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The Contingency of the Self’s Language: How We Create Our Stories by Using Language

The most important part that creates the Self as “the knowing subject” or active entity with the proactive, purposeful and selective reception of the materials from reality, not merely a machine moved by external interactions is cognitive elements or consciousness framework. When we understand the cognition is a thinking process, the consciousness is the result


Republican Freedom Against Pluralism

Phillip Pettit has drawn on a republican tradition in order to articulate a conception of the state as primarily oriented towards pursuing freedom, understood as non-domination. In his framework, domination constitutes a harm that the state ought to alleviate. He explicitly treats this ideal as a political one, but in this paper I assert that


Finding the Root Substance: Religious Classification of Liu Zhi

During the Qing dynasty in China, starting particularly in the 17th century, Hui Muslim scholars began to develop a distinctive Chinese reinterpretation of Islam based on the preceding Neo-Confucian tradition. In the early 18th century, the work of several such scholars was collected in the Han Kitab, a volume compiled by and primarily authored by


The Nigeria – Biafra Conflict: The Inalienable Right to War

In Gowon’s 2015 Convocation Lecture titled “No Victor, No Vanquished” at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, he still upheld the necessity to keep Nigeria one as a fundamental justice and an incumbent task that he proudly did at all cost. The inevitability of the Nigerian – Biafra war was the out-come. Ojukwu of the Biafran enclave


“The Consciousness Evolution”: Identification and Re-Identification after the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong

Stemmed from the Umbrella Movement in September of 2014, Hong Kong had experienced dramatic social and political changes that people were being decontaminated from titling as political apathetic animals which were constructed under the historical manufacturing. The unprecedented integration of politics and society keeps fermenting and one of the most conspicuous narratives in the society


UN Essentials or Reinventing the Wheel: Rising Powers and the Decline of Trilateralism in Middle East Peace-Making

Amid a protracted array of efforts to secure a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian question and the related wider Arab-Israeli conflict, the search for justice still forms a core element of the challenges facing the international community. While the traditional negotiating template centred on United Nations resolutions and international law has been somewhat sidelined since 1967


Image of ‘Justice’ in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (1860) is a psychological novel, which has been subjected to various interpretations by the scholars worldwide. Dostoevsky has aptly dealt with the problems of the concept of justice and human existence. The protagonist is suffering from an acute psychological crisis after committing the dual murders. He has his own vision of


Virtue-Based Compatibility of Business and Profession

It is widely believed that ethical obligation in business is owed to stockholders, who are the investors but in the practice of a profession such an ethical obligation is owed to clients or community. The apparent conflict in the nature of ethical obligation is clear but it is also true that both business and profession