ISSN: 2188-1162 The European Conference on Education 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ECE2015 Thistle Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom
ECE2015 Conference Theme: “Education, Power and Empowerment: Changing and Challenging Communities”
Wednesday, July 1, 2015 - Sunday, July 5, 2015
ISSN: 2188-1162

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Economies of Scale of Worker's Continuing Professional Development
in Selected Universities in South-South Nigeria

Jonathan Egbe Oghenekohwo

Utilisation of Resources As Correlates of Undergraduates' Academic
Achievement in Cataloguing and Classification in Library
Schools in Southern Nigeria

Samuel Oke Ogunniyi
Kenneth Ivo Ngozi Nwalo

The Relevance of Classroom Audits and Student Feedback
on Teacher's Effectiveness

Robert Pfumbudzayi Machera

A Critical Analysis of Student's Self-Assessment
and Teacher's Assessment

Nwabueze Godfrey Nneji

Project-Based Learning and Students’ Interest in Physics
and Chemistry: Using Innovative Practices in
Rural Nigerian Schools to Foster Community Change

Opara Mary Felicia
Innocent Elekalachi Chukwuemeka

Sociolinguistic Obstacles in Language Learning:
Results of Two Follow-Up Studies

Eugen Zaretsky
Benjamin P. Lange

The Language Practicum Learning Experience of
AB English 2013

Jocelyn I. Bartolata

Industry Profile of Sponsoring Agencies of
Language Practicum Trainees

Gemma B. Bellena

Physics Lesson with Animations
Hatice Kirmaci

Job Performance of Bicol University Language
Practicum Trainees 2013

Ma. Celina Eladia G. Meneses

The Relevance of History in an Impoverished Society:
Analysis of a Discipline Going into Extinction
in Nigeria Since 1960

Enesi Prince Habib
Iyela Ajayi

The Development of Local History Curriculum Based on
Place-Based Education Approach for Primary School Students

Omsin Jatuporn
Amornrat Wattanatorn

Learning Experiences of Libyan Master's Students at a UK University
Kamila Algwil
Ann Harris

Psychological Empowerment of Students Using Cross-Pollination
Class Projects

Daniel Coleman
Charles Salter

Exploring the Concept of Inuit School Leadership in Nunavut, Canada
Jane P. Preston
Tim R. Claypool
Brenda Green

Experiencing Desired Outcomes of Adult Education Through
Participatory Practice Design

Wey-Ying Lim
Horn-Mun Cheah

Low Incidence of International Publications: A Reflection of the
Weaknesses of the Vietnamese Higher Education System

Cuong Hoang

Integrated Curriculum and Pedagogy
Najah Al Ramahi

Early Childhood Care Education in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects
Esther Chinedu Wordu
Monica Wosowei
Ezekiel Onwubuche Achinihi

Patriotism and the Teaching/Learning of History in Nigeria's
Basic Education Schools: An Assessment of NCCE Minimum Standards

Iyela Ajayi
Enesi Prince Habib

What Precludes Community of Practice from Functioning?
Fatma Al-Shabani Abusrewel

Dialogue, Problematization, Political Commitment and
Community Participation as the Main Elements of Integrated
Pedagogical Actions of Rural Family Houses

Ronaldo Marcos de Lima Araujo

Effect of Inclusive Education Awareness Programme
on Preservice Teachers

Sudha Samir Pingle
Indu Garg

A Community Project as a Prototype of a Learning Society for
Adult Lifelong Learning – Planning for Change

Ann M. Brewer

A Proposed Model of Teacher Researcher's Network
to Create Instructional Innovation for Raising Students'
Learning Achievement in Science and Mathematics

Kaewurai Wareerat
Kaewurai Rujroad
Chanunan Skonchai
Supap Wanintorn
Sawangmek Sureeporn

Integrating Research unto Undergraduate Curriculum:
A Vehicle for Developing Skills and Competencies
for the Twenty-First Century

Robert Craig

Early Childhood English Language Acquisition of
Hausa Children Living in Rural Communities of
Kano State Nigeria

Elizabeth Adesomon Dopemu

The Imperativeness of Female Education in Some
Selected Rural Communities of Kano State, Nigeria

Oladipo Idowu Filaodun

Health and Physical Education (HPE): Local and Global
Communities of Practice

Timothy Joseph Lynch

Teaching through Inquiry: A Case-Based Approach
Chia Sook May
Foo Kum Fong

What Feedback for Teachers? A Pilot for the Teacher
as a Reflective Practitioner

Elena Mosa
Silvia Panzavolta
Francesca Storai

Learning Strategies Cultivating Contemplative Mind
in Thai Teacher Education

Amornrat Wattanatorn

The Impact of National Preschool-Grade 12 Educational
Reforms on the Preparation of the Future Educator
Workforce in the USA

Karen A. Verbeke
Harry M. Shealey

CEFR-J Based Survey for Japanese University Students
Masanori Tokeshi
Lianli Gao

Trends and Issues in Technology Education Research
in Taiwan: A Co-Word Analysis of 1994-2013 Graduate Theses

Lung-Sheng Lee
Yu-Shen Fang

A Comparision between School Life Activities and
GPAs under a New Educational E-portfolio System in University

Noriko Hanakawa
Masaki Obana

The Quilombola School and the Confrontation of Prejudice:
A Management Experience in a Riverine-Quilombola Community

Luciane Teixeira da Silva
José Bittencourt

Training on Demand in the Context of the Ongoing
Training of Teachers: An Original Design in an
Inclusive School Setting

Régine Clottu

A Comparative Study of Non-Traditional Student
Teachers' Social Representations in Brazil, Sweden and Germany

Patricia Lana Pinheiro

Resilient School Practice: Actions to Address Contextual
Situations of Vulnerability

Genoveva Gutierrez
Alicia A. Chaparro

A Study of Students’ Orientation in the Virtual Classroom
Anna Toom

Important Considerations in the Pedagogy of Teaching and
Learning in Contemporary Education Setting

Muhammed Baba Gambari

Attitudes and Behavior of Ajman University of Science and Technology
Students Towards the Environment in Light of Some Variables

Rasha Abdellah

Determinants of Quality in Higher Education Institutions in Morocco
Youssef Loutfi

Fidelity and Efficacy of Implementing Universal Basic
Education in Kwara State, Nigeria

Jacob Adeyanju
Simeon Oladipo

Meta-Analysis of the Relation between Study Time and
Academic Achievement

Chiungjung Huang

Eliminating the Educational Structural Defects Constraining
Effective Guidance and Counselling Services Delivery in Secondary
Schools in Edo State, Nigeria

Agatha Ojeme

Who Am I? Omani English Language Teachers Professional Identities
Fawzyia Al Zadjali

An Emergent Model of the Current State of Leadership Preparation
and Development of New Headteachers for Primary Schools in Mexico

Manuel Lopez Delgado

De-Institutionalization in Lithuania as the Result of Social Education
Dalia Stražinskaitė

Challenges of Dance Education in the 21st Century:
The University of Uyo Experience

Ifure Ufford-Azorbo

Using Peerwise to Improve Engagement and Learning
Biggins D
Huseyin Dogan

Moodling English Presentation Skills: A Constructivist Instructional
Design for Thai Adult Learners in Distance Education

Watsachol Narongsaksakul

Developing Gamified Course Content
Aphrodite Ktena

Working with Evidence in Primary Education: A Game-Based
Scenario between Formal and Informal Learning of History

Elias Stouraitis

Architecture and Literature Work Together: Re-reading an
Environment through a Historical Novel

Naime Esra Fidanoglu

Traditional Teaching Method Vs Modern Teaching Method
Ibrahim Serroukh
Mohamed Serroukh