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Eastern Broadcasting Code for Western Content

India is the second largest television Industry in the world, however private satellite television in India is as new as 26 years. The innovations in content has taken a lead in creating engaging programmes for the Indian consumers. India is a diverse television market, with 29 spoken languages, more than 800 dialects, 175 million television


The Research of Taiwan Virtual Idol Design Factor Analysis

In December 2014, Kaohsiung MRT works with creator to launch ‘K.R.T. GIRLS’ in order to attract young people’s attention, it received a great response. In addition, Taiwan professional baseball team Uni Lions also established girl idol group ‘Unigirls Junior’ at June 2016, the group also has three virtual idol to serve as its corporate image


A Study of Comfort Elements Combine with Local Mascot: The Case of Yunlin Townships

Yunlin County, which located in south-west of Taiwan, west of the Taiwan Strait and consists of twenty townships. Due to its plain ground and fertile soil environment advantages which suits for agriculture, it has been being the main supplier of rice and vegetables, which had made a great contribution to Taiwan. Although there is an


Factors Predicting Intention to Use Social Network among Buddhist Monks in Bangkok

This research study on “Factors Predicting Intention to Use Social Network among Buddhist Monks in Bangkok” has the following objectives: 1. To study correlation between perceived self-efficacy in using technologies, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, subjective norm and intention to use social network sites among Buddhist monks. And 2. To study factors that affect


World Maritime Axis: Media and Indo-China Discourse

This paper deals with the study on both the Indonesian and Chinese media in covering the same event, i.e. some Chinese fishermen who were considered entering the Indonesian territorial waters. The Indonesian media that is studied is the daily newspaper Kompas Online, and the Chinese media is the daily newspaper The People’s Daily English Online.


Research of Users’ Emotional Responses to Interactive Advertisements in Waiting Space

Advertisements that can evoke emotional responses from users have been proven to be more successful than their counterparts as they engage the user in a way that allows their message to be heard. This study focuses on the use of non-commercial public service advertising in intelligent waiting spaces over recent years. It analyzes the emotional


Seriously Funny: An Autoethnographic Investigation Into Humour’s Subversive Power

At the heart of the autoethnographic quest is a desire to examine the complex ways in which an individual and their surrounding culture intersects, and to explore the outcomes of that juncture. This paper details that pursuit, using an autoethnographic methodology to examine the way in which the author’s embodiment of humour has functioned to


Framing of Nuclear Discourse at 5-Year Memorial of the Great East Japan Earthquake by Two English Newspapers in Japan

A useful theoretical framework for the study of news coverage is framing. According to Entmen (1993) to frame is to select some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more salient in a communicating text”. Making certain aspects more salient than others in media content leads to different construction of reality. This study uses quantitative


Continuance Usage Intention of WeChat by Users in Malaysia

Mobile social communication app WeChat has reached 549 million monthly active users (MAUs) globally, a jump from the 500 million users-mark achieved in April 2015. In Malaysia, ‘People-nearby applications’ (PNAs) such as WeChat has boasts a 95% smartphone penetration rate. A research released by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) in November 2014 showed the active user base in