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Commodifying Human Body for the Life Survival in Islamic Legal Perspective: The Case of Organ Purchase among Refugees

The commodification of human body for the life survival matter has been evident among some refugees who, out of desperate and dire situations, engaged in selling body organs to have a better life for themselves and for others. The research examines the discussion on human dignity and the dignity of body to respond to human


Facing the Face of Death in Serenity: Learning from Abrahamic Religion

You and everyone you’ve ever known someday will die with a certainty. Death is a topic which relevant to us, and yet it isn’t pleasant to talk about. Western societies embrace individualism that promotes the personal autonomy of the dying. IOM defined a “good death” as “one that is free from avoidable suffering for patients.”


Analyzing the Modern Sex Selection with the Perspective of the Prohibition of Infanticide

The emergence of modern biomedically assisted sex selection for non-medical reasons facilitates parents to desire the sex of a fetus. This practice raises many ethical questions that centers around human value and dignity. The notion and practice of infanticide is categorically prohibited in Islam. Whether the non-medical gender selection practice is a form of pre-Islamic


Human Genome Editing: Human Dignity in an Era of Genetic Aristocracy

Genetic Engineering brought to man what, until now, was given to destiny or to God (as it were): the determination of the identity and historicity of man, unique to each being. The creator of man can be, now, a peer, that takes in his hands, especially at the level of the biotechnology promises of human


Life in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

With the announcement of the sheep clone Dolly as the breakthrough in the biotechnology in news media around the turn of the twenty-first century, the rising issue of human clones in its development and the controversially bioethical issues ensued, Kazuo Ishiguro in Never Let Me Go (2005) focuses his attention, in the area of cell