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Implicit Cognitions in Awareness: Three Empirical Examples and Implications for Conscious Identity

Across psychological science the prevailing view of mental events includes unconscious mental representations that result from a separate implicit system outside of awareness. Recently, scientific interest in consciousness of self and the wide-spread application of mindfulness practice have made necessary innovative methods of assessing awareness during cognitive tasks and validating those assessments wherever they are


Identity, Religion and Intergroup Conflict: The Role of Religious-Secular Discourse in Self-Investigation

This paper explores the logic and implications of a Secular-Religious Discourse and group processes to construction of individual and social identity. The theory argues that Intergroup discourse can create a safe environment that encourages individuals to engage in self reflection and in discourse with ‘the other’. Qualitative thematic content analysis was used to analyze the


If the Amazon Turkers Are Representative of the “New” Economy, What Does it Mean for Mental Health Services?

Objectives: The structure of formal economies has changed significantly in the past decade, making millions of people partly or wholly dependent on the “gig economy.” This study illustrates the different personality and psychological profile of this growing population group, and how it relates to a need for different mental health services. Design and Methods: A cross-sectional


Caregiver State of Mind and Role Performing of Counselors in Foster Homes

Nowadays, Thailand is facing a problem in orphan care. There are huge numbers of children living in foster homes with lower numbers of child caregivers.  As researchers reviewed the literatures, researchers found that there were many reasons that caused this career to have a high turnover rate. This study was conducted to explore caregivers’ experiences and


An Accurate Estimation Method for Abilities in Online Adaptive Testing Based on Item Response Theory

Recently, universities in Japan, in particular, private universities, are inclined to accept a wide variety of students because the number of high school students is becoming smaller in contrast to the increase of the number of enrollment of students. In response to this situation, universities have been gradually providing pre-classes before enrollment, various levels of


The Effect of Group Counseling Program for Developing Self-Efficacy and Adversity Quotient in Real Time Company

The objectives of this research were to develop self-efficacy and adversity quotient of employees in a real time company and to study the effectiveness of the group counseling program for developing self-efficacy and adversity quotient in real time company used before and after participating in the program. This was quasi-experimental research. The sample was a


Socio-Demographics and Political Ideology: A Multinational Analysis

With an increasingly polarized nature of interparty conflict in politics across the world, researchers in the fields of political science and psychology are eager to determine the antecedents of individuals’ attachment to either liberal or conservative ideologies. While some recent developments illustrate the relationship between political attitudes and biological genes, others associate liberalism and conservatism


Millennialism Scale: A Measurement of Thoughts and Feelings on the Millennium

Amongst many Christian denominations is the belief in a millennium, which is a period of 1,000 years either directly preceding or following the second coming of Jesus Christ. There are two differing perspectives based upon the millennium, separated by those who are premillennialists and postmillennialists (Mason, 2004). Premillennialists believe that people do not have the


Substance Abuse and Religiosity

This study addresses the importance of substance abuse in regards to religiosity. Prior research (Hodge, Cardenas, & Montoya, 2001) indicates that both high spirituality and religious participation are predictors of low substance abuse. Other research in the past has shown that adolescents that scored high on the Alcohol Involvement scale tended to come from families


Psychological Disposition in Qualitative Research

The role of psychological disposition is utmost important in qualitative research. It influences the quality of information and its authenticity. The paper examines the role of psychological disposition and its impact in conducting qualitative research. We conducted qualitative research using semi structured in depth questionnaire for middle level and top management bank employees. Respondents’ apprehension


Conformity and Obedience of Bantengan and Jaran Kencak in East Java

As a traditional culture and art, Bantengan in Trawas and Jaran Kencak in Lumajang, East Java is one of the diversity of Indonesian famous and exotic cultures. Although using animals as the name, they are very different in essence. Bantengan or Bull Dance is a performance art that combines elements of dance, physical exercise, music


Causal Factors of CSR Influencing to Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Effectiveness of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand

This research study the relationship and effect among corporate social responsibility (CSR), organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), and organizational effectiveness (OE) of listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Data were collected via questionnaires from 217 companies. Multi-stage sampling technique was used. Data were analyzed using standard statistical method and structural equation modeling. The relationships among


Psychoanalytic/Psychotherapeutic Theories Developed by Means of the Scientific Method and an Unknown Clinical Phenomenon That Destroys Treatments at the Start

This workshop will begin with an overview of a long sequence of genuinely-scientific clinical researches in the above fields. It will then concentrate on a “formulation” method rooted in concretely-defined, standardizable concepts, and theoretical principles tested hundreds of times for predictive capability. The method relies on: A clearly-defined observational field Explicit process instructions (reference points


Effective and Ineffective Coping Strategies: Psychometric Properties of a Reduced Version of Brief-Cope for Heart Patients

Negative emotions (like anxiety or depression) have been linked to the onset and development of coronary heart diseases (CHD). Recent research has also shown that the way to deal with these diseases is also a powerful predictor of their prognosis. Moreover, many studies have found that the way in which people face situations is one


Reconstructing Social Identity: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Approach to Understanding Filipino Migrant Workers in Wales

Migrants from the Philippines have been coming to the UK since the 1970s under the work permit scheme as a response to the country’s shortage of skilled workers. Unlike other migrant groups, Filipinos receive less attention from researchers. Research on Filipinos is scarce in the UK and almost non-existent in Wales. Underpinned by Social Identity


Criminals Cash Flow Strategies in Financial Crime on the Example of Online and Offline Fraud

Financial aspects of crime are in many cases not evident and the criminal’s motivation to commit a specific crime is sometimes very individual, i.e. not driven by common sense. Those financial aspects are – also in cybercrime – related to motivational aspects, the type of crime, modus operandi and legal alternatives. In our work, we


The Effect of Level of Parenting Stress towards Mother-Child Interaction Quality: A Study on Mothers with Toddler from Poverty Family

This research was conducted to explain the effect of level of parenting stress towards mother-child interaction quality in mothers with toddler form poverty family. This research used the mixed method design for collecting data. Quantitative method used in order to analyzed the effect of level of parenting stress towards mother-child interaction quality. Level of parenting


A Qualitative Study of Genital Sex Reassignment in Transgendered Teens: Age of Consent and Assessment Process

Currently, the WPATH guidelines recommend that a person be at the majority age in order to be considered a candidate for bottom surgery. In British Columbia, the majority is 19 years. However, in our clinical experience, there are youth between the ages of 16 to 19 that may benefit from having the surgery earlier. Some


Comparison of Dietary Behaviors and Acculturation of Korean International and Japanese Students in Japan

For cross-cultural students to remain healthy, proper nutrition is an important factor. However, Japanese universities do not show adequate interest in international students’ health behavior. It is believed that health behavior is a key aspect of acculturation. In this study, we examine a change in Korean students’ dietary habits as they acculturate to Japanese culture,


An Investigation of the Mate Preferences of Young Adults Using Choice Based Conjoint Analysis

The current study is an exploratory investigation concerning mate preferences of young adult males and females. Specifically, those that self proclaimed to be single or in a relationship, all of which were never married. Previous research shows that men and women differ in their mate selection preferences, specifically, men desire physical attractiveness and potential for


Coping Stress of Pilot of Commercial Aircraft After the Crash

The plane crash is a traumatic experience in the life of someone, especially a pilot because it has the burden of responsibility on the safety of the passengers. This study aims to determine the coping stress post-crash of a commercial airplane pilot. Coping stress is an individual effort in managing the full load condition, exert


Corruption: Its Representations and Psychology in Indonesia

Corruption has undermined the sense of justice of the society in various parts of the world, and it has to be admitted that corruption involves contested meanings. The problem is that there is no study about the meaning of corruption for Indonesians. Often the understanding of the community about “corruption” is simply assumed because we


Women’s Needs Related to Obstetric Services: Viewpoints of Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Japan

The experiences of pregnancy and childbirth are considered important events in a woman’s life. Particularly, memories related to pregnancy and childbirth can be painful to some mothers of children with disabilities. I previously interviewed 47 mothers of children with disabilities, and found that most of them had had unpleasant experiences at obstetrics and gynecology hospitals