Language Learning Advantages Through EMI-STEAM Integration: Fostering Fluency, Cultural Competence, and Global Collaboration


The amalgamation of English as a medium of instruction (EMI) and STEAM practices in advanced language learning classes can yield numerous advantages such as exposure to authentic language usage to interact with academic and technical materials from diverse disciplines, and thereby bolstering language fluency and confidence. However, the effective integration of STEAM-based education in many Japanese universities have seen little progress in multidisciplinary movement due to the traditional silo-based educational systems in which departments are independent entities and students are confined to their own disciplinary domains. This insular approach limits their exposure to diverse perspectives and tends to stifle creativity, innovation, and ultimately may lead to students to struggle to think critically and fail to develop innovative solutions to complex real-world problems that require multidisciplinary insights and effective communication in an interconnected world.
The presenter will highlight a pioneering curriculum developed specifically with STEAM-based education for advanced English learners of a university language center from several mixed disciplines. And further explain the research and results by leveraging a mixed group of students and how they tackled advanced level real-world socio-economic issues and wicked problems in a carefully crafted PBL activity.
Research results will show how interdisciplinary learning in English language centers can empower students in addressing multifaceted global challenges, promoting the acquisition of essential 21st-century skills, and achieving proficiency in English as a global lingua franca. Attendees will acquire valuable insights to enrich language education and to prepare students for success in a progressively diverse and interdependent global milieu.

Author Information
Yuri Jody Yujobo, Tamagawa University, Japan

Paper Information
Conference: SEACE2024
Stream: Interdisciplinary

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Posted by James Alexander Gordon