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A Stroke in Time: An Artist’s Memoir

As a teaching artist for almost three decades, Prof. Kong Ho recalls his art experience in the form of a memoir. This paper explores his retrospective study into his transcendental paintings and why he chose to write a personal memoir. This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, Ho presents the reasons


Transition of Environmental Art: In Search of the Strategies for Sustainability

The range of work referred as Environmental Art encompasses a wide variety of post-war art making and has been given a number of labels such as Land Art, Earthworks, Eco-Art etc. While its definition is constantly changing, its development largely reflects the evolution of eco-thought.  In the 1960s numerous artists conceived Environmental Art chiefly to oppose


Textile Practices as Media for Narrating Local Story

In this study, mainly the living materials of my hometown and its spatial imaginations will be explored through textile practices, and be transformed into the subject matters of designs. Some humane images in local places will be investigated, in expectation to review the connection between the designer and the places where he/she live, in order


The Structure of Narrative Design. A Case Study: Interior Design Proposal of Thread of Life Gallery in Bali

When an exhibition is designed with object-oriented approach, merely focuses on conservation, display and object information, visitors often don’t understand the object. The design function as a medium of visual communication is failed. The exhibition design should be user centered and the goals are communicating objects and their context to visitors in order to make


Chinese Dolls: The Spiritual Pain of Chino-Thai Women

The Chinese tradition is mainly rooted in patriarchal kinship, which regulates the role and status of Chinese women within familial and social aspects of their culture. The objective of this paper is to explain the process of connecting and transferring the feelings, memories, and experiences of Chinese migrant women in Chino-Thai culture by combining the


Beyt El Hekma’, The House of Wisdom: The Legacy of Arabic Science, Interdisciplinarity and Contemporary Art Practice

The Arab-Islamic Empire historically evidences interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge production and scholarship. This was realised with vast success during a period of intellectual expansion, religious tolerance and philosophical inquiry known as the Golden Age. One of the greatest innovations of this knowledge-based economy was the interdisciplinary approach to knowledge-production, which informs innovative approaches to contemporary


Graphic Design on Packaging for Development of Local Textile Products: A Case of Cloth Weaving Commodities in Mahasarakham Province, Thailand

This research aimed to raise a product brand (Underwood, Klein, and Burke, 2001) for cloth weaving commodities in Mahasarakham province, using the case study of Baannongkaen, village 4th, Lao sub-district, Kosumpisai district in order to promote the sale and marketing strategy, create a packaging design for products of the commodities. Fifteen packaging design models were


Illustrating Justice between Literal Representation and Visual Metaphor

Artists have been representing justice as an abstract concept for long centuries, revealing and interpreting its comprehensive meaning through illustrations, taking different forms: as a visual documentary for a situation though treated as a historical evidence, or visual commentary expressing an opinion and treated like an evidence of a special point of an artist view


Future Development in Community Murals and Future Investment in Teaching Artists

Prof. Kong Ho, a teaching artist for more than 25 years and a muralist for 18 years of them, considers himself to be a good source of “archived” experiences that he can share with others who might find them beneficial. This paper explores his inclusive and expansive study into community murals and the role of


Survey on the Role of Visual Arts in Reading Motivation and Visual Tranquility among Managers, Librarians and Library Users of Tehran

This research studies the role of artistic atmosphere in public libraries in order to create reading motivation and providing visual tranquility for the clients. The main role of public library is to disseminate information without discrimination and help social justice to reduce information gap of the society. So libraries can use visual arts to attract


The Art of Justice: Woman Holding a Balance

The Roman goddess of Iustitia (Justice), the blindfolded woman equipped with sword and scales, who impartially delivers human fate in this life and the next, seems almost a timeless figure. And as the image of order in judgment, she is the most universally recognized icon of fair rule and good government. The origins of the


L.A. Streetwalkers: Female Artists Telling Stories on the Streets

This presentation will examine the practice and artwork of three female street artists’Annie Preece, A Common Name and Anna Drumm’who currently live in Los Angeles and illegally put up work on its streets. Their practice varies in material, aesthetic and narrative content but shares a strong ideological commitment to authentic communication, a raw energy and