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Community, Identity and Elderly: What Happens When “Us” Enhances “Me” – The Belonging on Elderly

We are living on times where it is possible to observe families with three or four generations to coexist, but their members are so busy and involved in so many activities outside home, that there is no time to share experiences in day life time, and sharing is restricted on commemorative parties dates, or occasional


Interventive Psychodiagnosis in a University Clinical Practice in Brazil: Managing Psychological Assessment and Intervention of Children in Underserved Populations

Childhood psychological problems and psychiatric disorders may impose long term care costs to individuals and society. In 2011, prevalence of one or more psychiatric disorders among children was 13.1% in Brazil. Considering that in 2015, there were 51653 children and adolescents enrolled in preschool and basic school in Santos, Brazil, there is an estimation of


Effects of Games for Enhancing Executive Function Program on Early Academic Achievement in Preschoolers: Mediating Role of Executive Function Skills

Executive function (EF) skills has been highlighted as a potential factor for early academic achievement which includes mathematical and language skills in preschoolers. However, it has been less explored on how to establish EF skills through daily school program. The current research created a 3-week EF skills training program through playing games for preschoolers (Games


The Implications of Cross-Cultural Social Skills of Japanese People in Turkey in Order to Form Relationships with Turkish Muslims

This study aims to investigate the cross-cultural social skills adopted by Japanese people in Turkey, relating to the construction of satisfactory interpersonal relationships with Turkish Muslims. Eighteen Japanese people living in Turkey were asked concerning coping strategies used to overcome interpersonal difficulties (Nakano & Tanaka, 2015) and behaviors used to form good relationships by conducting


Family Communication Patterns Which Influence Bangkok Grade Seven Student’s Life Skills Development

The current research aimed to measure life skills level and to study different patterns of family communication among Grade 7 students. The samples of the study were 417 Grade 7 students in Bangkok. The sampling is dividing the school samples into 3 groups according to their subordination as follows: 1) schools under the Office of


The Role of Identity Statuses on Freshman Student’s Decision Making in Choosing Education Degree Program

The development of a stable sense of self is considered to be one of thecentral tasks of human being. Erik Erikson (1902-1994) explained that during normative development, the influence of experimentation and exploration in personality and vocational roles became the important aspects in constructing individual identities (Santrock, 2007). Extending this theory, James Marciaproposed four identity


A Case Study on How the Philosophy of Environment Adjustment of I-Ching Feng-Shui of Chinese Culture Impacts the University’s Performance

In 1990s, the educational market is growing rapidly in Taiwan. However, with the dropping of fertility rate and the school-age population, schools had experienced a shortage of enrollment, which was a daunting challenge to education industry. Hence, this paper adopts the case study method by using 167 universities in Taiwan as the population and the


Applying I Chings “Life-Gua” of Chinese Culture to Human Resources Management Strategy

Chinese culture is one of the four ancient civilizations of the world, which is still greatly valued todays. Its foundation of philosophy lies in the I-Ching, which elaborates the principles of nature of the universe and the life contained within it. While human resources management is a dynamic and interactive process, in the rise of


The Structural Model in Parenting Style, Attachment Style, Self-Regulation and Self-Esteem with Smartphone Addiction

Technological addiction has become a common issues worldwide, this research hopes to discover the possible framework of smartphone addiction, raise awareness on further discovery and acknowledgment on the problem of technological dependencies. The present research aims at investigating the relationships of students’ parenting styles to their attachment style, self-regulation, self-esteem and smartphone addiction. Two hundred


Band Musicians in Macau

Researchers have documented the potential social benefits of popular music, such as empowering young people to cope with life challenges, providing a positive force for social change and enabling young people to connect with and express their indigenous cultures. In Macau, growth of a native music industry has been constrained by a tiny population and


A Population-Based Study on Health Literacy and Health Behaviors

Health literacy has been proved to be associated with various domains of health. The objective is to describe the prevalence and distribution of health literacy and health behaviors and define the association between health literacy and health behaviors in Taiwan. An area sampling was applied in this study. Structured in-person interviews in the respondents’ home


Guiding Three to Six Year Old Children into Developing Social Sense of Decorum

The paper discusses the hypothesis that a parent or caregiver must master three important child-guiding skills to help improve young (3 to 6 years old) children’s behaviors: Empathy, setting boundaries, and early intervention. The best time to be empathetic with children, to begin the use of boundaries, and to utilize early intervention techniques is when


Links between, Prosocial Value and Bystanders’ Helping Behavior in Bullying Situation: The Mediating Role of Collective Efficacy and Psychological Well-Being as Moderator

Collective efficacy was examined as a mediator of associations between prosocial values and bystander’s helping behavior, where psychological well-being functions as a moderator of associations among prosocial values and bystander’s helping behavior: whether they are willing to help a bullying victim, or on the contrary support the bully. To answer this question, a study was


Does Bystanders’ Psychological Well-Being and Attribution towards Victims Matters in Helping a Bullying Victim?

Previous studies shows that psychological well-being plays an important role towards pro social behavior, but it is unclear how bystanders’ psychological well-being together with their attribution (the extent to which the victim was considered guilty of becoming a victim) influence their willingness to help in bullying situation. 1868 participants consisting of students and school completed


A Study on Improving Listening Efficacy of Instructions for Nursing Students Towards the Accurate Information Transfer

Aim: Focusing on the listening efficacy of instructions as skills for medical safety, we devised a social skills training (SST) of instructions-received skills for nursing students. For that reason, this study aims to examine the relationship between the improvement of the skills after SST and the experience of the students. Methods: The participants were second-year nursing