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Key Indicators of Time Bank Participation: Using Transaction Data for Evaluation of “Banco De Tempo FlorianĆ³polis

Community currencies are growing worldwide and exist in a variety of forms. One interesting type of local currency is ā€�timeā€¯. A time bank operates like a volunteer organization, with a member registering all member transactions. The principal characteristic of time banking is that the credit, that every member receives for a good or a service


The Sociology of Literature: An Analysis of Belis Imamat Novel, a Work by Inyo Soro

Belis Imamat, a novel by Inyo Soro in this study is a literary expression of the social condition on the bride pricing tradition ‘belis’ in the marital custom of the East Nusa Tenggara society. The discussed issues pertain to the structure builder of a story figure “Aku, an Indonesian term for ‘I or I am’


Orchestrating French Music Conservatories: European Political Interventions and Local Governances

This research aims to understand the processes of institutional recombination of French higher music education system in the context of European integration. How do the current constitutive elements of French multi-level governance (municipal, departamental, regional, national and European), both informal and formal, operate on music conservatories ? How do these institutions, related by national and international


Falklands Calling’: Exploring the Life of the Local Community in Terms of Global Interaction

The aim of this paper is to explore the degree of international interaction of the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands. The paper argues that the way the islanders see themselves and interact with the rest of the world has evolved after, and as a result of, the 1982 war. The war was fought between Argentina


Social Justice: Widows’ Perspectives

Abstract: Widows in the state of Maharashtra have been very supportive of each other and are very independent individuals. In this paper 20 widows from Mumbai are interviewed and an attempt is made to define social justice from the perspective of widows. ‘Social Justice’ meaning and definition from the views of society at large is


Local Wisdom in Weaving Reed Mats by Designing Patterns at Community Enterprise of Kok Mat Transformation in Ban Sang District

This research was aimed to study context, ways of thinking, principle, wisdom evidence and knowledge management on weaving reed mats of the entrepreneur group and the continuation of adopted local wisdom through the decoration design and development the reed mat products of the Bang Pluang Reed-Mat-Transformation Community, Ban Sang District, Prachin Buri, Thailand. This research


Factors Affecting the Quality of Life of the Elderly in the Eastern Provinces

This research was aimed at studying fundamental factors, mental factors, and needs factors of the elderly in the eastern provinces that are related to the quality of life of the elderly in order to propose a model of elderly care. This research used mixed methods approach of quantitative and qualitative research. The sample for the


An Unsuccessful Story of Futaba Nursery School, A Pioneer Educational Institution for the Poor in Japan

Futaba Nursery School has long been regarded in Japan as one of the pioneer educational institutions that upheld children’s rights and the protection of motherhood, but its history cannot simply be read as a tale of the heroic female founders. Scholars describe Futaba Nursery School, established in 1900 for children in Tokyo’s slums, as a pioneer


Immigration, Identity and Mobility in Europe: Inclusive Cultural Policies and Exclusion Effects

The European cultural policy programs, such as ECC (European Capitals of Culture), seek to develop new forms of civic cohesion through inclusive and participative cultural events. The cultural assets of a city elected “ECC” are mobilized to attract a wide range of new audiences, including populations poorly integrated into local cultural life – and consequently


Constructing the Hong Kong Nation: Cultural Nationalism and Civic Nationalism

The handover of sovereignty to China has not made Hongkongers the true master of their city, as promised by Beijing. Rather, the recent years have witnessed an increasing influence of the Chinese government in Hong Kong affairs, the shrink of freedom and the violations of values embraced by Hong Kong people. Resultantly, on top of


Migration Without Mobility

The Mobility Turn promised a paradigm shift. Inspired by the work of Deleuze and Guattari, fundamental concepts such as culture, identity and place were to be re-figured by mobile metaphors, such as network, home and flow. However, conceptual ambitions have been stymied. Ironically, this has been especially evident in fields concerned intrinsically with mobility. Notably,