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Identity of the ǂKhomani San as Authentic Bushman in the 21st Century: An Ethnographic Study

The small indigenous community of the ǂKhomani San Bushmen in the Southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa are grappling to maintain their identity in the 21st century. Being authentic Bushman comes with a huge number of challenges for this indigenous community in retaining their cultural links to the land and their San heritage. Their authenticity


Klin Concubine’s Resident the Memory of the Mon Community at Sutthapotch Temple Area for Cultural Heritage Preservation

Klin was the name of King Mongkut’s concubine (King Mongkut was the king of Thailand during the year 1851-1868). She was Mon ethnic (Mon was the name of ethnic group that was migrated from Myanmar) and she was the granddaughter of the Mon leader. By the reason of her family and her concubine status, she


Survival and Sovereignty: Forces on the Rise of Aurelio Tolentino’s Novels

The current paper intends to divulge the cultural considerations that prompted the rise of Aurelio Tolentino’s extant novels during the first two decades of US rule in the Philippines particularly in the province of Pampanga. An outstanding Kapampangan, Aurelio Tolentino (1875-1915) is an astute author who in spite of being a moralist has been best