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Positive Teacher Attributes through the Eyes of the Learner: In Japan and a Wider Asian Context

Positive teacher influences can contribute to learner knowledge, skill acquisition, and a positive learning environment (Jahangiri & Mucciolo, 2016). In a pilot study the researchers found that in education levels ranging from elementary school to university, high school teachers and private instructors/tutors were the most selected categories, with English being the most common subject. Learners


Survey on Whether The Sri Lankan Pre-Service National Diploma In Teaching Programme Addresses the Learning Needs of Diverse Learners

This study sought to identify the state of prospective teachers’ knowledge about differentiated instruction; how often prospective teachers differentiate instruction in specific subject areas; and the differentiated instruction factors that are implemented during the internship practicum period in the pre-service National Diploma in teaching program in order to meet the needs of diverse learners in


Instructor Experience Affects Perception of Student Technology Use as a Sign of Engagement

Devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops have become commonplace in the classroom. Students can use these devices to disengage and distract others or to take notes and collaborate with others. Recognizing the difference is now a critical skill for university instructors. Assessing student engagement and responding to disengaged students are learned skills that


How Does the Government Construct the Pedagogical Relationship between Teachers and Children in Saudi Preschool Education?

Pedagogy is understood as being embedded in the relationship between teaching and learning. How the teaching-learning relationship is understood, recognized and developed is important, especially in the case of cross-cultural educational reforms (Nyland & Alfayez 2012). Reforms to the Saudi Early Years curriculum are based on the American High/Scope Model and the idea of Developmentally


The Development of Teacher Knowledge in 4th Year Science Teachers in Thailand Through Lesson Study

The purpose of this study was to investigate how and what teacher knowledge preservice science teachers develop in contexts of Lesson Study. In order to gain the required in-depth data, a range of qualitative methods was used. These included lesson plan analysis, reflective journal, group discussions, concept maps, and documentations. Data were collected from a


The Role of Art Education Teacher’s in Developing Designs of Traditional Crafts in Oman: A Field Study

This paper is devoted to a review of the literature that covers all the topics related to the role of art education teacher’s in developing designs of traditional crafts in Oman. These topics can be mostly grouped into two main parts. The first part explores the most significant stages in crafts enterprises’ historical developments including


Comparing Labour Market Expectations and VET Qualifications in the NecVET European Project

This paper presents the results of research in the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET) undertaken with respect to the framework of the EU project __New approaches to strengthened cooperation facilities for VET institutions and labour market__ (NecVet). The NecVET project has the aim of setting up a network between vocational education institutions and