ISSN: 2186-5906 – The Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

MediAsia2014, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”
Thursday, November 13, 2014 - Sunday, November 16, 2014
ISSN: 2186-5906

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Food Fight! Cross-cultural Conflict in a Polish
Blogger’s Post about Filipino Food

Christine Anne R. Cox

What's on Your Mind?
Rhetorics of Identity Construction on Facebook

Joan Macapagal Dizon

Participatory Culture and New Imagined Community:
Competing Imagination of Muslim Ummah in Islamic
Online Media in Indonesia

Taufiqur Rahman

Designing Optimal Viewpoints in
Technical Illustrations

Debopriyo Roy

A Study into the Understandability of Technical
Illustrations Shown From Different Height
Perspectives and Camera Positions

Debopriyo Roy
Stephen Crabbe

Communication Process of Community in the
Conservation of Biodiversity: A Case Study of
the Doi Saket Chiang Rai Province Community

Singh Singkhajorn

Social Media Modi-Fication:
Narendra Modi's Use of Social
Media in Indian Elections 2014

Shirin Abbas
AK Singh

Islam and Mosque Developments in the Australian Media:
A Literature Review

Caitlin McGregor

Is Becoming a Journalist any Different?
A Study of Careers in Professional Journalism in Brazil

Fabio Henrique Pereira

Expectations for Delivering Entertainment
News through Television

Sanpach Jiarananon

A Corpus Stylistics News Story Analysis of a Japan-China Faceoff:
The Senkaku-Diaoyu Territorial Dispute

Barry Natusch
Beryl Hawkins

Suratthani Rajabhat University Branding
Nattawut Suwantip

Microblogging and Life Changes:
An Ethnographic and Statistical Analysis of Young Adults

Xinru Chen
Marsha Berry
Vance L. Martin

Communication for Maintaining Ethnic Identity
of the Siamese-Malaysian Community in Malaysia

Thatsanawadi Kaeosanit

Village Voiced, Village Empowered: A Case Study of the Citizen Journalism Practice
Using New Media as a Medium of Empowering the Villagers at Banyumas Regency in 2012-2013

Lisa Lindawati

City’s Visual Communication Strategy in the Digital Context:
A Case Study of Wuhan’s Image Videos

Han Liu
Liam Ward

Female Masculinity and the Image of Women in the
Chinese Cultural Revolution

Zhuying Li

A Study on the Communicative Efficacy of Korean
High School Students: Focusing on the Emotional
Tone of Comments on Internet News

Inhye Choi
Seo Jung Yoon
Soo Min Ahn

Depiction of the Good and Evil Conflict through Female
Characters in Turkish Cinema from Kezban to Iklimler

Nermin Orta

I Love You, Bro: The [Mis]Representation of
Male-Bonding in Boy Bands through their Music

Mary Jane S. Camarador

Convergence Journalism
Songyot Buaphuean

The Profile of Sharing through Social Media:
The Coca Cola Case

Duygu Aydın

Ethical Use of Online and Social Media in
News Reporting of Thai Newsrooms

Sakulsri Srisaracam

Linplexity: A Closer Look at How One Asian is a
Representative for an Entire Race

Ryan Kitaro Kwai-ming Hata

Whither the News? Problematizing the Gendered Limits
of Coverage on Women's Wartime Labour in Canadian
Newspapers, 1939-1945

Tracy Moniz

Anime, A Universal Language Defying Boundaries:
An Applied Study on a Sample of Egyptian Youth

Salma Medhat

Public Service Broadcasting in South Korea
Ki-Sung Kwak

Can Fake Headlines Rescue Journalism?
The Irrelevancy between Headline and
Content in Online Journalism

Alaaddin F. Paksoy

The Role of Culture in Communication:
How Cultures Influence the Way People Perceive Information

Can Cemal Cingi

A Research Study of the Application of
Digital Music in Taiwanese Films

Chun-Wen Fang
Yu Di Huang
Min-Chih Lee