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Contested Spaces

The role of civil society is to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to come together to pressurise decision makers in society. However, strategies to undermine the active civil sector, creates the current situation; where the responsive body of citizens is less active and effective. The lack of political desire to challenge the cyclic fall-out imbedded


Resilient Living Environments: Identifying a Design Approach to Creating Housing Suited to Culture and Context

This paper’s focus is on identifying a system for devising and implementing a culture and context specific planning and design approach to creating the right low cost housing solutions for sites prone to flooding and ground instability. Two sites are explored, one in Sri Lanka and the other in Nanjing, China. The paper first presents the


Light, the Physical Factor Affecting the Social Security of Public Space in Historical Texture

Yazd city is the first adobe and the second historical city in the world. Placement of valuable historical texture of this city in a circle of worn out context has caused the Gradual burial of social, economic,skeletal and functional life especially in the public spaces of historical core of town. In addition, the expansion of


Urban Governance and ‘Human’ Development Challenges in India

The development process in the developing countries faces many challenges: poverty, illiteracy, violence, social conflicts, corruption, and the ever widening socio-economic gaps in the society. The government of these countries, through specific political institutions, laws, and policies tries to de-entangle the society from these ills. But in India it has been realised that in order


Complex Mathematics Tools in Urban Studies

During centuries, the Theory of Architecture and Urbanism has been trying to describe and understand complex realities: the concept of beauty, how creative process are develop, or the meaning of a city, for example. In order to achieve explanations, sometimes we have built theories based in social issues; in other occasions we turn to Art