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The Effect of Stimulating Children’s Brains Using Digital Games on Their Information Retention

Children of the “Digital Age” are very attached to smart devices. It is not easy for parents and educators to resist this “smart” wave; therefore, the challenge is to make use of it. The researchers believe that the children are in their optimum time of mental activity when they play games. While playing, they race,


Applications of the Arduino Electronics in the Kinematics

Due to high precision, quick response and low price, Arduino electronics, including motherboards and sensors, have potential to be the main parts of physical experiments. Especially, the experimental data can be easily transferred to smartphones and tablets through the Bluetooth communication that greatly enhances the portability of the experimental equipment. There are many commercially available


Toward the Next Generation of Educational Technologies: A Survey of Internet of Things (IoT) in Education

Internet of things (IoT) means that physical objects (e.g., device) will be connected to the Internet and be able to interact themselves to other objects. The Internet of things has competitive advantages such as content delivery, automation processing, location independence, security assurance and time reduction, thus IoT applications have received extensive attention from both industry


Ultimate or Alternate? Enhance the E-Learning Experience for Creative Media Students: Hong Kong and Singapore Perspective

Online learning (E-learning) platforms such as Blackboard, Moodle, and MOOCs have been widely used in various higher educational institutions. These E-learning platforms have been designed and developed for students to enhance their learning experiences by promoting blended learning. Current research in this area has demonstrated the effectiveness of online learning for distance education and as


The Transport Phenomena: Course Teaching Strategies Using Comsol Simulation Apps for Engineers and Scientists

Teaching undergraduate transport phenomena fundamentals course in universities worldwide was mainly based on the well-known most useful chemical engineering textbook ever written by Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot, (BSL, 1960). Students in recent years are motivated by real-life examples, but they have limited time to investigate the physics beyond them. This research paper presents the enhanced


Teaching Generation Z at the University of Hawai’i

New generations of students are not the same as prior generations and they respond differently to instruction. The University of Hawai‘i must change its ways of teaching to align to the values and learning styles of these new learners, specifically Generation Z (Gen Zers). Teaching methods, course content, and objectives must be relevant and engaging


Examining Effects of Two Computer Programming Learning Strategies: Self-Explanation Versus Reading Questions and Answers

The current study explored the differential effects of two learning strategies, self-explanation and reading questions and answers, on learning the computer programming language JavaScript. Students’ test performance and perceptions of effectiveness toward the two strategies were examined. An online interactive tutorial instruction implementing worked-examples and multimedia learning principles was developed for this study. Participants were


A Study of Effects on Cognitive Load and Learning Achievement with Different Spatial Ability After Using Synchronized Multi-Display

For science learning, learners learn the specific scientific concepts one at a time. However, in real situations, a scientific concept usually involves abstraction, which made learner have misconceptions. In recent years, Augmented Reality has been applied to science teaching and has been considered to be an effective approach for interactive e-learning. However, as stated by


Digital Funds of Identity: Funds of Knowledge 2.0 for the Digital Generation

The question of teaching and researching for social justice has been explored in relation to the Funds of Knowledge approach which involves researchers and teachers undertaking ethnographic research in disadvantaged students’ households (Moll et al., 1992; Gonzales et al., 2005). The notion of household knowledge has subsequently been extended to include hybrid spaces that transcend


Exploring the Framework and Implementation Efficacy of the Flipped-Action Model in a College Bilingual-Education Class

Inspired by the FLIPPED model proposed by Chen et al. (2014), which added three more PED components to the original FLIP model, this research project adds ACTION as one more component to make the previous schemata better-rounded. To figure out which component(s) make a significant influence on students learning motivation, learning strategies, and learning outcome,


Game-Based Motion Sensing Game Training Systems to Improve Visual-Motor Integration for Children with Developmental Delay in Special Education

Visual perception dysfunction could hinder the participation in school activities, academic performance, and independence in daily living. These unsuccessful school experiences may further retard social and emotional development in children with disabilities. Effective therapy to enhance visual perceptual function is thus of paramount importance in facilitating integration into school life, and reducing the immediate burden


The Influences of ICT on High School Students’ Understanding in Physics Courses: A Review of the Literature

The number of students who registered in physics courses for upper education is reported decrease across the world. Some studies reported that there are several reasons caused this phenomenon; students think that physics is the most difficult subject; some physics theories are invisible phenomena; and poor teaching method. This paper concerns on how information and


Developing a 3D Interactive Tool for Learning OOP Concepts

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) recently became the most influential programming paradigm. Several studies have indicated some serious deficiencies in the learning outcomes of students who have passed one or several programming courses in CS programs. In King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, during the second semester of the year 2014-2015¸ it has been analyzed through


iPads and Autism: Using iPads for Autism and the Effects of that on Learning Methods

The purpose of this study is to grasp the opportunity of utilizing technology like iPad for Autistic students. This study to prove that technology is not an optional tool in learning it becomes an essential tool to teach and provide information, and enhance academic skills for students. In 2012, the research in the Centers for


Framework of Effective Learning Management System Controls of Technology Enabled Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions

E-Learning is an important education tool in modern teaching and learning. Several E-Learning tools are available for students to make the learning processes in an effective way. The use of E-Learning tools should be in such a way that it does not affect the behavioral patterning that drawn up for the conventional learning. Plagiarism and


The Effectiveness of Using Easy Class and Powerpoint on Graduate Students’ Achievements in Classroom at College of Education in Albaha University

E-learning is defined as an element of the combining theories of adult education and permanent learning. Teachers have to accept the use of E-learning in the classroom as a new tool to assist students’ learning (Bahhouth & Bahhouth, 2011). The purpose of this study was to explore learners’ achievements when using easy class and PowerPoint


Predicting Teachers’ ICT Integration in the Classroom

This study was conducted to explore the teacher factors associated with the frequency of the use of ICT for instructional purposes in K-12 classroom. Survey data collected from 810 teachers in Thailand were analysed to examine how teachers use ICT as a tool for teaching and supporting students__ learning in the classroom. Additionally, the antecedents