. These companies present a high level of technological development, with administrative headquarters located in Santa Catarina – Brazil, with business in several countries. The aim was to accompany historical development, geographic expansion, and business evolution of such companies in


Case Study on the Organizational Structure Design Based on Technological Innovation Platform of Core Enterprises within the Distributed Innovation Networks

Research from a variety of perspectives has argued that technological innovation no longer takes place within a single organization, but rather is across multiple institutions or firms within a distributed network. This paper only discusses one kind of the distributed innovation networks that the ones have a core enterprise as the innovation platform provider. This


An Analysis of the Effect of Building Street Light Management Systems on Street Light Management and Repairs: A Case Study

The Kinmen County has a total of approximately 15,000 street lights. Because of the countless types of street light equipment information, that such information is updated periodically, and that information pertaining to the building and maintenance of street lights in different times is difficult to preserve, control, and access, related departments often spend considerable time


The Study of Marketing Strategy from Traditional Industries: The Case of Handmade Plain Misua Industry in Kinmen

Plain misua evolved from traditional Chinese pasta. Since the ancestors’ era, it has been one of the most important food ingredients used for ceremonies of long-life and birthday greetings, temple’s worship, as well as the local street foods. The plain misua is one of the most local products of Kinmen county. Early inhabitants have ground


Risk Management and Profit-Loss Analysis of Foreign Currency Risks During Low-Interest-Rate Periods: A Case Study of NTD/NZD

In recent years, central banks in many countries have adopted quantitative easing monetary policy which induces lower-interest-rates; take Taiwan as an example, currently the interest rates for short-term (one year or shorter) time-deposits range from .1%~1%. Yet, foreign banks offer short-term deposits with interest rates between 1%~5% which greatly welcome by investors. The drawback for


From the Battlefield to the Tourist Attraction – Investigating the Changes of Paternalistic Style of Leadership in Kinmen

On an offshore island of Kinmen, where intensive artillery fire from across the Strait had rained and there remains a sharp look of place of battle, was stationed by troops of nearly a hundred thousand men at a beginning stage. Owing to the commodity and monetary control by the Government, more commodities were needed than


A Research on the Relationships among Role Pressure, Personality Traits, and Job Satisfaction-Personnel Employees at National Universities in Taiwan

The national universities in Taiwan are rather distinctive from the aspects of characteristics, for example, the staff including academic and administrative categories which fit with various compliance systems. Furthermore, Taiwan Governments have been attempting to reform the administrative policies on military and public servants, and to revise the labor-related policies. All the changes have casted


Towards an Improved Theory of Disruptive Innovation: Evidence from the Personal and Mobile Computing Industries

This research studies the concept of disruptive innovation, its patterns, and the mechanisms that cause it. By using quantitative and qualitative evidence from the personal and mobile computing industries, this research serves to corroborate Clayton Christensen’s disruption theory, the main theory proposed today as an explanation of this phenomenon. It identifies the strengths and weakness


Analysis of Household Debt Inequality in Thailand

Inequality has been usually mentioned in term of income inequality to elevate people’s well-being. This research examined another dimension of inequality, which is debt inequality. Among people who have the same level of income, some of them have high debt while some people have not. Therefore, we should not neglect this aspect because indebtedness makes


Recent Computer Applications in Marketing

Especially in recent years, marketing efforts of businesses have gained more importance along with the intense competition. Creating value to the target market and facilitating the life of consumers have become the primary goals of the firms. There is no doubt that offering simplicity to the consumers will affect the success of businesses in competitive


Time Series Analysis of Thai Flooding Effects on Japanese Insurance Companies

In this paper, we analyzed effects of the 2011 Thai flooding on Japanese economics, especially on the Japanese insurance companies. In 2011, the Japan economy was severely damaged by the great East Japan earthquake that happen on 11th March. To pay the insurance premium, Japanese major insurance companies were also damaged. In addition, the flood


Adding Value to Thailand’s Robusta Coffee through Geographical Indication

Coffee is the most valuable and widely traded tropical agricultural product. Thailand is one of the top coffee producers in the world. The country was also ranked third among the coffee producing countries of Asia with the Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora) accounting for 99% of its production. Thus, Robusta coffee is the chief coffee crop


Complementarity Between Human Capital and Research and Development Activities

National Innovation System (NIS) approach specifically focuses on the interactions among the components of system as a basic dynamic of innovation process. Thus, there is a complementarity between the components of system arising from interactions among them, which is the most significant factor effecting innovation performance of whole system. The aim of this study is


Behavior and Satisfaction of Thai Tourists Towards Cultural Tourism Through Homestays in a Community Enterprise in Thailand

This article focused on behavior and satisfaction of Thai tourists toward cultural tourism through homestay tourists at Ban Rim Khlong Community Enterprise in Samut Songkhram, Thailand. This quantitative research used questionnaires concerning the behavior and satisfaction. Participants consisted of 400 tourists that were recruit from tourists available at Samut Songkhram during the period of investigation.


The Factors Attributing to the Successful Management for Mango Orchards in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

The modern management of mango orchards in the highly competitive marketplace needs greater professionalism in producing and marketing. This research was aimed to study the mentioned factors attributing to the success management for mango orchards in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. The instruments were a constructed questionnaire consisted of 175 items, which were used to collect data,


Job Safety Knowledge and Apply Job Safety Analysis for Small and Medium Enterprises: At Chacheongsao Chonburi and Rayong Province

This study aimed to determine the job safety behavior among the employees and employers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order to develop a guideline for the promotion of job safety knowledge and to support the job safety activities in the workplace of SMEs by applying the Hazard Identification Technique in job safety analysis.


Determinants of Profitability of Rice Farming in Peri-Urban Area, Bangkok, Thailand

Rice farming is not only beneficial for farmer, but also have a significant contribution to the share of agriculture in peri urban area of Bangkok. This study examined the profitability of rice farming and investigate some socio-economic factors affecting the profitability of rice farming in peri-urban area of Bangkok, Thailand. A questionnaire were administered to


The Use of Social Media in European Union Enterprises – Comparative Study

There are over 3 billion Internet users all over the word today. Over 50 per cent of them already use social media. The main role of social media is to build and maintain relationships between people from different backgrounds, with similar expectations, interests or preferences. Social media are now increasingly used by businesses, for example,


Factors Affecting the Probability of Local Government Financial Statements to Get Unqualified Opinion

The Policy of regional autonomy in Indonesia had an impact on the financial accountability of local governance and that led to the issuance of the financial statements of local governments. Based on Law 15 of 2004 the Supreme Audit Agency of BPK is the only which authorized to carry out financial audit of the financial